What If I'm Hit by An Uninsured Driver?

Two cars collide after one person disobeyed traffic signals. You, the insured motorist, was on the tail end of the collision. The other driver, the at-fault party, wasn't looking before he turned on a red light. The two of you get out to exchange insurance information. Upon talking through providers, you reach a grim discovery, finding that the at-fault party has no insurance. This situation plays through more times than we would like to admit.

So, what do you do when you are hit by an uninsured driver? Follow along below as we discuss your options.

No-Fault States

In some states, there is a condition placed on car accidents. Among the select few states that abide by no-fault laws, an uninsured driver does not have to cover the loss caused by a car accident, even if they are at fault. You, the insured driver, have to make sure you apply the uninsured motorist coverage to your insurance plan upon enrolling. This coverage comes at a premium to the buyer, but it will protect you when situations described above happen. This coverage will pay for your car repairs and any medical damages caused by the uninsured motorist.

Traditional Faults and Economic Loss

One of the main things people who fall victim to accident turn to is suing. Suing a motorist only stands a chance to be successful in a traditional fault state. The powers that be also favor the insured motorist over the uninsured motorist, especially when the uninsured motorist is to blame for causing the accident.

Suing is only an option when uninsured motorist coverage is not present. Under rare occasions, uninsured motorist coverage will not cover some of the mental damages associated with a car accident.

This is where the insured motorist can seek monetary value out of the assets that the uninsured motorist possesses.

This is a rare event, as most insurance companies will offer some sort of coverage even when the person insured through them does not add the extra premium associated with uninsured motorist coverage.

The main person you want to seek out is a representative from your insurance provider team. They will have better answers than anything the uninsured motorist can present you and they will work with you to devise a form of coverage that fully meets your needs. In any instance where your needs are not met accurately, you would turn to sue the at-fault party for personal injury.

Filing the personal injury claim beyond funds of car repairs and medical damage can help you recoup some of your sanity and mental health after undergoing such a traumatic experience.

Check with your insurance provider prior to taking the legal proceedings necessary to create the monetary evaluation amount you need to fully recover from all angles. Odds are they will have a plan in place to ensure you are taken care of. One of the most crucial executing groups come from a Philadelphia car accident lawyer.

A car accident lawyer will go to bat for your needs and ensure you get the highest percentage of the compensation you need to recover from an accident.

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