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Notice Related to Tenant Evictions and Other Matters

Eviction notices and the full process usually depend greatly on the state due to the process favoring either the tenant or the landlord in the location. However, when a tenant has either not paid rent for long enough or has caused another complication, it is vital that the landlord follows the correct process to ensure the person renting is removed legally.

Tax Ramifications for Separated Spouses

When spouses have legally separated, it is important to ensure that the taxes are filed appropriately for each individual or as a couple if one party is dependent on the other. The ramifications of filing with the wrong data or supplying the Internal Revenue Service with incorrect information could lead to penalties, additional fees and possibly criminal charges.

Consequences of Refusing a Breathalyzer Test in Texas

Texas law enforcement officers may give a Breathalyzer to individuals whom they suspect of drinking and driving. The results of this test are often used to help establish a criminal defendant’s guilt of driving while intoxicated. In order to avoid providing such evidence that may ultimately be used against the defendant, the suspect may decide to refuse to take such a test. However, there may be consequences for refusal.

Home Equity Lost Because Seller/Mortgager Misclassified the Type of Home

There are various complications that may arise when attempting to acquire or secure home equity in a sale or purchase based on the actions of the buyer or seller. When this occurs, it is important to understand what occurred, how to proceed and if a lawyer’s assistance is necessary to seek a resolution for the problem.

Times When It Is Critical to Hire a Patent Lawyer

Applying for a patent is a lengthy and costly process that often results in a rejection at least initially for the person seeking to make a commercial success of his or her invention. When rejection appears to be the only answer provided, it is crucial to hire a patent lawyer to help improve the process and seek a successful end result to applications.

Commercial Truck Accident Litigation Process in Texas

Truckers log thousands of miles while driving in and through Texas. When a truck accident occurs, it is important to understand the process involved in litigating a commercial truck accident claim.

Juvenile Justice: Can Video Featuring Juveniles Be Used to Apprehend Them?

The juvenile justice system is set up much differently than the traditional justice system because it focuses on rehabilitation and countering negative behavior. Therefore, there are often additional safeguards that prevent the disclosure of information that identifies the juvenile. Whether video featuring potential criminal action by juveniles can be released depends on state law and circumstance surrounding the action.

Insurance Examination Under Oath (EUO) – Should I Have a Lawyer?

Insurance companies have adjusters become part of an investigation when there are issues with businesses and individuals that require an assessment, but these insurance examiners may undergo oaths in court and during certain activities. These situations may require the need for a lawyer to protect the rights of the agent.

Effective Ways to Avoid the Probate Process in the U.S.

When someone dies, the probate process is often used to take care of the decedent’s final expenses and to distribute his or her remaining property to beneficiaries or heirs. However, the probate process can be time-consuming and expensive. For these reasons, many people seek to avoid the probate process entirely. Some ways to accomplish this include:

When Should You Hire a Local Expert Witness?

Local expert witnesses are necessary based on the claim, the state and the specific location of the legal issue that is being dealt with through a lawyer. Hiring a local expert is essential in certain situations where the requisite experience, trainings, scope and education all revolve around the area where the claim is taking place.

Home Heating Oil Dumped into Basement Rather than Holding Tank –Environmental Issue or a Negligence Claim?

When an oil company has become involved in the personal property of an individual, it is possible that a negligence or environmental cleanup case is issued against the business entity. For these specific problems, it is crucial to hire a lawyer after determining if there is a claim and what type of case is needed based on the specific factors.

Evictions Based on Matters Other than Non-Payment

There are additional matters that could lead to eviction other than non-payment of rent, and these issues could cause the tenant to lose out on other opportunities. When eviction is possible, the landlord or property manager usually contacts the tenant in advance, and if necessary, law enforcement officers are available to ensure litigation matters are mitigated or eliminated.

Employer's Use of the E-Verify System

Electronic verification is used for confirming the ability and authorization for a new hire to work within a company through employers using and implementing these systems in the company. While it may cause little impact to an employee that is already authorized to work within the United States, foreign citizens could find themselves greatly affected.

