Online Gambling - Are Players at Risk for Prosecution?

Legality over online gambling is in the gray zone of what is possible and what is a banned activity for citizens in the United States because some states permit the use of online gambling websites while others do not. The laws change, and this permits many individuals to take advantage of the ability to use both sites and cryptocurrency to gamble online.

What Is Online Gambling?

When a person uses a website to pay for games that could net him or her a greater amount or a loss, he or she is gambling online. There is a variety of games possible that can accomplish these activities, and many of them are set through a gambling service such as a casino. Generally, when the website is through a specific individual the activities are either not legal or are possibly nefarious. It is important to know the origin of where the website comes from before taking part in these activities and if the state where the person resides permits the activity.

The Risk of Online Gambling

One of the problems with using any website with unknown origins is that the owner can have malicious goals in mind. He or she may infect the person’s computer through the use of the site. The user can also pick up something else that can place the computer on lockdown while the creator of the website ransoms his or her computer back for standard use. These activities can lead to identity theft and device destruction. Others may steal passwords, record keystrokes and copy information while the person uses the website. Then, online gambling can lead to further damage.

The Risk of Prosecution

The legality of online gambling changes over the years. The risk of possible arrest and charges for illegal gambling activity increases and decreases based on these legal changes. Some risks increase through the use of cryptocurrency while using standard money is without risk in the same context. There is no federal law governing over online gambling that will charge the person with a crime. However, several state laws can increase the risk of prosecution because of possible gray legal areas. The possibility of an arrest and charges may depend on the type of online gambling such as booking the bets with a sports agent.

The Use of Cryptocurrency

Some legal issues arise through the use of cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin. The legal authorities often view cryptocurrency as ambiguous legally because it has ties to possible malicious activity or with criminal elements. The larger knowledge of cryptocurrency and the exchange of these types of money online is lacking overall. The gray area of cryptocurrency places any activity with using this type of online currency at risk of possible legal complications. Even when appropriately gambling without incurring any other legal issues, the person can increase his or her risk of prosecution for using cryptocurrency.

Gambling on United States Websites

It is not currently legal to use a website that has a foundation in the United States. Even if the creator is from the country, he or she cannot create and base the site in the American continent and operate a legal gambling game. For the activity to remain legal for the owner, he or she must stay out of the United States. For players, the online activity must stick with casino or poker wagers and not sports. Others in the country can use another form of gambling if the state permits them, but many creators of these websites have severe restrictions on what to do.

Another illegal activity is the accepting of online gambling advertisements. Even if the person is a smaller publisher, he or she could face possible prosecution. However, since 2009, the government targets the mid to large publishers using these activities. Even the larger online companies of Google and Microsoft faced fines for accepting online gambling adverts even if there were no criminal charges. Publishers of magazines can also face similar fines when moving these activities to the internet. Other illegal activity can occur through the transfer of funds to online casinos even if only facilitating the transfer. It is illegal for banks in the country to process these transactions.

Criminal Defense for Online Gambling

When facing charges for illegal online gambling, it is vital to hire a lawyer to create a defense against the charges early. The legal professional can explain the laws of the state and how the violation occurred and then what to do next.

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