Laws Governing Intellectual Property and the Internet

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As the world becomes increasingly dependent on the internet, legal concerns regarding online content are becoming more prevalent. It is important for a person developing and creating new items online to secure intellectual property protections.

  • ContentCan a YouTube Channel Violate Copyright Laws?

    The violation of copyright laws generally occurs when the person uses an artistic expression for another use that does not transform it as defined by the fair use rules or if it the person uses it as his or her own. Licenses and permission are generally necessary when using copyrighted material as requested by the owner.

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  • ContentEvery Book Ever Written Soon to be Searchable on the Internet Thanks to Fair Use Doctrine

    Virtually anyone who has used the Internet outside of China has heard of the search engine giant Google (China blocks Google and has its own domestic search engine). But, many did not know that in 2002, one of Google's founders, Larry Page, had a plan to put every book ever written on the Internet. The plan stalled after legal troubles, but may now be back on track thanks to the Fair Use Doctrine.

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  • ContentLegal Concerns When Registering Domain Names

    As the world becomes increasingly connected to the Internet, concerns from the real world are spilling over into the Web. For example, what are the legal concerns when registering a domain name? Can one violate a trademark or copyright with a domain name? If so, what kinds of remedies and protections exist?

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  • ContentOnline Content Protection through Trademarks

    Protecting content online is not always easy. There are many persons that steal, copy and borrow what has been placed on a website. Others plagiarize the information to fit their own needs. In order to ensure that the data has safeguards in place, a trademark or similar intellectual property protection is often necessary.

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  • ContentProtecting Intellectual Property in the Internet Age

    Protections are not automatically in place for intellectual property in the internet and electronic age, and it is important for the person developing and creating such items to seek these safeguards manually and through the services of a lawyer. With a legal professional helping secure IP protections, the creator can rest knowing he or she is in good hands.

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  • ContentPublished Work Found on Someone Else's Website - What Can I Do?

    If someone discovers that a website is using his or her work, someone else’s work or details are taken from a copyrighted source without permission, there are legal remedies to these situations. The first steps usually involve contacting a lawyer and engaging in a consultation to determine if the website does have a right to use the material.

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  • ContentWhen Is It Legal to Download Music, Movies, or Software Via Torrents on the Internet?

    Since the rise of the Internet, the illegal sharing of music, movies, and software have been an ongoing concern. Still, not every peer-to-peer network for sharing various forms of media is illegal, and some companies have even found it desirable to begin distributing materials in this fashion. So, when is it legal to download music, movies, or software via torrents on the Internet?

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  • ContentYour Rights Regarding Social Media and Copyright

    Everyone online that has access to a computer and the need to connect to social media is able to publish posts with no mind about intellectual property and the protections provided to the content. This means there are potentially hundreds to thousands of published replies, posts and comments that have copyright information available to the world.

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  • ContentLegal Considerations for Website Terms of Service

    If you run a website, you may already be familiar with the concept of website's terms of service (“TOS”). If you are just starting out with your own site, you may not be familiar with these and need to get a handle on what is involved. In either case, terms of service can help to protect the owners of a website from liability to those who use the site or others, and should be an essential part of any website you own or design.

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  • ContentCan I Sue a Company for Using My Image to Sell a Product?

    Many companies use photos of people when selling their brand or product. Often times, these photos are of models or professional actors. In some cases, businesses may use photos of private parties rather than expert models.

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