Testosterone Replacement Hormone Injury Claims

Replacement for testosterone hormones with a patient could lead to the injury of the person due to the replacement therapy within the body, and this could involve a doctor or another medical staff member. Understanding the injury and who is responsible for the first step in recovering damages and filing a legal claim against the other party.

Replacement hormones are difficult to gauge depending on the specific person. The therapy needed to restore a person to a certain condition is a complex matter. Sometimes the victim needs to file a claim against the drug manufacturer. Other times, he or she will need to initiate a case against another party for a defective product. Certain claims may hold the healthcare professional responsible for the wrong dosage or incorrect medication necessary to help the person. Some side effects could injure the patient based on his or her medical history, and the doctor should know this. Hiring a lawyer may help the individual learn how to file a claim and pursue
it in court.

Product Liability Claim

A generic version of a prescription drug could lead to the foundation for a product liability claim. When the patient purchases the name brand and receives a generic one, there are some complications that could arise. Some generic drugs have less of the active ingredient. This could harm the person’s system through an incorrect dosage for his or her height and weight. However, the generic drug manufacturer may also retain liability in these claims when the drug warning labels are different. The federal laws that govern drug manufacturing require the company to retain the same drug warning labels.

Testosterone Dangers

Testosterone hormone replacements with the body are usually only necessary through serious conditions that affect the individual. While there are hormones available online and through mail order, it is only through a prescription that the patient is sure that he or she needs the replacement hormone. The deficit of the testosterone in the body requires a supplement to replace the loss. The condition may affect one in 1000 patients. But, some drug companies will take advantage of the lack of information and knowledge that the public possesses and may push the hormone replacement on the consumer.

The drug therapy is pushed for all manner of ailments to include weight gain, a loss in sexual relations with a partner, a lack of muscle tone and even depression and fatigue. However, testosterone is not a hormone that everyone should use. If the person does purchase the hormone without a prescription or knowing he or she requires it, this could lead to off-label use. The off-label abuse or misuse could also harm the person’s body in various ways to include heart attacks, stroke and serious sickness that could keep the individual sick for a lengthy time.

Class Action Lawsuits

Because numerous individuals were suing the same drug companies for testosterone replacement hormone injuries in strokes or heart attacks, the lawyers banded together to create a class action lawsuit. The injuries sustained through these drugs are often severe and could change the life of the person permanently. The stroke or heart attack could leave the person disabled or without the use of his or her body. A compensation claim is important to recover medical costs for current and future treatment to live. By consolidating the individual lawsuits, the case usually lasts much longer, but it is generally more effective with compensation and in increasing the strength of the claim.

These class action suits may charge both the brand name and generic drug manufacturer with the same claims when the pharmacist or doctor prescribes the medication and the patient receives either or both the brand name and generic drug. The case may also involve the lack of warning labels or instructions without warning of side-effects from taking the testosterone hormone replacement. This could lead to off-label use or a lack of information about the drug. Lacking the adequate knowledge of the dangers that the drug may pose, the injured party may face additional risks when coupling the drugs with other medication or certain food or drink.

Testosterone Litigation with Legal Support for the Claim

The victims of injury through taking testosterone hormone replacement drugs usually need to contact a lawyer when affected by the medication. Either filing an individual lawsuit or attaching to a class action suit is important to pursue compensation for the damages the drugs cause to the body or through permanent consequences such as disability.

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Disclaimer: While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this publication, it is not intended to provide legal advice as individual situations will differ and should be discussed with an expert and/or lawyer.

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