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Oct 24, 2017

Advanced Swaps & Other Derivatives 2017

Orginized by: Practising Law Institute

New York, New York, USAWhy You Should Attend The Dodd-Frank Act established a novel, comprehensive framework for the regulation of over-the-counter (OTC) derivatives and the market participants who transact in these products. That regulatory framework, split primarily between the SEC and CFTC, has been substantially implemented by the CFTC. For their part, the SEC has made substantial progress and has most recently focused ...
Nov 30, 2017

Business and Contract Law

Orginized by: Management Forum Ltd

London, United KingdomThis programme combines up-to-date commercial law with practical methods of translating this law into documentation. It identifies and analyses the different types of contract and how the various statutes affect them, ensuring that you fully grasp the impact of current legislation and case law. By the end of the course you will be able to recognise and deal confidently with the risks and benefits of commercial contracts....
Nov 14, 2017

3rd Annual Superannuation Essentials Conference: Life After The 2017 Reforms

Orginized by: Legalwise Seminars

Adelaide, AustraliaAttend the two-day session and earn 14 CPD/CPE Hours The 2017 superannuation reforms are game changing. You've heard what the reforms include, but your clients will expect and demand so much more. You must possess an in-depth understanding of not only the scope of the changes, but also how precisely they operate in practice and how they should influence the strategies and advice you give to your clients....
Nov 16, 2017

Motor Vehicle Accidents: The New Legislation and Regulations

Orginized by: Legalwise Seminars

Sydney, AustraliaPick your pun: A roadmap to the game changing legislative reforms. Getting directions to navigate the new regulations. A scenic tour through the latest motor vehicle accident cases. Is that all a little much? Maybe, but drastic times call for drastic measures, and these are drastic times indeed. With sweeping reforms turning the sector on its head, now’s the time to take the opportunity to hear ...
Mar 15, 2018

Advanced Copyright Law 2018: Current Issues

Orginized by: Practising Law Institute

New York, New York, USAAs copyright law continues to become increasingly complex in the face of new technologies and new ways of doing business, it is more important than ever to stay up-to-date. In order to continue to provide the sophisticated, pragmatic legal advice your clients expect, attend this program where you will learn about the latest developments from a group of leading experts on copyright law. The speakers ...
Nov 17, 2017

Rise Of The Drones: Liability For Government And Business

Orginized by: Legalwise Seminars

Perth, AustraliaAttend and earn 3 CPD points in Competency Area 4 Substantive Law The global market for commercial drones is estimated to grow to $127 billion by 2020, bringing with it significant implications for private and government entities. The rapidly growing market is being matched by a quickly evolving legal landscape. Get the latest on drone law directly from the Civil Aviation Safety Authority and leading ...
Oct 19, 2017

2nd Annual Law Firm 500 Conference & Awards

Orginized by: Law Firm 500

Boca Rotan, Florida, USAIn October 2017, the most innovative educational experience and award ceremony in the legal industry comes to Boca Raton, Florida. Headlined by Keynote Speaker, Daymond John Entreprenuer Pioneer, Speaker, Author and Shark Tank Investor. A conference unlike any other event in the legal industry, you will be inspired with new perspectives, and get the tools to execute through practical education....
Jan 10, 2018

Meet International Lawyers

Orginized by: Institute For Legal Professionals (ILP)

CoxsBazar, BangladeshInstitute For Legal Professionals ILP Going To Organize A Conference By Consisting Of international Lawyers to meet them & Sharing Their Legal Environment & Legal Culture.
Nov 6, 2017

IBA Latin American Anti-Corruption Enforcement and Compliance

Orginized by: International Bar Association

São Paulo, BrazilA conference presented by the IBA Anti-Corruption Committee, supported by the IBA Latin American Regional Forum TOPICS WILL INCLUDE: * 20 years of the OECD Anti-Bribery Convention: what’s next? * Civil and insolvency asset recovery tools: an addition to criminal proceedings * How much will it cost? The problems of calculating fines and damages * Is the anti-corruption revolution taking place in ...
Nov 10, 2017

Mass Tort Nexus Four Day Immersion Course

Orginized by: Mass Tort Nexus

Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USAThis is NOT A SEMINAR, but rather, a course whose purpose is to be a step by step guide through the process of starting your highly profitable Mass Tort practice immediately. What this Course is Not Intended to Do This course is not intended to prepare your firm to take Mass Tort client cases to trial, apply to be lead counsel, or on a Steering Committee. It should not be the goal of any firm new ...
Oct 3, 2017

Opioid Addiction and Substance Abuse: What's a Plan to Do?

Orginized by: ABA Joint Committee on Employee Benefits

Nationwide, District of Columbia, USAAmidst the growing crisis involving opioid addiction and other substance abuse, health plans are faced with increasingly challenging questions. What mental health and substance use disorder treatments or services should be covered? What treatments or services must be covered? If treatments or services are covered, on what terms and conditions must they be offered? All of these raise issues under the ...
Nov 15, 2017

IBA Rising to the Challenge of Africa’s Economic Development – The Role of the Legal Profession

Orginized by: International Bar Association

Accra, GhanaA conference presented by the IBA African Regional Forum with the support of the Ghana Bar Association TOPICS INCLUDE: * The challenges of resolving business disputes in Africa * The practice of Law on a rising continent * Emerging practice areas to meet the needs of Africa’s economic growth
Apr 16, 2018

Developments in Antitrust Law & Regulation 2018

Orginized by: Practising Law Institute

New York, New York, USAMark Your Calendar. More Information To Come!
Nov 15, 2017

Estate Disputes And Litigation: Applications, Actions And Claims

Orginized by: Legalwise Seminars

Perth, AustraliaAttend and earn 4 CPD points in Competency Area 4: Substantive Law Estate disputes can go from routine to an absolute disaster zone at a moment's notice, particularly if you're not on top of the latest developments in the area and the best practices and procedures you should be employing at all times. Master how to deal with expert evidence, deemed family provision applications, caveats and citations ...
Sep 27, 2017

Ethical Considerations for Corporate Investigations: Views From All Sides

Orginized by: New York City Bar Association

New York, New York, USAThis annual update program will explore current issues and recent developments relating to ethical duties and responsibilities of attorneys and other participants in corporate internal investigations involving public companies and other entities. These issues will be discussed from the point of view of counsel for the entity, investigating counsel, counsel for individual executives and government representatives....
Nov 22, 2017

Statutory Interpretation In Light of Common Law, Delegated Legislation And Commercial Documents

Orginized by: Legalwise Seminars

Sydney, AustraliaAttend and earn 3 CPD units in Substantive Law Statutory interpretation has more technical concepts, quirks and exceptions than there are irregular verbs in the French language. Examine and understand the special circumstances that may arise when dealing with common law rights, the nuances of interpreting delegated legislation and what you can learn from analysing how statutes and commercial documents are interpreted....
Dec 20, 2018

Staying Out of Trouble 2018: Hot Topics in Ethics and Avoiding Professional Discipline

Orginized by: Practising Law Institute

New York, New York, USAMark Your Calendar. More Information to Come!
Nov 16, 2017

School Law: Duty Under The Microscope

Orginized by: Legalwise Seminars

Perth, AustraliaAttend and earn 6.5 Professional Learning Hours under APST 7.2 Legal Professionals: Attend and learn 6.5 CPD points in Competency Area 4: Substantive Law Don't get buried under the countless legal duties facing your school, and even more importantly, don't bury your head in the sand. With a heavy emphasis on interaction with the speaking panel, this unique conference gives you the opportunity to ...

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