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What Is a Minnesota Qualified Rehabilitation Consultant?

October 20, 2017     By
When an employee has been injured to the point that he or she is no longer able to continue working within the same industry or job type, he or...

Protection for Intelligence Agency Whistleblowers

October 20, 2017     By
Whistleblowers in the intelligence agency locations could require additional protections after the supervisors or management have been exposed...

Terminated for Medical Disability: Is It Wrongful Termination or Discrimination?

October 20, 2017     By
Being terminated due to a disability may be unlawful and could lead to a civil suit against the employer. The circumstances of the termination,...

Does the Principle of Res Judicata Apply to Arbitral Awards in Cyprus?

October 20, 2017     By Soteris Pittas & Co LLC
In the case of Cruz City 1 Mauritius Holdings v Arsanovia Limited, the Applicants filed an application for the registration and the enforcement...

Law Hub - Creating Good Content to Be Shared and Used

October 20, 2017     By PaperStreet Web Design
Good content wins new clients.  You need to become a thought leader in your practice niche to earn new clients online.  One way that lawyers can...

Telemedicine Contracts in California

October 20, 2017     By Matt Dickstein, Business Attorney
What is telemedicine? Telemedicine = physicians + technology. Telemedicine has two parts: physicians who provide medical care remotely, plus...

Can I Put a Trust in My Will?

October 20, 2017     By
Many people choose to have either a trust or a will. However, others may actually include a trust within a will. This is often referred to as a...

What Is Business Succession Planning?

October 20, 2017     By
When someone has a company, small business or an organization that accrues revenue, he or she may be able to transfer the ownership of the...

How to Start a Business on Sound and Steady Footing

October 20, 2017     By
In order for a business to become successful, it generally must start on sound and steady footing before it has a chance to catch up in the...

What to Expect from a Commercial Real Estate Loan Sale

October 20, 2017     By
Commercial real estate loan sales could be complicated, full of difficulty and problems may be encountered, but there are many of these...

Small Businesses and the Use of the Federal Acquisition Regulation

October 19, 2017     By
Small companies are in the same boat as larger corporations when it applies to the Federal Acquisition Regulation System. This process governs...

What Can I Do If I Contest the Amount of My Workers’ Compensation Award?

October 19, 2017     By
Workers’ compensation awards usually end a claim and the injured is able to recover and become whole after the incident. However, sometimes, the...

Estate Planning When You’re Committed Without Marriage

October 19, 2017     By
Planning for an estate when the owner and his or her significant other are not married is often complicated. Keeping a will, testament or other...

Strict Liability, Negligence, Negligence Per Se, Scienter and Intentional Tort Claims Based on Dog Bites

October 19, 2017     By
Dog bites are common, and the bigger the location where the victim has been bitten, the greater the chances are that an animal will bite a...

Can a Social Worker End Protective Service Against a Doctor’s Recommendation?

October 19, 2017     By
Ending protective service for a person or child requires knowing the situation fully and if it is in the best interests of the individual. Doing...

Potential Defenses to a Minnesota Dog Bite Case

October 19, 2017     By
Dog bite cases are frequently an issue when the owner does not contain the animal, the pet has broken free of confinement or the owner is not...

Small Estate Administration Considerations

October 19, 2017     By
Small estates usually only deal with a few dependents or surviving family members. This means that there are only so many issue that may rise,...

Can a Private Lender Initiate a Voluntary Foreclosure?

October 18, 2017     By
Foreclosure of a property is often devastating to the person that is leasing or that owns the house. There are several processes involved in...

Ford to Petition Regulators to Avoid Recall of Vehicles With Defective Airbags

October 18, 2017     By d'Oliveira & Associates
The petition would let Ford to continue analyzing the inflators for defects.

Songwriters Legal Guide

October 18, 2017     By Simons Rodkin Solicitors LLP
Introductory Legal Guide for Songwriters.

What are my Options to Repay Unpaid Sales Tax Debt?

