Head-On-Collisions - The Most Dangerous Type of Car Accident

A brief article regarding the dangers of head-on-collisions and how to deal with injuries sustained afterwards.

Head-on collision accidents are probably the most dangerous type of crashes due to the increased force sustained by both drivers. Unlike other accidents, the two cars are traveling toward each other before the collision takes place. Statistics estimate that only 2% of crashes are head on collisions, but they account for well over 10% of driving fatalities. The most common types of injuries related to a head on collision include spinal injuries, brain injuries, catastrophic injuries, broken bones, and even paralysis. As I mentioned earlier, head on collisions are rare due to the fact many drivers and lawmakers are aware of this fact and try to avoid these collisions at all costs. If you or a loved one has been involved in a head-on collision you should consult with a car accident attorney to help protect your rights before speaking to your insurance company.

Many large highways in Michigan have installed long stretches of steel wire cable to ensure that these head-on collisions don't occur at freeway speeds. The intent of the cables is to avoid cars from crossing the median in the highway and going into oncoming traffic. While these cable systems have worked at lowering fatal accidents, they also create other problems. A simple loss of control where you run into the cables now causes much more damage to your vehicle and increases your chances of minor to mild injuries that might not have occurred with no cable system in place. A head on collision is usually caused by negligent driving including distracted driving, excessive speed, and other types of reckless driving.

The resulting injuries or wrongful death from a head on collision require extensive investigation and research. Make sure that you hire a firm with vast experience dealing with head on collisions and that has the resources to take your case to trial if need be . The insurance companies have a team of lawyers working against you, you have a team of your own.

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