Death of a Loved One at Work - Filing a Claim in Ohio

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The death of a loved one at work can be devastating both emotionally and financially. And it can be especially painful when that death could have been prevented.

If your loved one has passed away due to a preventable accident or intentional harm at work, speak with an attorney with experience handling these claims. Workers' compensation attorneys are here to help you seek justice and fair compensation for your loss and will do everything possible to make your life a little easier at this difficult time.

Compensation for a Death at Work

When a loved one falls victim to a fatal on-the-job injury, survivors can be entitled to Ohio workers’ compensation benefits. It’s important to act quickly to meet compensation claim and other deadlines so that you’re eligible for lost wage compensation and all other benefits available to you and your family.

Can I File a Death at Work Claim on My Own?

Immediate family members of those who have died in factory accidents, construction accidents, and other fatal accidents can claim Ohio workers’ compensation without legal representation. However, the assistance of an experienced attorney can reduce the chances of being denied compensation and benefits. If you’ve already been denied benefits or suspect safety violations or other employer negligence in the death at work of your loved one, your best course of action is to get qualified legal help. Whether your loved one’s death at work was due to circumstances beyond control or willful negligence, an experienced attorney will know what it takes to present the strongest possible Ohio workers’ compensation or wrongful death claim on your behalf.

James Monast got into law to fight for injured workers and their families in Upper Arlington, Columbus and throughout Ohio. He is understanding of how difficult suffering a work injury can be and knows how important it is for you to be compensated.

James is a former Attorney for the Bureau of Workers’ Compensation and one of the first to be board certified as a specialist lawyer in workers’ compensation law in Ohio. In 2016, he was invited to serve on the Ohio State Bar Association's Workers' Compensation Specialization Committee which is responsible for devising the examination for attorneys who want to be recognized as specialists in the area of workers' compensation.

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