Premises Liability Injuries in Washington DC

Premises liability involves another’s property possessing various hazards and dangers that harm a person when he or she is on the land or in the building. In Washington D.C., it is important that the victim of the incident pursue an injury claim to pay for medical expenses and provide for any lost income while recovering.

The dangers on a property should remain away from visitors and guests. However, when the owner or management is not properly maintaining the grounds, there are certain areas that could harm those passing through. These hazards often cause injury or could lead another to assault a person where there is no security. Measures to reduce or eliminate these threats are necessary to avoid premises liability claims. In Washington D.C., it is important to follow the same guidelines in securing a building and surrounding land from dangers that could harm someone. These incidents may include slips, falls, trips, assault or battery from another and falling objects.
Any of these hazards could lead to severe or fatal incidents.

Regular Maintenance

When the owner or manager of a property is performing regular maintenance, he or she is checking the grounds for any dangers. These may come from water, holes in the ground, icy or slippery surfaces, worn down areas, rocks and various other problems. Pain and suffering are usually the first issue that arises from a premises liability claim. The individual may also lose time at work, suffer a loss of quality of life and may not have the ability to function without help. If the hazard damages the internal organs of the victim, additional medical care may need to occur multiple times. In Washington D.C., it is important to preserve the evidence for a legal claim to progress.

Premises Liability Explained

When in Washington D.C., it is important to know what premises liability is because of all the old buildings and various locations. There are numerous legal issues that are part of these properties when the owner or management does not maintain appropriate safety measures. Premises liability is when the owner or landlord of a building does not keep dangers away from those visiting or as guests of the location. This often occurs through handrails that break or do not hold the weight of individuals, slip and fall areas and holes in the ground. Sometimes, insurance companies involved in these matters may satisfy the monetary compensation. However, the owner may be liable for damages when no property insurance covers the issue.

In the DC areas, premises liability may progress to the point that the plaintiff has monetary awards of compensation through a successful case. This is usually only possible through hiring an experienced lawyer. If the building clearly does not have any safety protocols in place for dangers, then it is easier to prove in court. Some of these issues include poor lighting and a lack of security. In darkened corners, someone may attack the victim. Violent crimes in certain areas of Washington D.C. are more prevalent in low lighting and may occur with greater frequency. Then, the individual may pursue a legal option against the owner or manager of the building.

Types of Action to Pursue

When someone suffers harm on the premises owned by a company or individual, the injured may pursue action legally. However, there are various type of accidents and action. Usually physical injures sustained in these situations are the primary reason compensation is necessary. However, trauma such as emotional or psychological damage may constitute needed compensation. If someone attacks the individual on the grounds, this could lead to emotional scarring. Therapy or other treatment may require the person time and money to recover. The location of the incident is also important. If the area has a pool, the victim may have slipped and nearly drowned.

The specific details change based on the property the person is in when harmed. If the incident took place in a gym, the owner of the company or the manager may hold responsibility in paying damages. If there is a pool or elevator, a landlord may be at fault. However, it is important to seek legal assistance before attempting to pursue action.

The Lawyer’s Help in Washington D.C.

Premises liability usually requires the help of a lawyer. He or she may need to look over the case details before accepting the claim. There needs to exist enough evidence that the case could success in the courtroom. Then, the lawyer may pursue action.

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