The Most Dangerous California Highways in Orange County for Personal Injury Car Accidents

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In 2012 alone, there were over twenty thousand accident victims killed or injured in Orange County. While freeways seem as if they’d be the most dangerous, only about a third of the fatalities and serious injuries occur on the interstates. The majority of victims killed in Orange County accidents lose their lives on surface streets. We list the most dangerous intersections and highways in Orange County where you’re most likely to have your first, next or last and final accident.

Accident Statistics for Orange County

In 2012, Orange County, had 20,225 victims killed or injured in accidents. Two thousand and forty-six were accidents in which alcohol was involved. Nine hundred and seventy-seven were motorcycle accidents, nine hundred and eleven were pedestrian accidents, and one thousand four hundred and sixty-one were bicycle accidents. The rest were car and truck accidents.

Four thousand seven hundred and sixty two of the accidents in Orange County were speed related accidents, sixteen hundred and five were accidents which took place at night and one thousand and sixty-two were hit and run accidents.

While the freeways always seem more dangerous, perhaps because traffic
moves so slowly during rush hours, only a third or so of the fatalities and serious-injury crashes appear to occur on state and interstate highways and freeways. The majority of people killed in accidents sadly lose their lives on surface streets.

So where are the most dangerous highways and intersections for fatalities and injuries in Orange County? This is what research has revealed.

Santiago Canyon Road

Once known as “the road of death,” Santiago Canyon Road may well be one the most dangerous highways and the intersection where it crosses Jamboree Road and turns into Chapman Avenue has in the past been the most dangerous intersection according to the Orange County Register.

The Ortega Highway

Also known as State Route 74, the Ortega Highway has the reputation of being one of Orange County’s most deadly highways, especially for motorcyclists. With hairpin turns, open stretches, beautiful mountain scenery and famous watering holes, the highway is an attraction for motorcyclists with deadly results.

Laguna Canyon Road

Long considered one of Orange County’s most dangerous highways, Laguna Canyon Road over the years has been the scene of many fatal accidents often in the early hours of the morning and many involving intoxicated or impaired drivers.

Other Dangerous Orange County Intersections

Among the other most dangerous intersections found by the Orange County Register are 17th Street at Fairview Street in Santa Ana; Chapman Avenue at Gilbert Street in Garden Grove; Bristol Street at McFadden Avenue in Santa Ana; Bristol Street at Campus Drive in Newport Beach; El Toro Road at Montcliff Drive in Lake Forest; Jeffrey Road at Irvine Center Drive in Irvine; and Olympiad Road at Alicia Parkway in Mission Viejo.

Focusing just on Newport Beach and Costa Mesa, the Orange County Register found the most dangerous intersections to be at Newport and 19th; Newport and Broadway; Victoria Street and Valley Road; Harbor Boulevard at Adams Avenue; Jamboree Road at Bristol Street; MacArthur Boulevard at San Joaquin Hills Road; Newport Center Drive at Civic Center Drive; San Miguel Drive at Avocado Avenue; and Harbor Boulevard at Adams Avenue.

Which Is Orange County’s Most Dangerous Highway, Street or Interstate Freeway?

Is it the 405 freeway? The I-5 interstate? Or is it a street near where you live?

The most dangerous road in Orange County is the street or highway you’re traveling when you become distracted, when you’ve zoned out and you’re speeding far in excess of the posted speed limit, when you’ve had a few too many to drink, when you fail to keep a safe distance, when you fail to drive defensively or allow road rage to take control of your emotions. For that’s when you’re most likely to have your first, your next or your last and final accident.

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