Losing Business Because of Online Defamation: Fake Accounts

The loss of business interactions, clients, accounts and revenue is all possible when someone creates a fake social media account and issues negative comments and feedback. Because of this it may be necessary to seek legal action against the perpetrator for compensation or another remedy through the use of a lawyer.

Can Uber Drivers Choose to File an Accident Claim with Personal Insurance Rather than Uber’s Insurance?

Working with Uber is often the chance of building a revenue stream without the hassle of going to an office and working for a supervisor that the employee does not like. However, when various issues arise through car collisions or other traffic violations, the question that is of concern is if the personal or company insurance is used for the incident.

Filing a Small Claim When the Subject Matter Is in a Different State

Small claims courts provide an abbreviated version of litigating a case when parties are involved in a dispute. However, there are limitations of when these courts can be accessed. Each jurisdiction has its own unique rules regarding small claims cases.

New Law Changes Mandatory Minimums, but More Must Be Done

A number of important laws have been passed in the 21st century that have changed the landscape of how defendants charged with drug crimes are prosecuted and sentenced. The move has been to decrease the sentences given to individuals in possession of small amounts of drugs and to reform existing laws so that minority individuals are not given harsher sentences that are targeted to affect their communities more than others.

Expert Witness Explains Liability Related to Inpatient Suicide

The dangers of inpatient suicide are often observable when the individual has little hope, appears depressed, has symptoms or is too happy. However, it is important to first assess the risk that suicide is possible, and then the professionals attempting to help the patient may avert the disaster before it occurs.

New FAR Regulations on Tax Delinquencies and Felony Convictions

Federal Acquisition Regulation are necessary when contracting a business with the federal government, but if there are tax delinquencies, the company may face felony charges for the owner or management. Additionally, the FAR may prohibit the ability for a company to seek a government contract when there are outstanding tax delinquencies or previously held felony convictions.

False Claims Act Issues Involving Avoiding Customs Charges

The False Claims Act is involved in several deals that involve the avoidance of Customs charges and attempting to bypass monetary payments and fees when filling in entry forms with the United States Customs and Border Protection agencies. When this occurs, severe penalties and fees may be issued against the company or organization involved.

New Requirements by Customs Regarding Hunters and Firearms

It is the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives in the United States and similar organizations and agencies that direct the imports and exports of firearms in corresponding countries. New requirements are added and change out others constantly, and these alterations are needed when more information is available about certain issues.

Car Dealer Ran Several Hard Credit Checks Without my Consent – Is that Legal?

When attempting to lease or purchase a vehicle, many individuals travel to local car dealerships, and it is then that some negative behavior may occur that affects the person adversely. If the dealership runs a credit check, it is possible that this activity could harm the person seeking a vehicle when attempting to secure a loan.

Avoiding Ambiguous Leases, Mortgages and Other Real Estate Agreements

Leases, mortgages and real estate agreements may be riddled with possible negative conditions, terms and covenants, and it is important to have an expert assist in understanding these concerns. In order to avoid possible ambiguous or confusing clauses and information, it is crucial to have a real estate lawyer analyze the data and offer his or her opinion.

Keeping Digital Data Safe

Keeping digital data protected and safe from others is not always easy or possible. However, there are various methods that are employed by knowledgeable tech persons which may provide safeguards from loss of data, corruption and hacking.

LGBTQ Protections in U.S. Workplaces

Protection at work for gay, lesbian and other persons with similar lives is not always available. This is highly dependent on state legislation, since there re generally no federal laws that safeguard these individuals from discrimination and harassment. Unfortunately, not all states have the same or similar safety for any employee other than straight persons.

Determining Which Chapter of Bankruptcy to File

When a debtor is considering bankruptcy, he or she should research which option is possible and what chapter is needed based on his or her financial profile. Determining what type of bankruptcy to file may be easily discovered, but it is best to proceed with the knowledge that the applicant does not need to start over due to the wrong information or application.

What Is a 1031 Exchange in Tax Law?

A 1031 exchange per the Internal Revenue Service is a tax law that permits an investor to carry over any capital gains accrued from real estate investment opportunities to new investments once the like exchange has been purchased. The individuals that take advantage of these exchanges are able to ensure taxes are bypassed through these investments.

