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Algiers, Algeria
International Law Firm
Phone+213 21 239344

SNR Denton is a new name in the legal marketplace. At the same time, SNR Denton is a firm with a 225-year pedigree of excellence and professionalism in service to law firm clients. A spirit of multidisciplinary collaboration and teamwork infuses the culture of the firm—across sectors...

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Lefevre Pelletier & Associés

Lefevre Pelletier & Associés

Algiers, Algeria
Business Law Firm
Phone+213 21 912 483

Founded in 1983, LPA has presently more than 130 lawyers with two offices in Paris and Hong Kong. LPA lawyers' expert knowledge of a number of specialist areas enables them to address the full range of their clients' requirements.
LPA's main fields of activities are Property Law,...

Law Firm's Overview 

  • Aidoud Law Office

    Algiers, Algeria

    National and International Commercial and Business Law

    Phone +213 21 719655

    The Firm was established in 1980 by Mamoun Aidoud and offers a wide range of legal services including judiciary assistance to both private and corporate clientele. ; The Firm is a general practice mainly involved in national and international commercial and business law . ; Its principal fields of...

  • Ali Ammar & Walid Laouar Law Firm

    Algiers, Algeria

    Business Law

  • Avocat Maître Abdelghani Benaired

    Mostaganem, Algeria

    Cabinet d'avocat Maître Abdelghani Benaired

    Phone 213 45 21 22 27

    Maître Abdelghani BENAIRED, avocat à la cour, a suivi une partie de son cursus universitaire à l'Université Jean Moulin Lyon 3 et à l'Université de Perpignan, où il a été diplômé d'un master 2 recherche en droit privé en major de promotion. Son domaine de recherche est la propriété intellectuelle...

  • Ben Abderrahmane & Partners

    Algiers, Algeria

    International Business & Tax Law Firm in Algeria

    Phone +213 21 74 91 32

    Ben Abderrahmane and Partners is an independent international law firm specializing in the Maghrib and the Gulf States. The firm is one of the very first independent international law firms specializing almost exclusively in the laws of the Maghrib countries (particularly Algeria, Libya and...


  • Bengana Law Firm

    Algiers, Algeria

    Business, Intellectual Property and Social Services Attorneys in Algers, Algeria

  • Boudiaf & Boudiaf

    Algiers, Algeria

    Boudiaf & Boudiaf, Société d'Avocats

    Phone +21370971301

    Ahmed Reda BOUDIAF was sworn in 1981.; He was Head of judicial affairs in a company for three years before joining the magistracy body at the beginning of 1973.; After he was sworn as a lawyer in 1981, he founded his own firm. He then registered with the Supreme Court in 1991. The same year he was...

  • Bourabiat Associés

    Algiers, Algeria

    Corporate law firm in Algeria

    Phone +213 775 388 597

    Founded by two highly experienced lawyers educated and trained in top universities and law firms in Algiers, Paris and London, Bourabiat Associés aims to provide to its clients in Algeria with a pioneering offering including the assistance of a fully independent local firm, offering its clients...

  • Cabinet Djamel Sator

    Algiers, Algeria

    Industrial Property, Trademarks & Patents

  • Fares Group Law Firm

    Algiers, Algeria

    Real Estate,Corporate, Immigration,Commercial Intellectual Property,Litigation, Arbitration,Tax

    Phone +213 23 59 90 26

    Fares Group is an international law firm based in Europe and North Africa which has been providing since years a 360° legal assistance (consulting and litigation)in business investment law matters. ; Our Algiers team is made by a dozen of local professionals holding a strong practice of law most...

  • Ghellal & Mekerba

    Algiers, Algeria

    Corporate Law Firm

    Phone 213 21 91 42 30

    Over the last 25 years, Ghellal & Mekerba has been the trusted legal counsellor of prominent foreign and domestic corporations operating in Algeria.

  • Gide Loyrette Nouel

    Algiers, Algeria

    International Business Law Firm

    Phone +213 21 239494

    Gide Loyrette Nouel, established in Algiers since 2003, was the first international law firm to offer its services in Algeria. ; The Algiers Office, managed by Samy Laghouati, has a team of ten Algerian and foreign legal consultants who provide expert advice in both Algerian and international...

  • Goussanem & Aloui Law Firm

    Algiers, Algeria

    Business and Corporate Law Firm in Algeria

  • Jurisal

    Ouargla, Algeria

    Full-Legal Assistance & Service in Business, Corporate, Tax, Work Relations, Estate, Civil and Crimi

  • Khababa Lawyer Company

    Bordj Bou Arreridj, Algeria

    Litigation Lawyers in Algeria

    Phone +213 35 695819

    KHABABA Abdellah & Messaoud lawyer company, a legal team at your service, We offer reliable advice and representation in legal matters concerning a variety of disciplines.; Years of experience and our specialized knowledge guarantee tailor-made, targeted solutions. ; Success born of experience: Our...

  • Khoukhi At Qwedar PLLC

    Algiers, Algeria

    Business Law Firm - Algiers

    Phone +213 (0) 21 73 21 91

    Khoukhi At Qwedar Pllc is a Business Law Firm with offices in Algiers (Algeria) and New York (USA) specializing business transactions and private affairs. We represent foreign clients investing, doing business or retiring in Algeria as well as clients having interests in the USA. We have expertise...

  • Law Office of Yamina Kebir

    Algiers, Algeria

    Business, Intellectual Property and Corporate Law, Domestic and International

  • Lawhouse

    Algiers, Algeria

    CSR, Business, Tax & Labor Law, Criminal & Civil Litigation

    Phone +213 21294062

    As a full-service law firm, our firm offers its domestic and international clients a wide range of legal services in complex as well as controversial matters. We serve the interests of our clients, offering them an immediate access to high-level legal counsel and assistance based on extensive...

  • Leyyn Consulting

    Algiers, Algeria

    Business Law & International Mobility Law Firm

  • Nasrip

    Boufarik, Algeria

    Patent and Trademark Attorneys in Tunisia and Algeria

    Phone +213 (0) 555-953-650

    Nasrip is the first Industrial Property Law firm specialized in Patent Law in the Maghreb region via its offices located in Algiers (Algeria), Tunis (Tunisia) and soon in Casablanca (Morocco). NASRIP skills are worldwide recognized.; Nasrip team has several years of professional experience with...

  • Talal Abu-Ghazaleh Legal (TAGLegal)

    Algiers, Algeria

    Global Legal Services Law Firm

    Phone +213 21 681504

    Founded in 1998, Talal Abu-Ghazaleh Legal (TAGLegal) added yet another professional firm to TAGorg’s wide group of internationally acknowledged firms, which are recognized as the largest group of professional service providers in the Middle East. ; TAGlegal is currently a global business law firm...


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