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First Year Law Student

  • First Year Legal Research and Writing Program (LRW) - Harvard Law School

    The First-Year Legal Research and Writing Program (LRW) is a series of sequenced, interrelated exercises introducing students to the way lawyers analyze and frame legal positions in both litigative and transactional settings, conduct legal research, and present their work in writing and in oral argument. Instruction in legal research and writing is led by thirteen Climenko Fellows, the director of the program, and research librarians, as well as upper-class teaching assistants.

  • Glossary of Terms for First Year Students - George Mason University

    The law library offers the following dictionary to provide first year students with assistance with the basic understanding of legal terminology.

  • Guide for First Year Law Students - PACE Law Library

    This guide will aid new law students in preparing for and surviving the first year of law school. It includes books, audio and video resources, and websites on survival skills and first year courses. Also includes books for international students.

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