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Foreclosure Defenses for Homeowners

When someone has defaulted on a loan for their property, the lender may take steps to foreclose on the property and to sell it at auction to the highest bidder. However, there may be certain defenses that the homeowner can raise to defend against foreclosure. It is important that he or she understands the process of foreclosure and these possible arguments.

Common Misconceptions about Intellectual Property

There are many myths about intellectual property, what it can do, who owns it and why it exists. In order to dispel these misconceptions, it is important to research what intellectual property the company or individual owns and why it is vital to the success of business interactions.

What Is the Connection between Fair Use and Intellectual Property?

Fair use and intellectual property have an important correlation in that fair use only exists to ensure that violations of intellectual property do not occur. The copyright protections keep others from copying work, but there are certain stipulations called fair use that permit others to use portions of the book or other written creation depending on the actions of the individual.

Ways to Prevent Chinese Counterfeiting

There are a variety of products that are sold by Chinese manufacturers and companies that have higher prices due to certain features and characteristics that are unique. Unfortunately, these are the exact type of products that counterfeiters attempt to sell illegally, and this is what could lead to civil or criminal charges when laws are broken.

Applying Chinese Law in American Courts

Accounting for foreign laws is important for diplomats and citizens from other countries. Their actions may be subject to certain stipulations that are not considered in the United States even when they are prosecuted or remanded to the American court system.

Is Escrow a Requirement or an Option for Purchasing a Home?

When attempting to purchase a house, the usual process requires the need for escrow procedures and a mortgage company when the home is financed beyond what the individual or couple has available. These processes are necessary to ensure the costs, insurance, liability and other responsibilities are taken care of for the purchase between seller and buyer.

Mandatory Arbitration Clause in a Real Estate Agreement - Should I Sign?

When a person is buying commercial or residential real estate, he or she may sign a lot of papers. Often, the person may not know the substance of every document he or she signs. One such document or provision in a longer agreement that the individual may sign is a mandatory arbitration agreement. This provision can impact important rights of the buyer and seller, so it is important to understand this information before signing.

Nursing License Suspended Due to Disciplinary Action: Renewal with Legal Assistance

When a professional must go through a disciplinary meeting because an issue has arisen that causes his or her license suspension, he or she may require months of fighting this for the license renewal. It is important to understand how to progress through these processes and what this means for the nurse.

How the Bill of Indictment Affects an Individual

The Bill of Indictment is a formal document that accuses a specific person of a criminal act. This is presented to the grand jury and signed by a court official, and this affects the accused through possible severe punishment in a federal or state prison or with the death penalty for his or her crimes when convicted.

What Happens after Being Detained by Police?

When someone has been suspected of criminal activity, the law enforcement officers that observe the individual may arrest him or her and take him or to the police station. If the person has been detained pending an investigation or questioning, he or she may remain in a local or county jail until read his or her Miranda Rights so he or she may acquire a lawyer.

Is the Polygraph a Standard of Proof?

The polygraph or lie detector test is used by many to determine if someone is telling the truth about certain questions asked. However, the truth about this device demonstrates how the processes used to ascertain what is considered the truth do not provide enough of a basis to constitute the actual truth of the questions.

Fingerprint Evidence - How Useful Is It

Fingerprint evidence is used in investigations for criminal cases often, and the findings are frequently used to determine if someone is connected to the crime or was naturally part of the scene. However, knowing if the fingerprints are helpful to the case usually requires additional evidence to corroborate or disprove a linking.

Selling or Licensing a Recipe

When attempting to build a company or business through intellectual property, it is important to know if the invention or process should be initiated by the individual, sold or traded for possible better benefits in the future. It is also important to have a lawyer versed in these matters available to ensure the rights of the owner are protected throughout the procedure.

GPS App Failed to Warn of Road Situation - Can I Sue for Damage to Vehicle?

Every day millions of Americans rely on GPS apps to get them to where they need to go. Most often, drivers arrive at their destination unscathed. However, in some situations, drivers may listen to their GPS apps to their detriment, possibly getting in a crash when following directions literally or sustaining damage when the app fails to warn of low clearance.

What to Know about Cell Phone Importing

Importing cell phones into different countries is just as complicated as other imports due to the possibility that the pricing may be too low, the merchandise could be stolen or other regulations may have been bypassed for the sales. This requires certain government bodies to become involved in these matters and for additional laws to be passed and implemented.

