International Business Dealings Require Strong Tax Legal and Accounting Support

Why do international business dealings require strong tax, legal and accounting support? International business deals require a level of sophistication that is much different from managing a business locally or regionally.

International business dealings involve transactions that require insight from several perspectives including:

• The legal structures that allow you to partner with offshore manufacturing, distribution or financial investment

• The accounting systems that inform critical business decisions and provide the foundation for economic reporting and taxation

• The local, state, federal and international tax implications of associations with offshore business structures and transactions

One example is the requirement imposed by Chinese financial institutions and other international funding sources for a US connection to ensure enforceable protections. Many Mexican businesses have been required to develop US based companies to attract and incorporate international partners and financing. These are business realities that require creative legal, tax and accounting solutions.

Experienced legal and tax attorneys, such as Allen Barron, provide companies conducting international business dealings with single source business partner who can advise you on every aspect of these complicated transactions. Our business advisory group, for example, has deep experience rooted in the management of multi-national business operations. We provide counsel and consultation on issues from corporate structures to supply chain management issues.

Experienced legal and tax attorneys provide insight into the economic and tax ramifications of international business deals. This unique blend of experience, expertise and multi-discipline competency ensures that our clients are well informed, protected from contingent liabilities and positioned to enter into offshore business relationships which allow their companies to profit from expanded markets and opportunities.

If you are considering a joint venture, the formation of a US or foreign-based corporation, or require tax consultation we invite you to learn more about the integrated tax, legal, accounting and business consulting services of Allen Barron.

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