4 Ways to Prove Lost Wages in Personal Injury Case

Lost wages are part of damages that can be recovered in a Personal Injury claim. The insurance company will want documentation. You will need to provide that documentation in order to prevail in your claim.

After you have have a car accident, or a personal injury, missing time from work can be a big financial loss.

You will have to prove, or document, your lost wages. Here are 4 workable ways to show that:

1. Your W-2(s) from the last tax year(s); or

2. Your Paystubs (you should have them from before and after the accident to show the difference); or

3. A Wage Verification from your Employer (ask the insurance company for a "salary/wage verification form" or simply have your employer do a note listing your normal wages, your normal hours per week and your dates missed from work; or

4. If you are a business owner or self-employed, you will need to provide other documentation- this could include your tax returns; or, your accounts receiveable or checks you received for services rendered; or, your business' banking records. It would be a good idea to black line account numbers for your privacy.

In addition to any of the above 4 ways to show the lost wages, you will also need a disability note or slip from your treating doctor. This will be needed to show that you have or are missing work due to an actual disability diagnosed by a doctor. You want want to discuss this with your doctor. Typically, they will understand. You should also discuss with your doctor the type of work you do and its physical demands. That will assist the doctor in determining whether you are able to perform your job. Also, there may become a time where you could return to work with restrictions or modified duty, depending on the type of job you have.

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