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Landlords' Classical Questions on the Consumer Protection Act in South Africa - Jan 2012 (Part 1)

Is it true that my tenant can in terms of the Consumer Protection Act (“CPA”) now cancel the lease by giving 20 business days’ notice, even if...

Tenants' Classical Questions on the Consumer Protection Act in South Africa - Jan 2012 (Part 2)

Can my deposit be used for my last months rental and other obligations to the landlord?

Collaborative Family Law - South Africa

The adversarial court system in South Africa is often not well-suited for resolving family law disputes.

Adoption in South Africa

For some individuals who cannot have their own children for whatever reason, adoption is the best option for them to build a family of their own.

Post Nuptial Agreements - South Africa

Although most couples are encouraged to complete an ante nuptial contract before getting married, some couples only decide after being married...

Unfair Dismissals – Know your Rights as an Employee - South Africa

Many dismissed employees are left wondering if their dismissal is unfair in terms of our legislation. It is always important to know your rights...

Monitoring of Employees Electronic Communication

Monitoring of employee’s data messages at the workplace: What about the employee’s right to privacy?

Cyber Crime In South Africa

This article provides a detailed summary of those issues relating to offences, legislation, legal aspects and jurisdiction in cyber crime cases...

Electronic Wills - South Africa

The new age of technology has exponentially grown and allows for the transmission of various data messages from personal computers to portable...

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