October 18, 2017     By
Unpaid taxes are potentially dangerous to the individual or company. It is imperative that one of several options is taken to ensure this tax...

OVDP Willful or Streamlined Non-Willful: IRS Offshore Disclosure Basics

October 18, 2017     By Golding & Golding, Attorneys at Law
In determining whether you should enter the traditional Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Program (OVDP) or the newly implemented IRS Streamlined...

Three Types of Trusts: Differences and Similarities

October 18, 2017     By
Trusts are created usually to assist heirs with managing or acquiring assets that may bypass probate or other legal concerns such as dependents...

Information for International Investors Doing Business in the United States: Consumer Protection

October 18, 2017     By
Investments, business and foreign involvement has been cooperative in the past so that every party included is able to maximize profits. The...

Visa and Residence Permit in Albania

October 18, 2017     By LPA Law Firm
Albania is relatively easy to access. Foreign citizens can enter Albania a er presenting valid passports or any other valid traveling document

What Rights Do I Have as a Shareholder Against the Directors and Officers of a Corporation?

October 18, 2017     By
Shareholders in a corporation have rights just as any other member of the company does. It is important to understand what rights are afforded,...

Understanding Key Terms in a Commercial Lease

October 18, 2017     By
A commercial lease is often used when a business rents a space out to operate its business, whether this is a retail store, restaurant or...

Does Minnesota Provide Workers’ Comp for a Repetitive Stress Injury

October 18, 2017     By
Workers’ compensation generally provides for the injuries, disability and medical conditions that occur due to or while working for a company....

Biomechanics Expert Witness in Slip and Fall Cases

October 18, 2017     By
A biomechanics expert may be needed when there is a slip and fall case to determine various factors related to the body, anatomy and how the...

Do Your Expert Witness Reports and Testimony Comply with 2015 Amendments to C.R.C.P. 26 and 37?

October 17, 2017     By Rocky Mountain Safety Consulting, Inc.
The employ of expert witnesses in litigation is typically undertaken to help the decider of fact (judge or jury) decipher an area of specialized...

FBAR vs. 8938: Reporting Foreign Accounts & Foreign Financial Assets

October 17, 2017     By Golding & Golding, Attorneys at Law
Ever since the Internal Revenue Service made foreign account and asset reporting a key enforcement priority, two of the most common issues a...

Personal Criminal Liability in Cyprus when Issuing a Cheque on Behalf of the Company

October 17, 2017     By Soteris Pittas & Co LLC
A bouncing cheque (see Art. 305A Criminal Code - Chapter 154) is an offence of strict liability for its issuer.

Psychiatric Expert Witness on Capacity Issues

October 17, 2017     By
When making a will, it is important for the estate owner to have a sound mind so that the document has less chances of being challenged on this...

Key Takeaways from CBP’s First Final Determination of Evasion under EAPA

October 17, 2017     By Torres Law, PLLC
On August 14, 2017, U.S. Customs and Border Protection (“CBP”) issued its first notification of final determination of antidumping duties...

Are Miranda Warnings Required for DUI Time in Local Jail?

October 17, 2017     By
The issuing of Miranda Rights to persons that have been pulled over for suspicion of driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol does not...

Amendments to the Foreign Investment Regulations in China

October 17, 2017     By
Amendments to regulations are constantly occurring, but in China this affects the foreign investments for the country and those associated with...

Whatcha Gonna Do When They Come For You? U.S. Export Control Agency Visits

October 17, 2017     By Torres Law, PLLC
What to expect during a visit from the agencies and best practices to prepare for them.

U.S. Economic Sanctions: A 3/4-Year Review

October 17, 2017     By Torres Law, PLLC
Aside from one last mid-January initiative by the Obama Administration to begin rolling back sanctions targeting Sudan, the U.S. Treasury...

Prevent Employees from Revealing Trade Secrets

October 17, 2017     By
When trade secrets are a part of what provides a competitive edge to a company, it is essential they remain a secret from the public and other...

