Mr. Mehmet  AŞIKOĞLU


Asikoglu Law Office

Hacet Mahallesi, Canlilar Sokak, No:7, Avukatlar Is Merkezi
Daire: 2-3
Alanya 07400

Phone +90 242 513 98 98
Fax +90 242 513 98 98

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Mehmet AŞIKOĞLU founded the Aşıkoğlu Law Office in 2013 after leaving his position as the Alanya Public Prosecutor,. He completed his bachelorís studies at the Dokuz EylŁl University Faculty of Law and undertook his Masterís degree at the Konya SelÁuk Universityís Department of Public Law.

After starting his service as a Judge-Prosecutor candidate in 2008, Mehmet Aşıkoğlu completed a part of his training in «orum and the remaining part at the Ankara Justice Academy, Supreme Court of Appeal, Supreme Court of Appeals Prosecutorís Office. After fulfilling his military service as a lieutenant Military Prosecutor and the Sarıkamış Military Criminal Court, Aşıkoğlu started his position as the Alanya Public Prosecutor in 2009 and continued until 2013 when he left his position to initiate his career as an attorney at law.

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