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How to Drive Additional Quality Traffic to Your Listing and Website

Legal Articles is one of most popular sections, as your potential clients use publications to help narrow their search to the firms they feel can best meet their current need. Article publication is therefore one of the best ways for a lawyers and law firms to market their legal services.

Registered law firms can publish articles at no charge on (Unlimited number of articles for Premium Listings.

Why Submit Articles
Where Your Articles Will Appear
How to Get the Most From Your Articles
Tips for Writing Effective Articles
Editorial Guidelines
Duplicate Content Articles with Canonical Tag 
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How to Submit Articles

Example of an article on

Make Your Law Firm Visible to Potential Clients

As a registered Premium subscriber (From only $195/year) with, you increase your chances of being seen and selected by qualified visitors and lawyers worldwide when you publish articles on

  • - Help potential clients learn what you do best.
  • - Demonstrate your expertise in a subject area and/or area of practice.
  • - Gain credibility as an expert¯ in the eyes of potential clients.
  • - Show potential clients how your law firm their needs.
  • - Allow prospective clients to locate your listing and your website from each article.
  • - Improve your Internet visibility with potential national and international lawyer clients.

Where Your Article(s) Will Appear on

  • - On a dedicated page that lists all of the articles submitted by your law firm (Example).

  • - In the searchable Legal Articles Directory, allowing prospective clients to access your website from your articles.

  • - On the related Law Pages, under their Article section (Example for Workers’ Compensation Law Page).
    See our list of 260 Law Pages

  • A Published Articles TAB  that lists all of the articles published for your firm on will appear in your listing (Example).

  • Selected articles are posted on home page under Recent Law Articles.

RSS Feed now allows visitors to subscribe to an RSS feed of our Law Articles. RSS is a type of format which delivers content as a web feed. This is most effective for content which is updated regularly, such as subscriber-submitted articles on a website.

Make the Most of Your Article Marketing Exposure

Focus your article:

Write focused articles dealing with one area of your practice only, rather than covering general or multiple practice areas.
Check the Internet to see if your article's topic is unique.

Write articles with unique content as duplicate articles bear a canonical tag.

Between 500 and 1,000 words is a good average length each article. Your potential clients are searching for help in just one area. The more closely you appear able to solve their particular issue, the more likely they are to click through to learn more about your firm, and eventually hire you.

Include a heading in your article:

Write a concise one to three sentence excerpt of your article that answers the question who should read this article and what major benefit will they get from it if they do.¯ Use the body of your article to demonstrate your expertise in the subject area, not to sell¯ your services. Show potential clients how you have solved problems like theirs.

Include your author biography:

Use your author biography as a chance to sell readers on the idea of clicking through to learn more about your firm by including these basics:

  • Your name and title.
  • One to three sentences on your unique expertise in the area of the article.

Submit your article to relevant practice areas categories:
Although allows you to submit each article to a maximum of five practice area categories, if you believe your article fits more than five areas of practice, consider splitting it into two or three shorter articles that are more narrowly focused. Remember, your reader is searching for an answer to a very specific issue. The closest your article matches his needs, the more you both will benefit.

Promote your article:

Advertise on your website, or in emails sent to current clients to alert them when one of your articles has been approved and published on This third-party endorsement increases your credibility in the eyes of potential clients and gets them back to your listing where they can learn more about the services your firm provides.

Article marketing has proven to be a long-term business builder for law firms in all practice areas and in all countries of the world. You and your law firm can reap the benefits of listing an unlimited number of articles in our directory at no cost.

Include your Google+ Link:
You may include a link to your Google+ profile at the bottom of your article, allowing you to add Google authorship to articles published on Make the most of this valuable social networking marketing tool, while adding authenticity and giving your articles an authoritative nature. Providing a link to your Google+ profile can give your article more credibility. And it gives you another opportunity to provide visitors with even more information to help them choose you to help with their legal issue.

Editorial Guidelines

When writing your article, we invite you to post original content. provides legal information to visitors worldwide. When you submit an article to our site, it benefits your law firm to create unique content that has not been published elsewhere. 

Please adhere to the following editorial guidelines when submitting your unique legal articles to 

  • Article Content 
    Your article must be on a legal topic and should be written to be informative to the lay person. Please do not include the names of any individuals, with the exception of public persons (such as celebrities and politicians). Articles must be written in English : does not provide legal information in other languages. 