Professional Sports Leagues and Trademarks

October 17, 2017     By
Trademarks are intellectual property that protect the symbol, name, phrase or graphical depiction of a company. Professional sports teams have...

3 Reasons Why People Confess to Crimes They Didn't Commit

October 17, 2017     By Edelman & Edelman, P.C.
If you think only guilty people confess to crimes, you couldn't be more wrong. In fact, innocent individuals are often convicted after they...

What to Do in a Car Accident in Australia

October 17, 2017     By Carter Capner Law
Every year, the number of car accidents continues to rise. A car accident can leave you devastated, injured and with a huge hospital bill....

The Doctrine of Stare Decisis in Administrative Law

October 17, 2017     By
Stare decisis relies upon precedent in cases, and this applies to administrative law where one matter for an individual or agency with the...

Overview of Various Business Structures

October 17, 2017     By
The type of business structure chosen may depend on various factors the owner has taken into consideration. Of these elements for the company,...

Construction Expert Witnesses Explain Why Balconies Collapse

October 16, 2017     By
Balcony collapses often lead to severe injuries or death when someone is on the ledge when the accident occurs. With the help of a construction...

Accidents and Student Drivers: Who’s Responsible?

October 16, 2017     By Greenman, Goldberg, Raby and Martinez
Everyone on the road has been a new driver at one point or another. Anyone who's ever been behind the wheel had to learn how to drive before...

3D Printing Technology: Impact on Intellectual Property Protection

October 16, 2017     By Law Office of Vasilios Peros, P.C.
As each decade passes, new technologies are brought to the marketplace and change our way of life. Over the past decade or so, we have seen the...

Supreme Court Decision Reduces Post-Sale Intellectual Property Rights

October 16, 2017     By
Intellectual property rights are important to the owner, but this could change due to a sale of the IP based on changes implemented by the...

What New Parents Need to Know about Wills

October 16, 2017     By
Every parent should have an understanding of how will work and why one is necessary. Unfortunately, over half of all United States citizens have...

Michigan Birth Injury Litigation 101

October 16, 2017     By Hoffer & Sheremet, PLC
You spent nine months dreaming about what your baby would look like. You eagerly anticipated holding him for the first time. Hearing that first...

Can an HOA Prevent the Lawful Exercise of Gun Rights?

October 16, 2017     By
Homeowners’ Associations are able to create and enforce many different rules and guidelines for those within the community. However, in usual...

Choice of Law Provisions in Other Countries

October 16, 2017     By
Contracts between countries for business is complicated with different law provisions and contractual obligations that may differ based on the...

How Can I Legally Pass My Business to My Heirs?

October 16, 2017     By
Passing a business to family members or dependents is possible depending on how it is accomplished. This means there are legal means to ensure...

Late EEI Filing: Is It Too Late To Mitigate?

October 16, 2017     By Torres Law, PLLC
In 2009, the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (“CBP”) published guidelines that govern the enforcement and mitigation of civil penalties for...

Effect of Cross Border Trade Caused by Reforms to Japan’s Civil Code

October 16, 2017     By
The changing of Japan’s investment atmosphere is causing the private sector in trade to alter from past regulations and codes. With transition...

Is the U.S. - Korea Trade Deal Headed for Trouble?

October 16, 2017     By Torres Law, PLLC
On June 30, 2007, the United States signed a historic free trade agreement with South Korea.[1] The Korea-United States Free Trade Agreement...

Terminating Probationary Employees in Beijing

October 16, 2017     By
New employment laws have affected the way China is permitted to terminate employees through the Responses to Several Issues Regarding...

Uncertainties Associated with Series LLCs

October 16, 2017     By
Some states permit businesses to have numerous company organizations built and managed under one entity called a series LLC. This limited...

How to Convert an LLC into a Corporation

October 16, 2017     By
When the owner or partners in a limited liability company feel the need to convert the LLC into a corporation, there are various factors that...

