Legal Consequences of Accidents Caused by Construction or Road Flaws

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Sometimes road construction or inadequate road signage can contribute to an automobile accidents. In some cases, the government or a construction company might bear the liability from a construction zone accident. Learn who can be held liable and how you may be able to recover damages.

  • ContentConstruction Zone Auto Accidents

    Highways, expressways and major traffic areas are often undergoing construction. Some states have roads constantly being repaired while other states have reparations only occasionally. Due to erections in the road, truck traffic, construction cones and other machinery or decaying ground, the roadways are much more dangerous than other areas. This causes construction zones to be associated with a higher number of accidents.

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  • ContentRoad Construction Issues that Led to Accidents - Can the State Be Held Liable?

    Road construction problems that affect the drivers on the road can lead back to the state when the government of the city and state share a direct responsibility for the accidents that happen because of these issues. The plaintiff bears the burden of providing proof, but he or she can hold the state government liable for damages when there are irrefutable evidence and a valid argument.

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  • ContentInadequate Road Signage Contributed to Accident – Can I Sue the City or State?

    Road construction and deterioration often affects drivers to the point that a car crash occurs, and the damage may be significant or include bodily harm which requires medical treatment. When there is inadequate warning or signs to explain the construction or other road problems, the individual may have a case against local government agencies or companies tasked with resolving the matter.

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  • ContentDangerous Road Design Causing Driver and Pedestrian Accidents

    Pedestrians can sustain injury when the design of the road confuses the driver or when the street signs do not support pedestrian traffic and passenger vehicles at the same time. These inefficient roads can lead to a lawsuit against the designer, the city or other parties involved in the creation of the chaotic incident.

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  • ContentWhen Road Hazards Are to Blame for Car Accidents

    Many accidents involving vehicles are the fault of a driver or specific factors dealing with passengers, behavior, other drivers or conditions caused by drivers. In other instances, road issues may cause collision or accident on its own.

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