Creating Safe and Environmentally-Compliant Indoor Areas

Creating a safe and possibly compliant indoor area within a company that is compliant with local and federal laws is not difficult, but it does require additional matters to consider. To ensure that laws and regulations are adhered to completely, the owner or management must ensure that air, water and pollution are all within acceptable limits for filtration and removal.

Medical Expert Witnesses in Death Penalty Cases

Medical expert witnesses are often hired and used for various cases in prosecution and defense alike, and these professionals are able to explain various pieces of evidence. Through an understanding of the subject matter, these individuals are capable of explaining things to the jury or judge that were confusing or misunderstood previously.

Nursing Home Neglect in Texas and the Need for Legal Assistance

Families must often make the difficult decision to place an elderly or disabled loved on in a nursing home so that he or she can receive professional care. However, when nursing homes fail to meet this duty, loved ones can be in serious danger of harm or death. When a nursing home neglects the individuals in its care, legal liability may arise.

Drafting Protest Provisions in Teaming Agreements

Drafting and negotiating provisions in teaming agreements can be complex in many situations. These agreements attempt to address the duties, responsibilities and roles of the parties in the event that a protest arises and are often part of many federal contracts.

Backing Out of a Real Estate Deal

When the buyer or seller is faced with certain circumstances, it is necessary that the deal is rescinded and the buyer or seller backs out of the deal. However, doing so is complicated unless there are certain provisions or if no paperwork has been signed for the arrangements to proceed to escrow, and then it is important all parties are aware of the conclusion.

What Is an Estoppel Letter in a Real Estate Contract?

When someone is properly performing due diligence in real estate deals before a contract is signed, an estoppel may be discovered at some point. Understanding what this procedure is and how it affects property deals and arrangements is important to ensure a real estate contract and conditions are taken care of appropriately.

Why Would Someone Want to Adopt an Adult?

Adoption of individuals is complicated when the person is already an adult and the other party wants to adopt him or her. However, it is possible and is not uncommon for someone to adopt an adult when it is to create or bond with a family that is already related by blood or is chosen by the person being adopted, and this happens to those over 21 often.

What are My Options if I Can’t Afford to Pay My Taxes?

Paying taxes is difficult for individuals that work as independent contractors, freelancing and when they own a small business. However, there are options available to these persons that make paying taxes less difficult, and it is important to reach out when there are any problems in completing the task of paying federal or state taxes.

Reduce Your Taxes before the End of the Year

Prudent taxpayers can reduce their tax burden or increase their tax refund by taking some last-minute steps before the end of the calendar year.

Financial Investment Lapsed and I Lost the Total Value – Who Was Responsible, Me or My Financial Planner?

Sometimes when someone has hired a financial planner to invest in certain items, real estate or other holdings, the entire value if lost based on the actions of those involved. When this occurs, it is important to know who is responsible and what happened for the money to become lost through a bad investment, and if there is any way to resolve the matter.

My Ex Harassed and Stalked Me Using His Employer’s Computer. Do I Have a Case against the Employer?

When someone is harassed by and individual through a work computer, it is possible that the employer is held liable in these instances due to the work email, computer and other electronic or network involved. However, it is important to seek the help of a lawyer to determine if there is enough strength in the claim to proceed.

Utilizing the Bankruptcy Mean Test

Preparing for bankruptcy is often difficult, but the person affected must ensure he or she qualifies based on certain criteria such as the bankruptcy mean test. This is used to determine if the person has low enough income to file Chapter 7 when bankruptcy is the only way out of financial ruin and needed to resolve these matters.

Expert Witnesses Testify about Gastric Balloons

Injuries due to gastric balloons are still being researched due to this newer alternative for weight loss, and because it is still a surgery, internal damage is still likely outcome. When an individual is seeking compensation for incidents with gastric surgery, he or she may require the services of an expert witness that has performed these surgeries or understands the medical procedure.

Who Can Be Held Liable in a Texas Dram Shop Case?

Texas’ dram shop law holds bars and others responsible for serving alcohol to patrons who then go out and cause injuries to others. There are a number of different types of entities and individuals that can be held partially legally responsible for drunk driving accidents based on dram shop law.