Potential Defenses to a Minnesota Dog Bite Case

October 15, 2017     By
Dog bite cases are frequently an issue when the owner does not contain the animal, the pet has broken free of confinement or the owner is not...

Was Your Construction Site Accident Caused by Defective Equipment?

October 13, 2017     By Farrar, Hennesy & Tanner, LLC
If you have been involved in a construction site accident, do you know the reason why the accident occurred? It could have been faulty equipment.

What Types of Damages Do Product Liability Cases Recover?

October 13, 2017     By Farrar, Hennesy & Tanner, LLC
Serious medical issues and debilitating complications can result from product malfunctions and faulty equipment. These circumstances can put...

Increase in Penalties for Employment Eligibility Form I-9 Violations

October 13, 2017     By
Increases in enforcement for the Immigration Reform and Control Act violations affect employees that work as non-home office workers. Many of...

What Are the Different Types of Veteran Disability Benefits?

October 13, 2017     By
Veteran disability benefits are compensation methods used to provide monetary assistance to persons that have been in war. These are to...

Monsanto’s Roundup Weed Killer: Woman's Lawsuit Alleges It Caused Her Cancer

October 13, 2017     By d'Oliveira & Associates
This woman is among 800 more claiming that the chemical glyphosate in Roundup lead to cancer and other harmful side effects.

Role of the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB)

October 13, 2017     By
The National Labor Relations Board was created as an independent federal agency through the United States Congress with assisted with the...

Legal Provisions to Consider in Restaurant Leases

October 13, 2017     By
When leasing a restaurant or commercial property, it is important to consider what legal provisions may be in place or are required for the...

Problem with Using Fill in the Blank Legal Forms

October 13, 2017     By
Legal forms that are only filled with standard clauses and terms are often the least beneficial for anyone seeking specific conditions or that...

Startup Mistakes that Can Tank Your Business

October 13, 2017     By
When creating a new business, there are many different mistakes that could be completed before the company doors ever open. In order to avoid...

International Criminal Court: Handling Cases Involving Immunity

October 13, 2017     By
There are many cases where one party has immunity, and there are certain factors that must exist to seek action against these persons, companies...

Administrative License Revocation (ALR) Defense in Texas

October 13, 2017     By Stephen Gustitis, Attorney at Law
Administrative License Revocation (ALR) court is where we fight to protect a client's drivers license from suspension and get dirt on the cop.

Romanian Insolvency Law

October 13, 2017     By Hammond, Minciu and Associates
What do you do when the company with whom you have been trading goes into insolvency. The first reaction is to blame someone.

What Do I Need to Know before Buying an Existing Business?

October 12, 2017     By
Buying a company requires various processes before the documentation has been finalized and the ownership papers exchange hands. This means due...

Outsourcing Innovation and Ideas: Legal Considerations for Crowdsourcing and Freelancing

October 12, 2017     By The Posey Law Firm, PC
Commerce that involves knowledge is rapidly growing, along with new models for businesses that are emerging as thought leaders in their fields....

The Student Privacy Act in Texas

October 12, 2017     By The Posey Law Firm, PC
One of the bills the Texas Legislature passed during 2017 was House Bill 2087, entitled the Student Privacy Act. The act protects data that a...

Defending Burglary, Robbery and Theft Related Charges in Philadelphia

October 12, 2017     By Wimmer Criminal Defense Law
Burglary, robbery, and theft-related charges in Philadelphia and throughout Pennsylvania carry serious consequences which will affect your life...

Defending Drug Trafficking and Drug Offenses in Philadelphia

October 12, 2017     By Wimmer Criminal Defense Law
Defending drug trafficking and other drug offenses in Philadelphia requires a skilled criminal defense attorney who understands the best...

Effect of Failing to Account for Unborn Children in an Estate Plan

October 12, 2017     By
When building an estate plan, it is crucial to account for unborn children when their conception is known. Without planning for these children,...

Small Estate Administration Considerations

October 12, 2017     By
Smaller estates usually have less administration complications than their larger counterparts. However, administration considerations should be...

