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Badajoz, Spain
Full-Service Law Firm in Madrid, Spain
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Garrigues is both the foremost global legal services firm in the Iberian Peninsula and the firm with the longest-standing tradition. As a result of sustained growth throughout the last six decades, it is today the leading firm in terms of number of professionals and billings.
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  • Aboga Servicios Juridicos

    Badajoz, Spain

    Labor, Family and Criminal Law Firm in Spain

    Phone +34 (924) 982-100

    Aboga Servicios Juridicos provides services in Labour Law, Collective agreements Badajoz, Food, Municipalities, Footwear, Houses, Schools Associations, corporations and similar entities, Field, Construction, Derivatives of cement, Hospitality, Metallurgical Industries, Wine industries,...

  • Alonso & Tinoco Abogados

    Badajoz, Spain

    Divorce, Inheritance and Family Law in Badajoz, Spain

    Phone +34 (924) 207-196

    Alonso & Tinoco Abogados is a firm of lawyers in Extremadura . Based in Badajoz , helps clients to find a customized solution in the field of family law and inheritance . Our firm has extensive experience in providing legal advice to clients and assistance to the courts regarding marital...

  • Gallego & Martin Abogados

    Badajoz, Spain

    Debt, Civil, Labor, Criminal and Family Lawyers in Badajoz, Spain

    Phone +34 (92) 423-1820

    Gallego & Martin, is a multidisciplinary law firm based in Bangkok, which is dedicated to advice and legal defense of citizens and businesses in Spain.; Thanks to our extensive experience and cooperation being paying the lawyers that make up our office, we can offer our customers a unique and...

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