When and How Can I Join a Class Action?

Class action lawsuits are common place in the United States due to numerous complications with a variety of victims that are all harmed by a organization or corporation. It is important to attach to the main action if the person has similar circumstances and may be proven to be involved.

This means that anyone that has been harmed in a similar manner by the entity may seek a lawyer attached to the class action or hire a lawyer himself or herself to seek compensation from the perpetrator. Some claims see the personal lawyer being dropped off due to either a single or group of legal representatives already attached to the primary claim.

Some class action suits are explained in detail locally, through media or online. There may be contact information in order to get in touch with the lawyer or other official that is attached to the claim. Typically, an interview will take place to determine if the new victim has similar circumstances. If this is the case, he or she may be attached and all communication information will be requested. However, if the issue is different or not similar enough, this individual may be told that he or she may need to seek an individual case against the entity that committed the wrong.

Similar Circumstances

There are numerous cases where pharmaceutical companies have inflated prices, issued the wrong drug, mixed up both prescriptions and dosages that led to healthcare complications and certain conditions either occurring or worsening. When the issue is large enough and there are multiple persons affected in similar manners, a class action suit is started. Several have been initiated against companies that create and manufacture drugs. Generally, the circumstances either must be about the same drug or the same issue. This means that if health complications arose due to one drug such as insulin, several individuals may be attached to the lawsuit. Another case could be about heart attacks arising when taking a medication from a certain company.

When similar circumstances do exist, the victims’ information is consolidated and then used during the court or trial case. Some or most of the victims may be in attendance, or it could be a closed case. Evidence is provided in testimony, injuries sustained, the drug itself being tested and any other factors of the company or locations where the incidents occurred. If witnesses are needed for direct testimony, this may be a special request of the lawyer attached to the suit. Some research may be necessary before becoming part of a class action case such as determining if the issue affecting the person is similar. This prevents any wasting of time and energy for the lawyer and the individual that was harmed.

When to Join a Class Action

Provided that a class action lawsuit is not in the last stages where a judgment is awaiting the judge to deliberate, a new victim may be added to the list at almost any point. It is best to be added early, but the amount received may be directly proportionate to how affected the individual was due to the actions of the company’s harm. If there was a greater amount of damaged caused, the person may be able to be compensated more to offset the costs of recovery and becoming whole after the incident. Some suits offer more to those that joined earlier and have been hurt more than others.

As soon as it is apparent that a class action is connected to the incident, the victim should contact a lawyer for assistance and seeking a connection to the case. However, it is important to collect as much evidence as possible. This may be one of the questions asked during the interview with the lawyer or assistance connected to the class action suit. It is possible an independent lawyer may explain the steps to take before becoming attached to the class action case. The medication, dosage, location, and physical characteristics should be recorded and provided to the lawyer for these circumstances. If the connection to the case is similar, it is more likely to be attached.

Lawyer Assistance to a Class Action Case

Some individuals consider hiring a lawyer to try the case outside of the class action. Others use a lawyer until they are attached to the case. It is important to contact legal representation before seeking those involved in the class action claim to ensure the factors are a match and to become included.

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Disclaimer: While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this publication, it is not intended to provide legal advice as individual situations will differ and should be discussed with an expert and/or lawyer.
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