Crimes Committed in Casinos that May Surprise You

While many persons are enjoying the feel and thrill of gambling in a casino after turning 21 years of age, some are determined to commit various crimes in these settings. Of those that execute offenses against the law, many try to cheat the casino through various means.

Theft, electronic issues and card deceitful acts are completed each year in enough numbers to warrant law enforcement within a short distance for necessary action against these individuals. Others may commit gross violations of the law through rape, murder, grand theft auto and similar crimes with harsher penalties. Cities with large amounts of casinos may attract these criminals in droves due to the amount of money exchanged as well as population density.

Most instances of theft are concealed through taking a person’s wallet, monetary vouchers of what’s owed a person through gambling winnings and slot machine credits. Purses, leather jackets and other items are taken in addition to these, but large cash
or credit winnings are the ideal targets. Even with cameras watching those inside the casino, these individuals continue to steal items with greater and greater frequency and hidden means. It is the wise thief that steals where one cannot see the action being performed. To provide additional opportunities of these crimes, someone may choose a casino with fewer cameras and surveillance or businesses with lax security.

Instances of Theft

Even though there are various incidents of cheating the casino through the games provided in the building, more theft occurs than any other crime. Because a person uses a wallet or purse to contain winnings, someone steals these in excess to ensure enough has been taken to provide a good amount. Some counterfeit and forgery crimes occur in these establishments, but stolen items are greater in number through theft and larceny crimes. One of the top reasons for the criminal activity to shift from previous types is due to the technology becoming more modern and advanced compared to years before.

The Modern Era

Slots have become automated through advances in technology. This also ensures that most gambling machines are extremely difficult to penetrate by criminal means. Other items in video surveillance and other observances have prevented cheating within the casino by those that previously attempted such crimes. However, even advanced technology has weaknesses in some instances. In one such instance, there was a glitch that caused a lack of security measures in a slot machine that allowed over $400,000 to be stolen over a serious of weeks. This particular situation involved two individuals working together to take the money from the building. Not even electronic devices are impervious to problems.

Even with video watching everyone in the casino building, there are still hired agents of the establishment that patrol the floors to check individuals for potential criminal acts in process. Extensive training is often required due to the lack of experience in the casino world for these new employees. The rules of various games and processes of some machines are necessary to learn to ensure cheating is not occurring. One veteran of casino security was used as a consultant and explained that drug dealers are usually the first criminals to appear. After these persons, those seeking money laundering services or those that provided them may be busy at slot machines or one of the crowd around various tables where gambling occurs.

Scam Artists

Professional scam artists may be spotted in gambling buildings throughout the country. Security must be trained and prepared to discover and handle these offenders as they are often highly trained. Many scams are different based on how complex and what approach they use. Some include taking monetary vouchers that are left at slot machines or forgotten by gamblers. Others mark cards in numerous ways. Some may use advanced tech cameras that are hidden to reveal the substances used on cards that they smear there to identify which card is which. Electronic machines may be used by scam artists to prod the slot machines into being fooled that money has been placed in the device.

Criminal Charges

Misunderstandings that are innocent in nature may lead to criminal charges being issued. Bad checks may end in a warrant for the arrest of the individual who wrote it. Criminal charges may also arise through the failure of paying a casino marker. Some penalties may include prison terms, fines of hefty amounts, the costs for court and other fees and probation periods that are very long. It is vital to obtain a lawyer for all issues that arise when visiting casinos.

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Disclaimer: Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this publication at the time it was written. It is not intended to provide legal advice or suggest a guaranteed outcome as individual situations will differ and the law may have changed since publication. Readers considering legal action should consult with an experienced lawyer to understand current laws they may affect a case.

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