Motor Vehicle Recalls: What the Statistics Tell Us

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Although human error and inattention play a major role in many accidents, defective vehicles are also frequently to blame. Fortunately, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) regularly issues vehicle recalls when it discovers that specific autos have serious safety defects. Consumers must pay close attention to these recalls so they can avoid driving cars that can cause serious injuries or even death.

Based on the NHTSA’s most recent statistics, it’s clear that motor vehicle recalls play a crucial role in keeping our roads and freeways much safer than they would be without such programs.

Statistics Reveal the Dangerous Role Autos Play in Our World

• During one recent year, 30,000 people died on our nation’s highways;
• Americans’ most “debilitating injuries” continue to be caused by traffic accidents;
• More people under the age of 34 die in the United States due to auto accidents than any other cause; and
• Every year, it’s estimated that traffic collisions cost this country a total of about $230 billion dollars in medical and insurance costs and lost worker productivity.

Cars and Tires

Since the National Traffic and Motor Vehicle Safety Act was passed back in 1966, a large number of recalls have targeted both defective cars and specific parts. In fact, more than 390 million vehicles of all sizes have been recalled to correct safety defects. In addition, more than 46 million tires have been recalled that might otherwise have caused serious blowout injuries or even deaths.

Child Safety Seat Recalls

An untold number of children’s lives have been saved due to the recalls of approximately 42 million child safety seats. Many of today’s parents often forget that most of their elders grew up long before there were any child safety seats or special passenger safety guidelines designed to protect them. Children used to sit wherever they pleased and toddlers and small babies’ lives hinged on the quality of their parent’s best driving habits.

Critical Roles of Consumers, Government and Auto Manufacturers in Recalls

Although the government conducts regular tests that help it discover vehicle defects, the entire recall system clearly depends upon responsible consumers and auto manufacturers immediately alerting the government when they discover serious car defects. Once a safety defect has been found, manufacturers are required to also notify all vehicle owners – as well as all car distributors and manufacturers. Once a recall campaign is underway, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration still has to carefully monitor the process to be sure all proper repairs are made.

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