Fast Divorce in the Dominican Republic: What is All about?

Divorce is never easy. That is why the Dominican fast divorce by mutual consent is the best, easy and highly confidential way to get through it with minimal damage, so that you can move on with your life as fast and as painless as possible.

Thanks to Divorce Law No. 142 enacted in the Dominican Republic in 1971, foreign citizens and Dominicans residing abroad, can file for their quick divorce in one day and be divorced in less than few weeks*!

To file for the Dominican Fast Divorce, parties must meet certain requirements:

1. Be both living and residing outside the Dominican Republic;
2. Be both in consent (agree) to file for divorce in the Dominican Republic;
3. Both need to sign certain mandatory documents; and
4. At least one of the parties, must appear in person before the judge in the Dominican Republic, while the other shall be represented by a Dominican lawyer through a Special Power of Attorney notarized and duly authenticated
before the local authorities.

The documents required to file for the Fast divorce in the Dominican Republic are:

- The original or certified copy of the marriage certificate duly certified and authenticated;
- The original or certified copy of the birth certificate of any minor child duly certified and authenticated;
- A marital separation agreement or property settlement signed by the parties; (Note: If no such document is available, the Dominican attorneys can draft one for the parties); and
- Valid photo ID cards of the parties filing for divorce.

Because parties are in agreement to file for divorce, there is no need for specific grounds; residence, waiting or separation periods to be able to file.

The Dominican divorce is The Fastest Way to Get Divorced.

It is as easy as 1, 2, 3. No hassles. No worries.

It is the best, most affordable, easiest, fastest, most confidential, and least painful divorce solution available nowadays. And best of all, it is for everybody: students, housewives, executives, pro athletes, military personnel, CEOs, producers, MLB players, businessmen, celebrities, models, teachers, politicians, attorneys, actors, pilots, singers, famous photographers, blue and white collars employees, and even members of the nobility.

So, no matter who you are or where you live, you can enjoy the Fast Divorce by mutual consent in the Dominican Republic*.

Disclaimer: not everybody qualifies for this type of divorce or for other divorce options in the Dominican Republic. Also, processing times may vary depending on the overload of work of the Dominican courts.

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ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Aaron Suero Pedersini - Juan M. Suero, J.D. LL.D. LL.M
Mr. Suero is the first Dominican multilingual attorney, to become a member of the International Academy of Family Lawyers, the most prestigious worldwide association of practicing lawyers recognized by their peers as the most experienced family law specialists in their countries. Mr. Suero is an active member of several international bar associations. He has been recognized as an expert witness in Intl complex high-profile family law cases involving Dominican laws. Admitted to practice law in Dominican Rep and in New York (as a Foreign Legal Consultant), he also holds a US J.D. degree from a top 100 ABA law school in the United States.

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