Law Firms in Kosovo

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Selected Law Firms in Kosovo

Ibrahimaga Osmani Tigani

Corporate and Commercial Law Firm in Pristina, Kosovo

Call +381 (38) 227-358
Pristina, Kosovo

Ethem Rogova

Legal Services in Kosovo

Call +377 44795689
Prizren, Kosovo

Dren Rogova Law Office

Full Services Law Firm in Kosovo

Call +377 44589472
Prizren, Kosovo

Boga & Associates

Kosovo Lawyers Specialized in Business and Telecommunication Law

Call +381 38 223152
Pristina, Kosovo

Avokatura NIKÇI

General Practice Law Firm in Kosovo

Call +381 39 43 30 77
Peje, Kosovo


Lawyer For Legal Services In Prishtina

Call +377 44 989095
Pristina, Kosovo

AGD & Partners

Intellectual Property, Customs Law and Law Enforcement Law Firm

Call +377 44 124105
Pristina, Kosovo

SCLR Partners

Taxation, Corporate and Commercial Law Firm in Kosovo

Call +381 38 227355
Pristina, Kosovo

Ramajli & Partners

Ramajli & Partners Law Firm

Call +38138224225
Pristina, Kosovo

Ramaj & Palushi

Full Service Law Firm in Kosovo

Call 386 (49) 525-222
Pristina, Kosovo

ProLaw Kosova

Specialized Services in Insurance and Tax Law

Call +377 44 425 507
Pristina, Kosovo

Pallaska & Associates

Commercial Law, Intellectual Property Law, and Regulatory Administrative Law

Call +377 44 430750
Pristina, Kosovo

Nikqi & Associates

General Practice Law Firm in Peje, Kosovo

Call +381 (39) 433-077
Peje, Kosovo

MSA IP Milojevic, Sekulic & Associates

Full-Service Intellectual Property Law Firm in Belgrade, Serbia

Call +377 44 143 804
Pristina, Kosovo

Law Offices of Atdheu

Civil, Comercial & Family Law Firm

Call +38649169526
Prizren, Kosovo

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