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Law Firm in Uppsala: Advokatfirman Lindahl

Advokatfirman Lindahl

Uppsala, Sweden
Business Law Firm
Phone+46 18 161850

Lindahl is an independent Swedish law firm with extensive international experience. Our clients can frequently be found in knowledge-based, innovative and technology intensive industries. In addition to the large capacity of a large firm, we have cutting-edge expertise within intellectual property...

Law Firm's Overview 
  • Awapatent

    Uppsala, Sweden

    International Full Service Intellectual Property Lawyers

    Phone +46 18 18 59 50

    Awapatent's practice areas cover all aspects of intellectual property; from prosecution to litigation and commercial contracts; from patents to trademarks and copyright; from agreements to analyses and renewals on a strategic, operational and administrative level.

  • Migrationsjuristen i Uppsala

    Uppsala, Sweden

    Immigration Lawyer in Uppsala, Sweden

    Phone +46 (18) 4951800

    Migrationsjuristen i Uppsala in Sweden helps those people who are having trouble with immigration law. The firm helps those in the country having immigration issues and those not in the country who need asylum or to enter the country. The firm is able to handle visas, paperwork, family reunions and...

  • Navia Law

    Uppsala, Sweden

    Swedish and International Business Law Firm

    Phone +46 70 4461940

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