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Selected Law Firms in Russia

Avakov Tarasov & Partners

Business and Tax Law Firm in Moscow, Russia

Call +7 (495) 925-0094
Moscow, Russia

BBNP law firm

Moscow, Russia Company Formation, Employment, Liquidation, IP, Corporate Law Firm

Call +7 (495) 785 35 36
Moscow, Russia

CDR Litigation Boutique, LLC

Arbitration and Litigation Law Firm in Moscow, Russia

Call +7 (968) 902-7973
Moscow, Russia

Digesta ILC

Full-Service Business Law Firm in Moscow, Russia

Call +7 (495) 781-6054
Moscow, Russia


Patent Lawyers in St. Petersburg, Russia

Call +7 812 603-72-53
St. Petersburg, Russia

Jus Privatum

Russian Company Formation, Corporate & Business Dispute Litigation Law Firm

Call +7 (495) 755-5753
Moscow, Russia

MTIT Legal Company

Full-Service Law Firm in St. Petersburg, Russia

Call +7 (812) 937-8796
St. Petersburg, Russia

R.B. Consulting

Full-Service Law Firm in Saint-Petersburg, Russia

Call +7 (921) 932-7092
St. Petersburg, Russia

BM & Associés

Multidisciplinary Law Practice Offering Assistance Both in Legal Advice and Litigation

Call +74952281721, +79262240202
Moscow, Russia

Beiten Burkhardt

Restructuring and Insolvency in Russia

Call +7 495 2329635
Moscow, Russia

Baker Botts L.L.P.

International Law Firm

Call +7 495 5450777
Moscow, Russia

Baker & McKenzie

Global Full Service Law Firm

Call +7 495 787 2700
Moscow, Russia

Artem G. Shtern Law Office

Taxation, Customs, Civil & Criminal Law Firm in Vladivostok, Russia

Call +7 (423) 2400318
Vladivostok, Russia

Ars Patent

Intellectual Property Law Firm In Russia

Call +78 12 6006707
St. Petersburg, Russia

Arendt & Medernach

Full Service Law Firm

Call +7 (495) 721 3878
Moscow, Russia

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