Motorcycle Accident Victims: What Are Their Rights?

If you ride a motorcycle in South Florida, you already know that you’re more likely than other motorists to be injured in an accident. But even when you’ve taken the right precautions, you could still be injured by a distracted, intoxicated, or reckless auto or truck driver, and if that happens, you’ll need the advice and services of a Miami motorcycle accident attorney.

If you’re injured in a motorcycle accident, but you are not incapacitated, call for medical assistance and for the police at once. If it’s possible, move your motorcycle and any other vehicles off the road to a safe spot. Trade contact information and insurance details with the other drivers; take photos of the damages, your visible injuries, and the general accident scene; and try to get the names and contact information of any eyewitnesses.

After a Motorcycle Accident, Have a Medical Examination

If you even think that you might be injured, seek medical attention at once. Some injuries may not become apparent for hours or even days, but under Florida’s “14-day rule,” you must undergo a medical examination within 14 days of an accident or you cannot file a personal injury claim to recover damages. As soon as you’ve had that medical exam, contact a Miami motorcycle accident lawyer.

The features that protect us in cars and trucks – like safety belts and air bags – aren’t available on motorcycles, so when accidents happen, motorcyclists may suffer the most serious kinds of injuries: traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, injuries that require amputation, and even permanently disabling injuries. When a motorcyclist becomes the injured victim of another driver’s negligence, he or she may need substantial compensation to cover medical expenses for years to come.

Here’s How a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Will Help You

When you contact a Miami motorcycle accident attorney, that attorney will investigate the accident that injured you, identify the party or parties with liability, and begin private negotiations for the compensation you need. This is how most motorcycle accident cases are resolved in Florida, but if your claim is disputed or if no reasonable settlement offer is forthcoming, your lawyer will take your personal injury claim to trial, explain your side of what happened to a jury, and ask the jury to order the negligent party or parties to compensate you.

After you sustain a personal injury in a motorcycle accident, the right Miami motorcycle accident lawyer will work to help you recover compensation for your current and projected future medical expenses, your lost wages and projected future lost wages, your personal pain and suffering, and related damages. Motorcycle accident attorneys in Florida work on a contingent fee basis, so you’ll pay no attorney’s fee until and unless your motorcycle accident attorney recovers the compensation you are entitled to by law.

Personal injury cases arising from motorcycle accidents are complicated in Florida. You’ll need an attorney to guide you from start to finish through the legal process, but if you were in fact injured by negligence, your claim should prevail and the law will be on your side. Start by contacting a motorcycle accident attorney immediately after you’ve been examined and treated for your injury.

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