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Law Firm in Seville: Cuatrecasas, Goncalves Pereira

Cuatrecasas, Goncalves Pereira

Seville, Spain
Full Service Law Firm in Spain
Phone+34 954 501 414

Cuatrecasas, Goncalves Pereira is home to the general management and directorship of Cuatrecasas, Gonçalves Pereira in Spain. Located centrally at the intersection of Paseo de Gracia and Avenida Diagonal, the firm works in two of Barcelona's emblematic structures: the Edificio Europa and the...

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Law Firm in Seville: Garrigues


Seville, Spain
Full-Service Law Firm in Madrid, Spain
Phone+34 95 448 93 48

Garrigues is both the foremost global legal services firm in the Iberian Peninsula and the firm with the longest-standing tradition. As a result of sustained growth throughout the last six decades, it is today the leading firm in terms of number of professionals and billings.
Our human resources...

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  • Adarve Corporacion Juridica

    Seville, Spain

    Corporate, Commercial, Real Estate & Tax Law

    Phone +34 95 4323374

    Adarve Corporación Jurídica was established in 1999 as a result of a merger between the law offices of Garcia-Lima & Associates, and José Fernando Cornejo Pablos, both located in Madrid and with over 25 years of experience. Always working under the principles of honesty, responsibility, and...

  • Brosa

    Seville, Spain
    Phone +34-954-286-099
  • Bufete Génova

    Seville, Spain

    Bankruptcy, Family, Litigation, Commercial and Corporate Lawyers in Spain

    Phone +34 (954) 274-443

    Bufete Génova's founding has been characterized by an ongoing commitment to growth based on providing services characterized by high technical legal quality, coupled with a friendly and personalized situation serves to generate trust and loyalty with our customers, trying to anticipate their...

  • Buleto, Mauduit & Gallego

    Seville, Spain

    Full-Service, Litigation Law Firm in Seville, Spain

    Phone +34 955641117

    Buleto, Mauduit & Gallego is a full-service law firm, providing legal advise and defense in every jurisdiction. We are heirs of the best forensic tradition coming from don Juan Mauduit, well-known and honorable attorney in Seville, Spain, since 1949. Our Firm has created a network of the best...

  • GPV Abogados

    Seville, Spain

    Full-Service Law Firm in Seville, Spain

    Phone +34 955135387

    GPV Abogados Law Firm deals with Divorce, Family Law, Financial Disputes, Pre-Nups, Children Issues, Financial settlements and Medical Negligence.

  • S.Llamas y Asociados

    Seville, Spain

    Tax and Legal Services Lawyers in Seville

    Phone +34 954 219452

    S.Llamas & Associates was founded in 1995 with a mission to serve its customers, providing professional services and auditing financial and tax advice with the aim of advising, prevent and, if necessary, to solve the problems that arise in the operation of companies and organizations.; The founding...

  • Sevilla Lawyers

    Seville, Spain

    Full-Service Law Firm in Seville, Spain

    Phone +34 (955) 710-203

    Sevilla Lawyers offer the best service in assistance aimed at both individuals and to all legal persons (companies, businesses, communities of owners, etc.), Assistance to reveal the subject of consultation questions and solve their legal problems, through counseling, mediation and trial...

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