The Unexpected Dangers of Slip and Fall Accidents

Slip and Fall accidents can sometimes cause life changing injuries. It is important to file the claim immediately after the accident and to speak with an experienced personal injury attorney about your options.

Most Slip and Fall accidents occur when you least expect it, and can sometimes cause some of the most life changing injuries. These types of accidents tend to occur within someone else’s property, leaving the property owner or business proprietor responsible. When dealing with these types of accidents it is important to file the claim immediately and to speak with an experienced Arizona personal injury attorney about your options, in order to establish credibility within a court of a law, so no implication of a frivolous lawsuit can be named.

Where Slip and Fall’s can occur

Nearly anywhere on public and private property in Arizona can possess a danger for an individual to get seriously injured if left neglected or if it is not maintained properly. Some of hazards that can contribute to the frequency of these accidents occurring include:

• Potholes
• Wet floor
• Unbalanced flooring
• Adverse weather condition such as rain, snow, or ice.
• Rippled carpet
• Unattended spill or fallen items
• Poorly lit walkways or stairs
• Uneven sidewalks

Types of Injuries

Slip and Fall injuries can cause numerous amounts of injuries depending on the severity of the fall. These types of events can require ongoing medical treatment for the individuals involved and can result in thousands of dollars in medical bills.

• Broken bones
• Bruises
• Scrapes
• Brain Damage
• Spinal Cord Injury
• Death

What to do if a Slip and Fall injury has occurred

If your slip and fall injury has occurred in a public building or public parking lot, an accident report should be filed in the time of the accident noting what transpired and who witnessed the fall as well as what caused it. It is also important to note any relevant information such as lighting, weather conditions or any other hidden hazards on the property. In the event that a report is not filed at the business location or did not occur in a public street or sidewalk and occurred in a privately owned location, it is important to write down what transpired in a timely fashion for credibility. Note the following:

• A description of the fall, what caused it, and if there was no indication of a present danger.
• The date, time and location of the fall.
• A list of witnesses and their statements confirming what had happened at the time of the accident.
• If possible take photos of the occurrence and of the location at the time it occurred.
• If you are physically hurt, have medical treatment immediately in order to substantiate your claim for a slip and fall lawsuit.

Slip and Fall accidents are mostly due to the negligence of the property owner’s obligation to keep his property safe. In most cases, it is important to prove how the property owner did not act carefully to prevent the accident or if the injured was completely unaware of the hazard.

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