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Oviedo, Spain
Full-Service Law Firm in Madrid, Spain
Phone+34 98 520 86 00

Garrigues is both the foremost global legal services firm in the Iberian Peninsula and the firm with the longest-standing tradition. As a result of sustained growth throughout the last six decades, it is today the leading firm in terms of number of professionals and billings.
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Law Firm's Overview 
  • Abogados 3 Leyes

    Oviedo, Spain

    Full Service International Law Firm in Spain

    Phone +34 (985) 223-958

    Abogados 3 Leyes born for this purpose, to go a step further and offer comprehensive advice and effective, but also preventive work to keep our clients and friends, guiding subsequent problems and concerns from the start and looking for solutions that avoid burdensome and costly court later.; The...

  • Antón de la Calle Abogados & Asociados

    Oviedo, Spain

    New Technologies and E-Commerce since 1986, also International Law & Legal Residence in Spain

    Phone +34 (985) 231-049

    Antón de la Calle Abogados & Asociados was founded in 1986 by Counsel for the Bar Associations of Oviedo and Madrid, D. José Manuel Antón de la Calle (legal expert Course in International Migration and Aliens "by UEM and" Master of International Humanitarian Law and Criminal Justice "by the UOC....

  • Queipo & Riego Abogados

    Oviedo, Spain

    International Law Firm in Oviedo, Spain

    Phone +34 985 965463

    Queipo and Riego is an asturian firm of business assessment lawyers who contribute their efforts towards making enterprises more competitive and help some of them grow internationally. The firm has offices in Oviedo, Gijón, Avilés and Grado (Asturias); Queipo and Riego lawyers understands that the...

  • Rebollo Abogados

    Oviedo, Spain

    International Business Law, Real Estate Lawyers in Spain

    Phone +34 985 207737

    Rebollo Abogados' identity is based upon four main pillars, its professionals, its means, its alliances and its method and professional deontology.; All lawyers practising in the Firm are highly skilled and specialised professionals, with an excellent general legal education and an area of...

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