Lawyer/Client Relationship

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Understand the lawyer/client relationship, privileges extended to clients due to this privilege, limitations on this privilege and the role of a lawyer. Learn about the differences in paralegals and lawyers and how to change lawyers if you are not satisfied.

  • What is Attorney/Client Privilege?

    Whenever someone hires a lawyer, a lawyer-client relationship is formed, and a privilege is created. What is the lawyer-client privilege? What makes the relationship between a lawyer and a client different from other professional relationships?

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  • Differences Between Paralegal and Lawyer

    Job titles tend to confuse those not in the legal arena. Many dominions have paralegal firms that offer services that seem similar to what an attorney does. So what is the difference between an attorney and a paralegal, an attorney and a lawyer and other legal professionals?

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  • Can I Break Up and Fire My Attorney?

    Occasionally in spite of a lawyer’s best intentions, a client may not be happy with the lawyer’s services. In many situations, a client can fire his or her lawyer at will. However, there may be times when this right is limited. Before firing the attorney, be sure to consider negative consequences and any alternatives.

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  • Malpractice Law

    Malpractice law provides the rules and procedures for holding professionals responsible for the harm that results from their carelessness. When mistakes occur, the consequences may be devastating. Fortunately, the law provides those who have been harmed with an opportunity to seek justice or compensation by proving their case in court. All states provide a means for malpractice victims to pursue recourse, but some jurisdictions place caps on the amount of money a victim can recover.

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  • I Would Like to Change My Defense Lawyer. How Can I Do This?

    Certain circumstances arise at times that a defendant is not satisfied with the attorney that was hired. When a public defender has been hired, they may be fired with a new a private attorney hired to assist the defendant. Usually, the defendant does not need court approval in order to take this action. However, there may be consequences to taking this action.

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