Consequences of Missing Court Dates

Missing a court date can lead to consequences more serious than those for a missed doctor's appointment.

The consequences of missing a court date may include a warrant for the arrest of those that do not attend. The use of a lawyer may explain just how essential it is to show up for court appointments when someone is scheduled to do so.

There are other legal penalties that may be issued for the absence given. Missing the date is not wise. However, there may be options open to the individual that does not show up depending on the court and judge presiding.

Possible Charges for Missing Court Dates

There are a variety of penalties that may be incurred when a court date has been missed. Prison or jail terms are one of the most severe possibilities for many who find themselves facing punishment for missed appointments. These times behind bars may extend from only a few days to a year or more. The factors involved in the case and issue at hand directly impact how much time is issued. Another concern that may cause panic is when the person must pay fines. Though these monetary payouts vary in extremes from the lesser to the greater amounts, they may cause severe loss of earnings. Determined by certain criteria and the case they are regarding, they may reach thousands of dollars.

For those that have been let out on bail, a bond revocation may occur with a missed court date. This means, the person that has skipped the meeting may be placed in jail until the final sentencing has been determined in the court case. Without being out on his or her own, this person may have no idea what is occurring with the case or with the defendant’s family or business. Another penalty often administered for those that do not attend important court meetings is the suspension of licenses. These could be driver’s licenses or professional licenses. The possibility of losing driving privileges is greater when there are tickets or other violations that need to be addressed through appointments with the court. Time and energy may be required in order to renew licenses after they have been suspended in this manner.

Tips for Dealing with Absences from Court

There are steps to take and information that is important in how to deal with nonattendance for important court meetings. Some court dates are set for criminal matters that need to be addressed. When a trial case is ongoing, the person may have been issued a bond so he or she may not be forced to sit in jail during the court case. If this defendant does not show up, the judge may issue a warrant for arrest with swift action unless there is a lawyer hired by this individual that may provide some sort of explanation about the nonattendance. However, even with a legal representative, the judge may hold the defending party in contempt due to absence.

To protect the rights of the person receiving a note to appear at court, it is essential to hire a lawyer and give him or her this information. This paperwork is serious and may lead to an arrest when not adhered to. However, if this individual does not get to the courthouse with legal representation or an explanation of his or her absence, other penalties may be issued. If jail time occurs, this lawyer may be able to have charges dropped or get a bond in some manner to assist. It is vital to understand the law in order to not have direct consequences cause issues to arise.

Prepare and Protect from Consequences

It is never more important to have protection from consequences than when penalties are the possible outcome of poor decisions or life causing problems to occur. Researching these matters is essential in preparing for potential concerns. Talking to a legal representative concerning these issues may explain how the actions a person takes result in punishments. It is also imperative to know what type of lawyer and who to contact when matters turn more serious. This is advisable so the defending party is treated in a fair manner and has his or her rights protected.

Waiting and seeing what happens next is often the best way to be placed in jail, receive fines and other penalties against these persons.

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