Register a Subsidiary in Haiti

Register a subsidiary is not a tedious process for Cabinet Leblanc

You will need to legalize the bylaws of your Company and provide also a French copy.

To legalize your bylaws, you need the Seal of the Secretary of Foreign affairs and then submit it to a Haitian Consulate.

After having this authorization you will need to send those documents to a firm in Haiti to start the process of registration.

The firm will submit it to be notarized by a Public Notary. Once the statutes are notarized, the Firm will submit it for registration at The Ministry of commerce and industry (MIC) in order to obtain the authorization to operate.

When the registration is complete at MIC, the Statutes are sent to the Monitor (Official Gazette) for publication and the Authorization to Operate will be given to the company.

Documentation to be submitted by you the Firm will take care of the entire process. All that is required is to provide the following information:

 Legalized Bylaws
 Copy of Identification Card of the Shareholders (Passport)

It is also required from the Shareholders to sign Proxies that will be sent to the Firm via email tTo habilitate the Firm to take all necessary actions for the creation of the company.

AUTHOR: Ludwig Leblanc , Attorney

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