Legal Consequences of Fatalities Caused by Car Accidents

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Car accidents can have devastating results, with the worst consequence being a fatality. Wrongful death lawsuits after a fatal car accident usually target the at-fault driver to recover damages for the victim’s family. Learn how you can receive compensation after a tragic accident.

  • ContentFatal Car Accidents and Wrongful Death Lawsuits Brought by Surviving Loved Ones

    Wrongful death lawsuits usually arise through the death of a loved one through an accident which causes the death of the individual, and the suit will target the at-fault driver to provide either the estate or the surviving family with compensation. In these incidents, a lawyer will provide services to the estate’s representative.

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  • ContentFatalities and Multi-Vehicle Accidents

    The record of accidents in both traffic and on the road is astronomical every year with billions in damages for each person affected and for the roads. Various conditions may be the root cause of these collisions, but many drivers are the cause of injuries and death in these accidents.

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  • ContentWhat to Do after a Fatal Car Wreck?

    Car accidents are usually traumatic to some degree, have extensive property damage, may include injuries and at least one person is at fault. However, in rare instances, someone may die during the collision or shortly after. Knowing what to do in these incidents is important.

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  • ContentPedestrian Accidents Which Result in a Wrongful Death Claim

    Pedestrian accidents are usually the fault of someone distracted that causes the initial injury, but many of these situations can turn grave quickly and lead to the loss of life. In the wrongful death claim, the surviving family will need to prove that the other party is responsible for the death and will need to pay compensation for the surviving dependents.

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  • ContentFatal Car Accident Statistics

    Fatal motor vehicle accidents occur every day on American roadways. This is most apparent when examining fatal accident statistics.

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