Vladivostok, Russia Lawyers and Law Firms

Vladivostok, Russia Lawyers

  • Artem G. Shtern Law Office

    Vladivostok, Russia

    Taxation, Customs, Civil & Criminal Law Firm in Vladivostok, Russia

    Phone +7 (423) 2400318

    Solution Law Office gives a full and permanent legal support to local and foreign clients in the most diverse areas. In its work the "Solution" law office is not limited to a standard set of services that lawyers usually offer. We do not use typical solutions and common clichés; each case is unique...

  • DR & AJU Partners

    Vladivostok, Russia

    Full-Service Corporate Law Firm

    Phone +82 2 30165216

    DR & AJU is one of Korea’s ten largest law firms with over 100 lawyers and is continuing to expand its global network of branch offices by working in affiliation with top law firms abroad. ; In January, 2009, Aju International Law Group, a corporate law firm that was founded in 1994 merged with...

  • Pacific Law Agency

    Vladivostok, Russia

    Law Firm Specializing in Business Law

    Phone +7 (423) 220-88-88

    The Pacific Law Company is a Russian law firm specializing in the practice of business law and legally registered since January 1, 1996. Attorneys at the Pacific Law Company carry out their activity in accordance with the highest professional standards and draw upon their extensive contacts in the...

  • Pravo Law Office

    Vladivostok, Russia

    Maritime Lawyer in Vladivostok, Russia

    Phone +7 (423) 2404747

    Pravo Law Office is one of the largest law firms of The Russian Far Eastern region. The firm is headquartered in Vladivostok, providing legal services to key industry companies all over the Far Eastern region. The firm has two branches in downtown of Vladivostok including a back office in business...

  • Russin & Vecchi L.L.C.

    Vladivostok, Russia

    International Legal Counsellors, Full-Service

    Phone +7(423)2-433-033

    Russin & Vecchi is an international law firm with eleven independent but affiliated offices spanning the globe. The firm was founded in 1969 in Bangkok, Saigon, Santo Domingo, and Washington, D.C., to create an international practice serving the developing commercial environments of Asia and Latin...

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