Laws Attempting to Prevent Dog Bites

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There are many controversial laws regarding dog ownership, most of them relating to discriminating against specific breeds of dogs. Lawmakers believe these laws help prevent dog attacks. Are these laws legal, and how are they enforced? Learn more in this comprehensive guide.

  • ContentBreed-Specific Legislation for Dog Attacks and Its Effect on Personal Injury Cases

    Personal injury cases based on the breed of a dog can have serious effects through differentiation of the breed and any laws that exist that govern this dog and any injury through attack or bite either provoked or not. Knowing what these laws are, the victim can either increase the strength of the claim or, depending on the circumstances, lessen the strength of the defense.

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  • ContentCan Landlords Prohibit Certain Dog Breeds?

    The laws of the state usually provide the means for a landlord to prohibit the access and ownership of the renter or tenant with certain breeds of dog, sizes or weights of dogs or even no dogs or pets at all on the property. Some landlords have more power based on the specific city which can grant more authority to the landlord in these matters.

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  • ContentCan My Neighbor Keep a Pitbull?

    There are many states that do not prevent a person from owning, purchasing or even breeding Pitbull dogs in a neighborhood or city, and the individual owner can keep the animal inside or on a leash legally. In these locations, the breed may need to remain on a leash even if outside and on the person’s property to ensure legal processes are in adherence.

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  • ContentDetermining the Cause of Dog Bites and How to Prevent Them

    When a dog bites someone, it is easy to blame the dog. However, the dog likely does not have any financial resources from which the victim can be compensated. Therefore, the law imputes responsibility on the dog’s owner.

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  • ContentDog Breeds Can Affect Homeowners Insurance

    here are additional factors that can affect the homeowner's insurance quotes such as the inclusion of any dog and particular dog breeds such as those known to have dangerous behavior or destructive tendencies. There are specific effects that certain dog breeds can have on this coverage to include a significant increase in insurance premiums.

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