Non-Economic Damages in Texas Personal Injury Cases

Texas personal injury victims can often recover non-economic damages in their personal injury case in addition to their economic damages. However, it is important for victims to understand how these damages work and their limitations.

Filing for Bankruptcy with Student Loans

When a former student is unable to pay for the debts he or she has accrued, it is then time to think about bankruptcy. However, with student loans mixed into these proceedings, the individual that has accrued debts must ensure he or she is covered either by having them removed with the bankruptcy or through possible payments with the loans.

Expert Witness Testimony in Defamation Cases

Defamation complications affect both standard persons and celebrities, and it is difficult to undo the damage simple words or print may cause to these individuals. When a defamation case is complicated and difficult to understand, an expert witness is hired to unravel the mystery and explain the relevant details to the courtroom.

Dealership Added Unpaid Parking Tickets to my Lease Contract – Can They Do That?

When a person that has entered into a deal to obtain a vehicle through a dealership has his or her unpaid parking tickets added to the amount of the financed loan, he or she may be forced to pay them through the company. Some states permit the arrangements to ensure that the tickets are paid for at some point even if it is with a new agreement through a dealership.

Gender Studies Expert Witness on Sexual Assault and Discrimination Cases

Sexual assault and sexual discrimination are rampant in the United States due to a lack of understanding of both genders and how these issues affect the targets. The attitudes and belief of what is considered assault and discrimination is severely confused, and this has led to even the most morally outstanding person confused about what these subjects mean.

U.N. Employee: If I Have a Harassment Claim Can I Hire an Lawyer Outside OSLA?

Harassment claims within the United Nations Office occur just as with any other company, entity or organization. However, these offices with legal assistance usually process the issue internally with a lawyer or other legal professional assisting the person affected until the matter is resolved, and often there is no external or outside help.

Immigration Law: Employment Eligibility Verification

For those seeking to immigrate to the United States, it is crucial that the employer and worker file and complete all necessary employment eligibility documents and the individual is verified through the official channels. When these processes are not followed correctly, the company or single employer may face violation charges that could include both civil and criminal proceedings.

Transatlantic Privacy Laws Regarding Data

Information in other countries may not be protected as it is in the United States. The privacy laws regarding data are different, and the culture about these matters is also usually similar to certain countries with strong privacy laws. This means that protecting privacy when in different locations around the world becomes difficult.

Intellectual Property and the Business Plan

Intellectual property is important for many businesses, but it is crucial for those that sell products or services based on the IP created by the company. The business plan for creating a sustainable revenue stream may depend heavily on the IP, and employees and management must know how to handle these items properly.

Medical Expert Witness in Delay to Diagnose Cases

Diagnosing an illness is essential to ensure the right treatment is applied to the patient before the cause of his or her ailment progresses beyond that which medicine is capable. When there is a delay in these diagnoses, the individual could proceed to the last stages of the condition where there is no possible treatment available, and then he or she may die.

Can a Recent Medical Diagnosis Make an Employment Contract Voidable?

When confronted with a medical condition that makes work difficult or impossible, it is important to consult with a supervisor and explain the situation fully. However, if the employer is unwilling to let the worker out of an employment contract, it may be necessary to hire a lawyer and resolve the matter through a different type of solution.

Suing the Government in a Texas Personal Injury Case

Suing the government instead of a private actor in a personal injury case in Texas can be complicated. Special rules apply to the government that do not apply to others. It is important for accident victims to understand how these rules may impact their personal injury claim.

Contesting the Use of the Millon Clinical Multiaxial Inventory Testing in New Jersey Criminal Cases

Like several other states, New Jersey may use the Million Clinical Multiaxial Inventory III (MCMI-III) when evaluating a defendant. However, serious concerns regarding this test have been raised. An effective defense may include challenging the results of any such tests.

How Child Support Is Calculated in Texas

In Texas, both parents are expected to contribute financially to the children they bring into the world. One parent may be ordered to pay child support to the other parent while the child is a minor. Determining the appropriate amount of child support is often complicated. Generally, child support is determined by the court by using careful calculations and using this information in conjunction with child support guidelines.

