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Certificate in Marine Salvage Law - 12 week course

 January 18, 2016 - January 22, 2016


Distance Learning
Distance Learning
By Online Distance Learning,
United Kingdom


This distance learning programme provides all the fundamental knowledge you’ll need to understand salvage contracts, common law salvage and the assessment of salvage awards.

Most accidents at sea result in a salvage service being rendered to the casualty. It is therefore important for anyone involved, or who may be involved with a casualty, to have a basic knowledge of international salvage law. This course will introduce you to salvage law beginning with a review of principles and definitions, followed by an examination of the Salvage Convention, and an explanation of Lloyd’s Open Form (LOF) and the Special Compensation P&I Club Clause. It will also analyse other contracts, conventions and guidelines which are essential knowledge for anyone involved in marine salvage, whether they be a seafarer, salvor, ship owner, cargo owner, underwriter, P&I Club case handler, broker average adjuster or solicitor.

This comprehensive introduction to marine salvage law is organised in six key modules, delivered by distance learning over 12 weeks:

1. General Principles of Salvage
2. The Salvage Convention 1989
3. Lloyd’s Open Form (LOF 2011)
4. The Special Compensation P&I Club Clause (SCOPIC 2014)
5. Other Salvage and Related Contracts
6. Other Conventions and Guidelines

Being delivered by distance learning, this course lets you learn about marine salvage law wherever you are in the world, giving you the flexibility to fit your study around your work and life commitments. You’ll have access to dedicated tutor support via an online forum, and can benefit by interacting with a diverse group of fellow professionals from all over the world.

Organized by

Lloyd's Maritime Academy
Maple House, 149 Tottenham Court Road
London, SW1E 5DR
United Kingdom

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