Types of Late Appearing Car Accident Injuries

Speak with an auto accident lawyer in Lowry to learn how late-appearing car accident injuries can impact your case. Settling your claim too quickly could prevent you from receiving compensation in the future. Talking with an auto accident lawyer in Lowry can help you better understand how late-appearing car accident injuries might affect your claim. Before you agree to a settlement with the insurance company, make sure you have discussed your case with legal counsel.

What are late-appearing car accident injuries?

Immediately after an accident, you generally have a good idea of what types of injuries you have sustained. This could lead you to settle your claim quickly, in hopes of receiving some compensation for damages so you may move on.

Unfortunately, some injuries stemming from a car accident don’t present themselves until several weeks or months later. Not only could this delay healing, but you may be hit with medical expenses you weren’t anticipating. It will likely result in missing time from work.

If you have already settled your case, however, you may be severely limited in pursuing additional compensation to cover new expenses. You will typically be unable to recover compensation for these new medical bills and lost earnings.

Types of Late-Appearing Accident Injuries

Late-appearing car accident injuries most often include damage to the:

• Neck;
• Spine;
• Back; and
• Head.

For instance, you may have complained about neck pain after the accident, but initially it appears that with some rest and medication to treat the pain, you will be okay.

Yet after several weeks or longer, with no relief from the pain, you may learn that you actually suffered a soft tissue injury also known as whiplash. This can cause muscle pain and stiffness, dizziness, and other uncomfortable symptoms. Treatment may now require physical therapy, which can be expensive. Yet if you have already settled your claim, you won’t be compensated for these bills.

Get Checked Out

One of the ways you can protect yourself from discovering these injuries too late is to make sure you receive a thorough medical examination after a car accident. You should also mention to your doctor any pain you are experiencing, even if you feel it’s not intense or worth mentioning. What can appear to be mild symptoms may later develop into something much more serious.

The repercussions of whiplash can be severe if left untreated. The back and the neck are the primary areas affected and when a person’s back or neck hurts then they usually cannot sit up for long periods of time, for example, at a desk job and they most often cannot perform labor-intensive jobs like construction work or in the hospitalities industry. Braces and cervical collars are usually prescribed and bed rest. Besides the physical suffering, financial pain is also felt.

The other way you can protect yourself is by consulting with an auto accident lawyer in Lowry. A lawyer knows that settling a claim too quickly could prevent you from receiving the compensation to which you may be entitled.

A lawyer will work with you to ensure that the settlement process is handled in a fair manner. If there is any chance that you are facing future medical care and will be unable to work, a lawyer should consider this when negotiating with the insurance company.

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