Defending Assault Charges in Philadelphia

October 12, 2017     By Wimmer Criminal Defense Law
Assault charges in Philadelphia are actually quite complex. The successful defense of any assault-related charge will be based upon the...

Defending Murder Charges in Philadelphia

October 12, 2017     By Wimmer Criminal Defense Law
Defending murder charges in Philadelphia requires experience and an extensive understanding of the strategies which can make the difference when...

Using a Journalism Expert Witness in Civil Cases

October 12, 2017     By
Journalism expert witnesses are hired when there are certain complications with the freedom of speech or when more information is needed in a...

Types of Insurance Products that Can Protect Your Business

October 12, 2017     By
There are many types of insurance needed to protect the company that has been built, but many individuals are unaware they are even needed. To...

The Persuasive Case - The Story

October 12, 2017     By Stephen Gustitis, Attorney at Law
The story is the vehicle through which a case is built for the jury. Juries are programmed to listen to good stories.

The Persuasive Case - Evaluate & Narrow

October 12, 2017     By Stephen Gustitis, Attorney at Law
The criminal defense attorney selects the best interpretation and arguments for the client from all the possible cases.

The Persuasive Case - Brainstorming for Ideas

October 12, 2017     By Stephen Gustitis, Attorney at Law
Brainstorming for ideas is key to a successful trial lawyering practice. Focusing too much on legal analysis inhibits the generation of ideas.

International Crimes and Extradition

October 12, 2017     By
When someone has been accused of a crime, he or she is usually provided the right of a fair trial. However, some of these situations involve...

Common Legal Fee Structures for Establishing a Business Entity

October 12, 2017     By
When establishing a new business entity, it is important for the owner to understand how the legal fee structures work and why this is important...

What Topics Should an Employee Handbook Cover?

October 11, 2017     By
An employee handbook should include various topics to ensure the person hired is aware of numerous concerns at the jobsite as well as...

Using a Forensic Scientist as an Expert Witness

October 11, 2017     By
Forensic science is useful when criminal or civil court cases arise from various complications. With the assistance of a forensic scientist...

Tips for Dealing with Digital Assets

October 11, 2017     By
Digital assets are still a relatively new item for many business owners and individuals with monetary and property assets. However, it is...

New Ruling on Where Patent Infringement Cases Can Be Litigated

October 11, 2017     By
Intellectual property infringement is a serious problem throughout the world, but patents have been an important topic with the United States...

Brunei‘s Patent Examination System to Increase Efficiency Through Agreement with Japan

October 11, 2017     By Mirandah Asia
On August 28, 2017, the Brunei Intellectual Property Office (BruIPO) signed an agreement to introduce a new patent examination initiative - the...

China Trademark Infringement Issues

October 11, 2017     By
Intellectual property issues are constantly occurring around the world, and China is no exception to this rule. Because of these problems with...

China’s New Domain Name Administration Rules

October 11, 2017     By MMLC Group
The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) issued the finalized Measures on the Administration of Internet Domain Names...

The Persuasive Case - Get the Facts

October 11, 2017     By Stephen Gustitis, Attorney at Law
Gathering facts is a critical aspect of developing a persuasive criminal defense strategy.

The Persuasive Case - Credibility

October 11, 2017     By Stephen Gustitis, Attorney at Law
A criminal attorney's stock-in-trade is their courtroom lawyer credibility. Without credibility the criminal attorney has no hope.

What You Need to Know about Tax Savings in the British Virgin Islands

October 11, 2017     By
The tax savings in the British Virgin Islands has been reported as a promotion for the financial sector and with this location as a tax haven....

Resolving Disputes between Business Partners

October 11, 2017     By
When business partners are unable to resolve an argument, a dispute may fester and lead to various complications. This means finding a...

Drawing Blood Without a Warrant

October 10, 2017     By
The process of drawing blood without a warrant has been determined by the Supreme Court to be protected through the Fourth Amendment. There may...

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