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Moore Forster

 December 16, 2017 - December 20, 2017


1997 holiday Inn,Novotel,La Palm Royal Beach
19974 oxford street Osu
Accra/Detroit/Tokyio, Iowa 48221


law and society:discourse on the impact of western law and challenges for developing countries.case study presented by Yale university visiting scholars ACLU members in Africa Ghana 54 countries by Forster Moore

Additional Information

members of bar eu,USA, and others are welcome.

Organized by

American Civil Liberties Union(ACLU)American Bar Association/National Conference of Bar examiners
15221 oxford street osu accra
Accra, Georgia 46778

More Information

Contact: moore
Email: forstermoore9999@gmail.com
Phone: 233 0507041526

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