Executive Order Implements Domestic Preference for Federal Procurement and Federally-Funded Projects

Domestic preferences in having American made products for contracts and federally-funded projects could disrupt the sales, increase prices and lead to difficult overseas relationships. However, it is possible to increase business and sales within the country when only those manufactured and distributed in the United States are procured.

Threat of Whistleblowers to Federal Contractors

Whistleblowers are often helpful in uncovering problems, laws broken, violations in regulations, and similar complications within a business. However, these persons are often a serious problem for companies with federal contracts, and this could lead to a loss of sales, dissolution of the business and severe penalties incurred.

Legal Considerations for Launching a Business

When getting started on a new business, the owner must consider various legal issues, and these considerations are part of permitting him or her in creating a success from the beginning. Launching a strategy through assistance with a lawyer and other professionals may create the achievement.

Importance of Signing Properly for Your LLC

Signing documents properly is essential to ensure they are legal and valid. Without following through and checking this concern, the owner or partner of a limited liability company may find that his or her business is not a legitimate legal structure.

Guide to Purchasing a Business

If you are interested in buying a business, you may consider purchasing an existing business rather than starting from scratch. There are several advantages to this approach. However, there are important things for you to understand before taking the leap into business ownership.

Expert Witness Explains Objective Reasonableness Standard in Police Practices

Police practices when confronting someone that may have perpetrated a crime should be reasonable and have guidelines to prevent consequences that lead to litigation. However, when law enforcement officers are unable to rein in emotional outbursts, physical violence against others and similar incidents, an expert witness is needed to explain how these standards should affect the scene.

Non-Profits and the Establishment of the Organization

Starting a non-profit organization is important based on the goals of the owner, benefit to the public and the services supplied to those involved in the non-profit. Establishing the entity and ensuring the creation of the organization is valid and processed correctly is important for the owner, and this may require the services of a lawyer to complete.

Expert Witness Testimony on Similarity of Works in Copyright Infringement Claim

Copyright infringement is a rampant crime in the age where technology rules over these matters, and the issues with copyrighted works being copied and distributed increases each year. However, the need for an expert witness arises when similar works are fashioned from the original that are similar enough to lead to infringement claims against the author.

How Do I Develop a Strong Patent?

Applying for a patent and then developing a strong application for the invention often requires an expert’s assistance, and this could lead to further costs when a patent lawyer has been hired. Many applicants that first start the process may require a portfolio with great value to get to the point where a patent application and then invention are considered strong.

Can the Government Make You Keep Your Invention a Secret Without Compensating You?

The government has suppressed many patents and other similar items in the name of national security, and this has created various problems for patent owners. However, knowing when the government is able to do so without compensating the owner is important, as there may be action that could be pursued when the process is not valid.

European Community Law and VAT on Energy Bills

The European Community Law is in use to provide a better quality of life for the EU citizens and increase international cooperation and enforce Treaty specifics. However, the VAT rates may be affected if the United Kingdom remains in the EU, and this could affect energy bills in the negative until a resolution to these matters has been reached.

Selling a Business: Finding a Buyer and Informing Employees

Preparing to sell a business is a long and complicated process that may start the moment the company begins. Getting matters together, filing paperwork, finding a buyer and transferring the ownership all comes after the organization has been setup for steady revenue and employee retention.

How to Acquire Foreign Worker Certification

When someone lives in another country or wants to move there, it is important to acquire a foreign worker certification. For a person seeking work in the United States, this is obtained through the Department of Agriculture for laborers with farms and other locations and the Department of Labor for most other persons.

What Types of Legal Agreements can Protect Intellectual Property?

Legal agreements are often part of protecting intellectual property when though business interactions and when used within a company. There are a few different contracts and agreements that assist with these matters, and it is important to know the difference and when to utilize them.

Importance of Business Succession Planning at the Beginning

Business succession planning is the process of deciding what will happen to your business when you no longer are able to or desire to run it. While many people think of business succession planning when they are nearing the end of their career, it is important to consider business succession when the business is first established.

