Types of Sex Crime Laws in Florida

Understanding what types of sex crimes that exist in the state of Florida is important to avoid committing a legal violation against another person and preventing any negative effects on the life of everyone involved. In many cases, a Florida sex crimes lawyer is important to defend against the charges of any criminal sexual activity.

The variety of sex crimes possible in the lower portion of the United States may lead to severe penalties in the face of conviction. Knowing which illegal activities exist may help someone avoid engaging in the criminal actions. It is also important to hire a lawyer for the criminal defense to battle against the charges through a legal strategy implemented in the courtroom. The primary focus is to understand the laws and avoid breaking them by acting in a moral and ethical manner within the state when living or residing within the area. With legal representation, it is possible to mitigate the damage of such charges.

The Crimes Explained

The usual sex crimes laws found in other states also exist in Florida. These consist of any sexual activity with a minor, lascivious acts or lewd conduct, sexual assault or battery and the act of rape against another. When the person engages in or participates in any activity with a minor in a sexual manner, he or she may face a prison or jail sentence with a conviction. Lewd or lascivious activity could result in excessive fines, and instances of battery, assault or rape may carry similar fines, rehabilitation and jail or prison terms. To face such allegations, it is important to have legal representation.

Sex Crimes with a Minor

Some of the most severe and traumatic sex crimes occur with a minor. If the person is legally below the age of consent, he or she is not capable of giving permission to have any sexual contact with the adult. Someone at or below seventeen that has sex with someone else that is at least 24 old becomes involved in a sex crime in Florida. Ignorance of age does not preclude criminal charges, and with serious penalties for a conviction, the individual will need a lawyer to build a defense against the sentencing for a conviction. Severe penalties may include up to fifteen years in prison and $10,000 in fines.

Sexual Battery and Rape

Rape and sexual battery often go hand in hand in Florida. These crimes constitute the use of any force, coercion with the other
party, non-consensual activity of a sexual nature and sexual activity of an incapacitated person. These crimes may lead to sex offender registration for the rest of his or her life. The age of the person harmed through these actions may play a greater role if he or she is under the age of adulthood. Any aggravating factors that may include physical injury, intimidation or assault with a deadly weapon may increase the standard sentencing in a conviction.

Lewd Conduct and Lascivious Behavior

When someone engages in sexual activity with a minor below the age of sixteen in Florida, he or she may participate in lewd conduct or lascivious behavior. Anyone in the state below this age is unable to provide consent to the other party per the legal statutes in the area. Additionally, ignorance of the true age of the other party is not a defense against the sex crimes. Registration as a sex offender is one of several possible penalties that the person may face in usual circumstances for these sex crimes. Prison terms, fines and other re-education programs are possible.

Age in Sex Crimes

While the two parties should remain either no younger than sixteen or seventeen and 23 or 24, the laws change these ages occasionally. It is important to remain up to date to ensure no violations of sex crimes laws in Florida occur. Any younger or older than these ages, and the consent matter becomes null with possible sex crimes charges issued against the perpetrator. At that point, he or she would need to hire a criminal defense lawyer to defend against the charges or face serious penalties in light of a conviction.

Florida Criminal Defense Lawyer for Sex Crimes

Hiring a criminal defense lawyer in Florida when accused of violating the sex crimes laws is crucial to avoid sex offense registration, a stay behind bars and extensive fines. The legal representative will work hard to mitigate the damage or seek a negotiated sentence for the defendant.

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Disclaimer: While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this publication, it is not intended to provide legal advice as individual situations will differ and should be discussed with an expert and/or lawyer.
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