Foreigners Buying an Apartment in Russia With the Help of a Lawyer

People are so [busy] that they cannot know everything. This is totally normal. Therefore, each person does his own thing. If you have a toothache - you need to go to a dentist, your car has broken down - contact a car mechanic, if you want to buy an apartment - contact a realtor or a lawyer. But, in such a division of labor, there is a big problem. People are deceiving each other.

Some people take advantage of the other person's ignorance. The goal is one - to make more money. Sometimes, such deception is harmless. For example, they might raise the price a little or offer a service that the client does not need. But sometimes, deception is fatal. You can lose all your money, your apartment and still get a whole bunch of problems.

Russia is an unsafe place in terms of rights observance

If you decide to have your car repaired in a Russian car service, then get ready for the fact that they will try to get the maximum amount of money from you. They will increase the cost of the work, invent non-existent works, and so on. The task is to make the most of you. Moreover, the car service will not want to take on any responsibility. In Russia, the formula works: take the maximum amount of money from the client and do not take on any responsibility.

Everything that was described above is also true for the real estate market in Russia. I treat realtors with respect. I even advise some realtors to my clients. Nevertheless, the main task of the realtor is to sell the apartment. The realtor does not care about the rights of the buyer or seller.

Once, in my practice, I encountered such an attitude of a realtor. The family bought the house with a certificate from the state. They entered into a preliminary agreement, in which they indicated the date of purchase of the property. The state did not issue the money on time. People have lost a large deposit. Interestingly, the realtor himself advised the seller to “make money” on the buyers' stupidity.

You need to contact a lawyer

The task of a lawyer is to protect the rights of a particular person. In fact, this is the primary task of a lawyer. And the second task of a lawyer is to buy real estate for a client. I'll explain what I mean. Let's say a lawyer sees that it is dangerous to acquire this apartment. Problems may arise in the future. The deal can be challenged and the client can lose the property. In this case, there is no point in giving money for an apartment.

If it is possible to buy an apartment, then the lawyer must ensure the security of the transaction. More precisely, so that the client does not lose his money and buy an apartment. Yes, a lawyer cannot replace a client and cannot dictate his own terms. The task of a lawyer is to explain the client's rights and how to act in a specific situation. If a person listens to a lawyer, it's good, if not, then the person takes all the risks.

Search for an apartment yourself or through an intermediary

Good question. I am a supporter of looking for an apartment on my own. In Russia, there are a huge number of different services, thanks to which the buyer can contact the seller and independently agree on the deal. If you need to check the apartment or make a deal, you can contact a lawyer.

By Ivan Kuznetsov, Russia
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