Environmental Regulations Effect on Small Businesses

There are several environmental regulations that are in place for numerous larger and smaller businesses in the United States. The Environmental Protection Agency has put these in place to protect the world from the practices and behavior of the owners and management of entities so that the products and services to not harm the environment as much as they usually would.

Tax Benefits of Using an LLC in Real Estate Transactions

Real estate transactions are often complicated when attempting to avoid taxation, and using a limited liability company could assist the owner in acquiring benefits for taxes. It is important to ensure the LLC and all other considerations are fully understood before progressing through these plans, and a lawyer is of great help to avoid violations.

Government Accountability Office Recommends Leasing Practice for Foreign-Owned Real Estate

Real estate in other countries that is owned by citizens both in and from the United States is affected by taxation and other situations such as leasing practices and behavior. The Government Services Administration has proposed processes to ensure these practices are overseen and there is accountability in place for possible problems.

What Are the Charges for Marijuana Possession in Florida?

Unlike many other states, Florida has not decreased its potential punishments or reclassified marijuana as a less serious drug at the time of publication. Possession of marijuana even in small amounts can lead to significant penalties.

Florida’s Law in Disqualifying Expert Witnesses in Medical Malpractice Cases

Before a medical malpractice case may proceed in the courts of law in Florida, the state has a requirement of an opinion being obtained by a qualified medical expert to explain that the claim has merit. If those in the case do not follow the correct procedure, the expert witness could be disqualified, and the case may be thrown out.

Deducting Real Estate Losses against Other Income When Preparing Taxes

Reducing and eliminating additional fees, expenses and taxes is important when someone owns property, has invested in real estate and is involved in similar situations. When preparing taxes, the individual may deduct real estate losses depending on what they are, how much and if they’ve already been counted for another situation.

Problems Procrastination May Cause with Estate Planning

Estate planning is the process of drafting documents that set out instructions regarding what happens when a person dies or becomes disabled. Many individuals procrastinate when it comes to their estate plan. However, procrastination can cause significant issues, including:

What Does a Sufferance Tenancy Mean?

Tenancies usually have a specified term, such as one year, two years or five years. Sufferance tenancy has to do with the type of tenancy that exists when this term expires. Landlords who rent property to tenants should take care to understand their rights and responsibilities when these terms expire.

When You Need a Medical Expert Witness

Medical expert witnesses are hired for a variety of reasons, but their most often used expertise is to explain medical treatment procedures and processes for a case where someone has been injured. Professionals in the medical world provide services to a courtroom by explaining how an injury occurred and why it is so important to obtain compensation.

How Contractors Can Prepare for a Government Shutdown

If a contractor with a project has already begun work, he or she may need to implement additional measures in case there is a government shutdown that causes the delay or termination of the job. When the government shuts down because the budget or other situations cannot be resolved, this leads to delays, the end of work for some and severe complications for others.

IRS Issues Extended Tax Deadlines for Disaster Victims

When disaster strikes, the federal government and certain agencies take notice and attempt to make these issues better in some manner for those affected. When floods, tsunamis, fires and similar natural disasters or manmade problems arise, it is necessary to ensure that citizens within the country are taken care of and provided for.

How Lawyers and Insurance Companies Evaluate Illinois Injury Claims for Fair Settlement Value

One of the most common questions that a personal injury lawyer is asked is what the value of a claim is. However, this is often difficult to compute and subject to a number of important variables. However, a personal injury lawyer can help an accident victim estimate the potential value of his or her claim.

Inconsistent Prior Testimony of Expert Witness: Effect on Case

When an expert witness is giving testimony, it is important to ensure everything is consistent and well prepared for the case. However, if the testimony is inconsistent when presented initially and then there are changes noticed in the information, it is possible this could harm the case of the plaintiff when he or she is noted as explaining different things.

What Steps Should I Take to Open My Own Business?

When establishing your own business, there are many important steps that you will need to take. These steps help you stay compliant with various laws in the area. Additionally, they can help you start off in a positive manner.

Can I Get Alimony in My New Jersey Divorce?

When spouses are going through divorce in New Jersey, they may wonder whether they may be able to receive alimony. Alimony is not awarded in every case. The party wanting alimony must specifically request it. The court can then consider if it is appropriate to award alimony in the specific case.

