What Is a Wet Reckless Charge?

It is when someone is driving with the influence of alcohol that a wet reckless charge may change a DUI into something with less possible punishments and obligations. It is crucial to have a lawyer to assist with these charges and in changing the traditional DWI or DUI crime into something that may cost the individual less in penalties.

The Wet Reckless Charge

Generally, a person will face police officers when there is a suspicion that he or she was driving while under the influence of alcohol. This driver will exhibit signs such as swerving, running into objects, changing lanes or different speeds for no reason. It is possible to change the DUI charge that he or she will receive into a wet reckless driving charge when a lawyer is able to work with the case successfully before facing the court. Normally, the penalties could cost this person severely without legal assistance, and lowering the charges is beneficial to keep a license, lower monetary penalties and possibly remain free from incarceration.

Reducing a Charge to Wet Reckless

Through a lawyer versed in DUI charges and the actions of the driver to incur these charges, the legal professional may change the possible case by reducing the DUI to a wet reckless claim. Usually, the lawyer will need to work with the prosecuting lawyer in certain states to reduce the charge through a plea bargain. If the driver did not harm anyone, there were no aggravating factors or any possible damage caused, it is sometimes possible to reduce the potential seriousness of penalties. One of the immediate benefits is that the driver does not have a conviction for DUI, and this could save his or her license from suspension or revocation.

A Typical DUI Charge and Conviction

Many drivers attempt to avoid the DUI charge because it could lead to a suspension of a driver’s license or a revocation depending on the circumstances and the state. However, the typical charge may lead to a conviction if the evidence is overwhelming. Then, the conviction could affect the driver’s record later and could even increase the likelihood of a subsequent conviction if charged with the same or a similar crime. Changing the charges or pleading a negotiated difference in the case could provide the ability to remain affected only to a minor degree and help to avoid future complications.

Many DUI charges begin with a field sobriety test, a breathalyzer or a blood test. In states that require the breathalyzer, the driver may have little choice but to use the device even if it has an inaccurate calibration. The lawyer hired for these issues may refute the evidence and explain the settings issues. If an administrative DUI removes driving privileges, the charged person will suffer even if proven not guilty in the courtroom for the DUI. It is important to have a lawyer working on these matters to help avoid the long-term effects of a DUI on the individual’s record.

Pleading Wet Reckless

Depending on the state, it is possible to use this form of defending against DUI charges. However, the laws may not even have this form of charge available, and this could remove wet reckless as a possible option. In other states, this is a possible route based on a plea bargain with the prosecuting lawyer. It is usually a lesser charge with fewer penalties. However, in some cases, it could still become part of subsequent DUI convictions that may increase severity to felony charges. It is important to understand this and how it could affect the future.

Limited Plea Bargains

There are times when the prosecuting lawyer will either refuse to lower the charges to wet reckless or that there are limits on what could happen. This is generally the case when the defendant caused an injury to someone else or property damage to a location of a crash. Sometimes, the state will limit what is possible. However, the prosecution may decide not to bargain with the individual and pursue a DUI instead. It is important to have a lawyer able to attempt negotiations for a plea bargain in these circumstances.

A Lawyer in Wet Reckless Charges

Through hiring a lawyer for DUI involvement, the defending party may seek to plea bargain the charges down to wet reckless if the state permits this action. The charged person will need a criminal defense lawyer versed in DUI charges. The hired lawyer will also need to negotiate a plea bargain with the prosecution.

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