  • Spamming Content
    Refrain from repeating keywords. Keep in mind that your article needs to be informative, written for the visitor and potential client, not search engines. Articles that attempt to manipulate search engine results with use of repetitive keywords will not be published. This includes repetitive use of geographic location and practice area keywords in any of the article fields, including About the Author.

  • Submit to Correct Categories
    You may select a maximum of five practice area categories in your article submission form.

  • Article Format
    Enter your article content as plain text, properly formatted. does not support hyperlinks, charts, graphs, images or any other "non-plain text" content within the body of your article. Additionally, after saving your article, please take a moment to preview it and make any necessary edits should you determine that the format of the text is obviously incorrect or otherwise unwieldy.

    Do not add a website URL, address, phone number, nor email address to any of the article fields, including About the Author.

    Do not include a call to action in such as: contact us now, call us, etc. in any of the article fields, including About the Author.

  • Article Length
    We accept normal length articles. No novellas, mini-books or the like. We ask that you keep the article to one or two pages (preferably one) and no shorter than three good-sized paragraphs. 

  • Self-Promoting Article
    If the sole or main purpose of your article is to directly invite readers to contact your firm, it will be considered self-promoting and will not be published on

For tips on how to create an effective article, please visit Tips for Writing Effective Articles.

Each article is reviewed by our editors and may be removed or may undergo minor edits without notification. If an article needs more extensive review, you will receive an email inviting you to make changes. You can then request that the posting be removed from your list of publications.


By submitting an article, you acknowledge that you have full ownership and copyright of the work, and you agree that and may feature it on their websites as long as you are provided with proper credit. might link your article from other relevant websites on the Internet to increase the number of visitors to your article. You will retain the copyright of your work. If you do not wish us to link your article outside of websites, please let us know.

Duplicate Content Articles with Canonical Tag

If your articles are already published on the Internet (your own website for example), we will add what is called a Canonical Tag¯. It will tell search engines that the article is a duplicate and the copyright of the article belongs to the site linked by the canonical tag. You will still benefit from quality traffic and will retain the original copyright of your work.

You will be able to add the Canonical Tag when submitting your article from your account. 


Include your Google+ Authorship Signature

You may include a link to your Google+ profile at the bottom of your article, allowing you to add Google authorship to articles published on Make the most of this valuable social networking marketing tool, while adding authenticity and giving your articles an authoritative nature. Providing a link to your Google+ profile can give your article more credibility. And it gives you another opportunity to provide visitors with even more information to help them choose you to help with their legal issue.


How to Submit Articles (Premium Listings)

  1. Sign in if you are a registered user or list your firm if you do not have an account.
  2. In Account Management, under "Promote Your Firm"please click on the Submit/Update an Article link.
  3. On the Article Management page, click on the Submit an Article button.
  4. Type your Article Title in the Title field - maximum 110 characters. Please capitalize all nouns, pronouns, adjectives, verbs and adverbs. 
  5. Type your first paragraph into the Introductory Text field - maximum 500 characters. This introductory text will be bolded in the article.
  6. Paste your plain text article (minus the first paragraph), into the Body field.
  7. Enter the name of the author(s), either the firm name or the lawyer name(s), whichever you prefer. Do Not enter a URL, phone number or email address in this field.
  8. Include a link to your Google+ profile in the applicable field.
  9. An Author Bio is optional, but bear in mind it's great opportunity to "sell" your firm by highlighting your unique expertise on the subject of the article.
  10. Enter a URL to link your article to a relevant page on your website (Optional). Please note a link to your website home page is already added automatically at the beginning of your article.
  11. Select up to 5 areas of practice that are related to the article.
  12. Click once on the Save this Article button.

Articles are reviewed by our team before publication and are posted online within 5 business days after submission. screens all listing applicants for validity and reserves the right to refuse to post your listing or to remove your listing, at our discretion, if you do not adhere to our editorial guidelines and terms and conditions, or should we determine your law practice is not legitimate or misrepresents its business, services, locations, lawyers’ bio, etc. in any manner. By submitting a listing to, you confirm that you are authorizing to publish your information and that you own the copyright of the text, logos and pictures posted on and on your own website.

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