What Should I Do after a Commercial Truck Accident in Texas?

Every year, more than 500,000 commercial truck accidents occur. These vehicles weigh several tons, increasing the likelihood that any accident involving a commercial truck will result in serious injuries or death.

How Relations with Cuba May Impact Intellectual Property

With Cuba opening the country to the United States, it is possible that commerce of all kinds may be available as has not been for decades. With this, intellectual property increases with a wider range of individuals creating these works and sharing them with both countries back and forth.

Why Intellectual Property Is Important to the Business Owner

For business owners that have or are using intellectual property, it is essential to know what this is and why it is so important. To prevent violations from occurring, to use the IP appropriately and to avoid litigation, the owner of a business needs to know as much about these items as possible.

Costs Associated with Trademarks and Patents

When obtaining a trademark for a company, products or services, the costs may be extensive depending on how the owner decides to apply, and this could alter if he or she expands from one state to the nation or globally. Patents are equally expensive, and may be registered similarly through one location or around the entire world.

Expert Witness: Assessing Liability in Horseback Riding Fall Cases

When someone has fallen from a horse while riding, the incident could have occurred due to improperly maintained equipment, inappropriate training of the animal or through a similar issue. When a claim for the injury arises, an expert witness is often necessary to explain and assess liability so that compensation claims are possible and understood better.

Damages Overview in Personal Injury Cases in Texas

In personal injury cases, the court is concerned with making a victim whole again after the negligence of another party resulted in his or her injuries. Monetary damages are often the remedy that courts can award to compensate the victim for his or her injuries and pain and suffering.

Patent Cooperation Treaty for International Patents

International patents are complicated and take more time and energy than any single patent in the United States because often, the applicant must apply to each country individually. There are some nations that may be coupled together through the Patent Cooperation Treaty and similar programs, but this does not solve the issue for every location around the world.

Shift in the Global Trade of Semiconductors

Shifts in various types of global trade occur with frequency depending on numerous factors surrounding the events of these changes, and this could lead to different trade agreements or complications. Production of semiconductors may be threatened by China surpassing the United States in production of these products.

Free Trade Agreements and a Lawyer’s Assistance

To ensure that violations are not incurred and affecting the company, it is crucial to adhere to rules and laws provided by the government to include internal policies and controls that affect how fines and penalties are given out. Through the use of a lawyer, it is often possible to avoid violations and ensure that laws and regulations are closely followed.

China and Hong Kong’s Reciprocal Agreement

The reciprocal agreement created and implemented between China and Hong Kong permits the judgments issued forth in Hong Kong enforced in China as well as the reverse. While this may create a beneficial situation, it could also raise certain concerns for citizens within each location.

Attractive Nuisance Doctrine and Child Trespassers in Texas

Unlike many other states that have some type of attractive nuisance doctrine as part of their common law, Texas has actually codified this doctrine into law. The law indicates the type of care that a property owner owes to others on his or her land.

Use of Force Experts Testify in Police Brutality Cases

Police brutality cases are often experienced when officers are not trained properly, have been subjected to pressure or abuse in their lives or have certain views such as racism or sexism. When these incidents occur, it is generally important to hire an expert witness that is able to explain why they actions occur and how the victim needs compensation to recover.

What Is a Registered Agent for a Business?

A registered agent for a business plays many fundamental roles in the business. Additionally, state law may require a registered agent in order for the business to maintain its separate legal identity.

Planning for Setting Up a Franchise?

Many small businesses consider setting up their business as a franchise. There are several advantages to this model, including the ability to bring in an ongoing revenue stream. This increases the core business’ profitability while also rolling out a successful model to other individuals who dream of being an entrepreneur. The core business often provides a model and ongoing support so that an entrepreneur does not have to start from scratch. Some tips to help lead to a successful franchise include:

How Is My 401(K) Divided in New Jersey Divorce?

Some spouses in New Jersey are surprised to learn that their retirement accounts are subject to division during a divorce. The accounts are in their individual names and may be the basis of their employment status. However, these accounts very often are subject to divided during divorce.

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