Restaurant Worker Injuries

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Restaurants are notorious for their high rate of on-the-job injuries. One reason is because restaurants are often understaffed, leaving the remaining workers to pick up the slack.

The fast pace and tight quarters in commercial kitchens contribute to the high rate of injury. For restaurant industry professionals, workplace accidents may seem like part of the job. An injured restaurant worker may be entitled to Workers’ Compensation benefits. Even a seemingly minor injury can have a long lasting impact on the quality of one’s life.

Some of the most common injuries among restaurant workers include:

Burns: Fry cooks, line cooks, and servers are known to suffer severe burns as a result of contact with hot grease and oil;

Back injuries: Wet surfaces are common in kitchens. Even if there are no-slip mats, spilled food or drinks can lead to slip and fall injuries. Falling into tables or other kitchen equipment can cause particularly devastating injuries;

Cuts and lacerations: Food prep staff and butchers are frequently cut by their tools. Sometimes these injuries lead to infection or even amputation;

Snow and ice removal: Restaurant workers tasked with removing winter accumulation from parking lots for customers often slip and fall;

Robbery: Sadly, it is not unheard of for employees making cash drops to be injured by an armed robber. These types of injuries are generally compensable through Workers’ Compensation;

Irate customers: All restaurant workers deal with angry customers from time to time. Sometimes, a customer will lash out, throwing objects or striking restaurant workers;

Repetitive motion injuries: Many servers suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome from carrying trays and plates all day, or tarsal tunnel syndrome from being on their feet all day. Dishwashers frequently suffer joint damage from the repetitive nature of the task.

Seek Compensation for Injuries
All of these work injuries are serious, and should not be overlooked as being “part of the job.” Most employees have a right to have their workplace injuries treated by a medical professional at no cost. If you are out of work for any period of time as a result of your injury, you also are entitled to receive compensation for lost wages.

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