How a Father Can Get More Time To See His Children in Russia

After a divorce, children may turn into a battlefield between former spouses. The mother of the children, under any pretext, does not give the children to the father. And the father, in turn, by all means tries to see the children as often as possible. The case comes to court. Both sides understand.

In any case, the court will satisfy the father's claim and provide the children with communication. This is not the question, but the volume of such communication. You can see children once every two weeks, or you can see children four times a week, and even take them to your place with an overnight stay. And so the struggle continues.

How can a father see his children more often?

The mother of the children declares: "You will communicate with the children strictly by the decision of the court." In court, she states that the children suddenly began to attend various circles: English, sports, art school, and so on. In other words, there is a day off, please, you can meet with the children that day.

The court makes a decision - the father has the right to see the children twice a week. And what will actually happen next. Can the number of days be increased? The answer is you can.

Grandparents have the same rights

Yes, yes, the grandmother can also demand to provide her with a child for communication. And you know what is special. You don't even need to go to court for this. Here is such an injustice. In order for a father to be able to communicate with his child, he must apply to the court. And the grandmother can go the other way.

The grandmother can apply to the guardianship and guardianship authority. In her application, she can offer her own procedure for communicating with her grandson.

The guardianship and trusteeship authorities are obliged to check this application. Guardianship representatives interview the child, the child's parents, and teachers. After that, the guardianship issues an order to determine the procedure for communication between the grandmother and the child and the obligation of the parents not to interfere with such communication.

If the parents do not comply with such an order, then the grandmother can apply to the court with a statement of claim. The court makes a decision. For example, provide time - once a week. On this day, the grandmother can meet with her grandson along with the child's father. Since the grandmother needs to be brought to her grandson, help her, and so on.

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