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Judicial internships provide an important opportunity for law students. This allows them to learn more about the judicial world before graduation and gain valuable hands-on experience. Often, judicial internships can lead to clerkships after graduation.

Note: The law schools used in this section are used as examples. In order to verify the judicial internships available through a specific law school visit our Law Schools Worldwide page.

Judicial Internships

  • ABA - Judicial Intern Opportunity Program FAQ

    The Judicial Intern Opportunity Program is a full-time, six-week minimum, summer internship program open to all first- or second-year minority and/or economically disadvantaged law students who want to do legal research and writing for state or federal judges in participating cities. Participating judges are from Illinois; Texas; Miami, FL; Phoenix, AZ; Washington, DC; Philadelphia, PA: Seattle, Washington; Los Angeles and San Francisco, CA. Interns will receive an award of $1,500.

  • NALP - Judicial Clerkship Section

    The Judicial Clerkship Section is for NALP members who have an interest in or responsbility for preparing law students for judicial clerkships or for managing the departure and return from employer organizations of associates who pursue judicial clerkships. This Section serves as a clearinghouse for judicial clerkship information important to the NALP membership.

  • University of Huston - Judicial Internship FAQ

    Although you are taught objective legal argument in law school, the primary thrust is to train you as an advocate. The largest benefit of an internship is for students to see advocacy through the eyes of a judge. When you are gaining the perspective of the judiciary, you are ultimately a better attorney.

  • US Supreme Court Judicial Internship

    Judicial internship program for the United State Supreme Court.

  • USAID - General Counsel Internships

    The U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) is responsible for administering the United States Government's economic and humanitarian foreign assistance program. The Office of the General Counsel, which provides legal advice and guidance for all of the agency's operations worldwide, has legal internship positions for J.D. candidates who have completed at least one year of law school and, occasionally, for students seeking law degrees subsequent to receiving the J.D. degree.

  • USDOJ Careers - Internships

    The Department's management offices, litigating divisions and offices, legal and policy offices, and investigatory and law enforcement offices offer internship opportunities to undergraduates, graduates, and law students.

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