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Selected Law Firms in Haiti

Leblanc & Associates

Full-Service Law Firm in Haiti

Call +509 3702-1913
Petion-Ville, Haiti

Cabinet Jude Baptiste and Associates

Full-Service Law Firm in Petion-Ville, Haiti

Call +509 4408 6751
Petion-Ville, Haiti

Theard & Associes

Corporate. Business Law, Trademarks, Litigation and General Practice Law Firm in Haiti

Call +509 34 48 1000
Port-au-Prince, Haiti

Succar and Associates

Specialized in Trademark, Adoption, US Immigration Law

Call +509 (3) 484-2929
Petion-Ville, Haiti

P. Laurent Law Firm

Full-Service Law Firm in Port au Prince, Haiti

Call +509 3702 -7137;
Port-Au-Prince, Haiti

Cabinet Exume

Business Law and General Practitioner

Call +509 37016644
Port-au-Prince, Haiti

Cabinet Alexandre, ci-devant Cabinet Donatien

Lawyer in Port Au Prince, Haiti

Call +509 4014752
Port-au-Prince, Haiti

Bureau des Avocats Internationaux

Human Rights and Public Interest Law Firm

Call +509 2447987
Port-au-Prince, Haiti

Brown Law Firm

General Practice Law Firm

Call +509 4466612
Port-au-Prince, Haiti

Law Office of Clifford Knaggs, Esq

Foreign Divorce and International Adoption Law Firm

Call +509 31064635
Port-au-Prince, Haiti

Juris Excel Cabinet d'Avocat

Corporate, Business, Family and Real Estate Law Firm in Haiti

Call +509 2244 0308
Port-au-Prince, Haiti

Cabinet Tabuteau

Lawyer in Port Au Prince

Call +509 2220398
Port-au-Prince, Haiti

Cabinet Sales

Haiti Lawyer

Call +509 2222818
Port-au-Prince, Haiti

Cabinet Rodrigue Dumas & Associes

Representing People and Businesses in Penal and Civil Litigation in Haiti

Call +509 3702 7004
Pétion-Ville, Haiti

Cabinet Lissade

One Stop Law Firm

Call +509 29406212
Port-au-Prince, Haiti

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