Importance of Evidence in a Multi-Vehicle Accident

Car accidents occur for a variety of reasons, and various factors often play into the cases as a result. However, when one person is at fault in these circumstances, he or she may be the responsible party for a multi-vehicle collision. Due to certain elements that may exist in these situations, multiple persons may be seeking damages for injuries and property damage.

These cases and insurance claims become very complicated quickly when involving insurance companies, lawsuits, lawyers and additional professionals to repair cars. Passengers and pedestrians may also be harmed in the process, and they must be included if part of the event.

It is vital that evidence is collected during these incidents to prove who is at fault, who is just a victim and who may be partially responsible when more than one individual caused the wreck. Other factors are usually taken into account such as weather, road conditions, improper road warnings for danger and natural phenomena such as animals in the road. These elements must be factored in when determining who the at-fault driver is in these events. Other factors such as manufacturer defects and improperly repaired vehicles could also be to blame for a multi-vehicle accident. These issues are also considered evidence and must be documented.

Evidence necessary to Establish Fault

When three or more vehicles end up colliding, it is vital that evidence is collected to determine how to proceed. The responsible party may be one or more drivers, and these issues cause complications for cases that arise when a person or group has been injured. This means collecting various pieces of proof used as evidence in the case. The scene is thoroughly investigated. Photographs are taken for future use and to analyze details that may have been missed while at the accident site. The length that cars moved when hit and where they finally stopped assists in determining speed, direction and what may have caused the vehicle to stop when it did.

Photos should be taken so that debris on the street is catalogued. Property damaged during the incident should be noted along with any items destroyed in the event. The skid marks of the tires should be collected through photographs and any other relevant details. These are usually reviewed over and over again afterwards to fully map out what occurred on the road during the incident. Once these photos have been taken, it has been suggested by the Department of Motor Vehicles to record everything on paper to have a clearer picture in the mind of what transpired. Details are usually vital in understanding the event. If a case is presented in court, time passes in which many of these minute particulars may be forgotten, and notes are helpful in preserving accurate depictions and jogging the memory.

Witnesses in a Multi-Vehicle Accident

When pictures may not provide the exact details necessary in a multi-car collision, witnesses may provide the essential knowledge of what occurred. While the memory may be tricky with some details, corroborating evidence with these testimonies may ensure a better understanding of the incident. Some persons may have observed the entire wreck in progress, and in the digital age, it is possible some witnesses captured the event on a phone or video camera. While some of these individuals may only have a portion of the accident, any assistance provided is helpful in recreating the problem for future use. All names, phone numbers and other relevant details should be recorded.

Accident Report from Law Enforcement

When police officers arrive at the scene, they usually file an accident report. These documents may have a diagram of the area. A summary of all statements may be included with all drivers and passengers involved in the incident. The opinion of the law enforcement officer may be part of this document. For assistance with the case, it may be necessary to obtain a copy of this report that may be used at a later time.

Proving Fault

For those involved in the accident, it is vital that the responsible party is discovered so any claims for insurance or compensation dealing with medical costs may be provided. In many instances of these incidents, a lawyer may be necessary. This means hiring a legal representative to file the appropriate documents and ensure everything has been completed for the victim. Proving the at-fault driver becomes vital for everyone involved. Complications arise when multiple persons are affected, and more than one lawyer may be part of these proceedings.

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