Sources and Scope of European Community Law

The sources of the European Community Law are varied, and each has researched the implications that these changes will affect in the countries and communities. With the scope better understood through studies and research, it is possible to implement the alterations to regulations successfully and provide the people of the EU with confidence.

Business Enforcement of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act

The enactment of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act in 1977 makes it illegal for certain classes of persons and entities to make payments to foreign government officials to assist in obtaining or retaining business. The FCPA works hand-in-hand with the anti-bribery laws to prohibit the use of any means that provides possible corrupted interstate commerce.

Active Duty Service Members – Where Should I File for Divorce?

When someone is part of the armed forces, there are unique rules regarding the divorce process that apply to the servicemember and his or her spouse. Often individuals in the armed forces move frequently and may claim residency in a different state than where they are currently stationed. Servicemembers and their spouses may have additional places where they can file. Where they file can have a significant impact on their divorce.

Estate Planning Considerations for Single People

Individuals who are single may mistakenly believe that they do not need an estate plan. It is crucial that single individuals take into consideration a number of key factors in order to develop a comprehensive estate plan.

Simple Methods to Reduce Probate Costs

Probate is a process in which a last will and testament is approved by the court. The executor is appointed by the court. The executor is responsible for paying final expenses, notifying heirs and creditors of your death and their appointment and of distributing the property in accordance with the instructions of your will.

Raising the Blood Alcohol Defense in DUI Cases

Raising blood alcohol content defense is a common and sometimes successful defense of DUI charges. This defense explains that the BAC may have been lower when the driver was driving, even if he or she registered a .08 percent or higher after being pulled over. Various factors play a role in how the BAC registers higher later and how it may be lower before the rise.

Ethical Standards of the Professional

Professionals must follow a code of ethics that applies to how the client or customer is treated to how marketing advertises services, and these principles are what the individual seeks to emulate in daily life. However, if ethical standards are not adhered to, the professional could find himself or herself in danger of license suspension or revocation.

School Bus Dropped My Child at Wrong Place and She Was Lost. Can I Sue?

Many parents have experienced the occurrence of going to pick up their child from the bus stop and him or her not being there. They may have missed a stop, fallen asleep on the bus or forgot their address. If a child is dropped in the wrong place, he or she may even go missing. When school buses make this mistake, parents may consider taking legal action.

Cease and Desist Letters for Intellectual Property Prohibitions Abroad

Intellectual property protections in different countries may be difficult to process and accomplish. Various countries around the world have more lax IP safeguards than the European Union and the United States, and this causes issues for those that travel to these locations when attempting to keep IP private and protected.

How to Select the Right Patent Lawyer

A patent lawyer can help handle patent applications in order to try to get the patent approved and intellectual property protected. However, it is critical to the success of this process to choose the right patent lawyer. Some steps that can lead to this eventual success include:

Are Miranda Warnings Required for DUI Jail Time?

The issuing of Miranda Rights to persons that have been pulled over for suspicion of driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol does not necessarily need to be spoken by police officers. When someone has been detained and imprisoned in a local jail, the driver under suspicion may or may not have had his or her Miranda Rights stated.

Creditor Froze My Bank Account without Notice - Now What?

When a creditor has initiated a claim against a person that owes money to the financial institution, it is possible to take certain actions that may negatively impact the borrower. However, only so much may be accomplished without a judgment or settlement pursued through the courtroom and with a judge before these processes complete.

What You Need to Know Before Signing Employment Documents

When becoming an employee with a company, it is vital that the employment documents are reviewed carefully by the person as well as a legal professional. Some paperwork could lock the worker or professional into terms he or she is not willing to keep for years, and some conditions restrict the ability to seek additional compensation or employment away from the company.

Employment Laws You Must Understand if You Have a Small Business

Small businesses are a great option for many individuals who want to be their own bosses and harness their creative energies. However, owning your own business comes with great responsibility. Many small businesses must comply with a number of federal, state and local employment laws when they hire staff to assist them in fulfilling their dreams.

Funding Revocable Trusts: Why It's Important

Funding a revocable trust is an important aspect of creating the trust and it being valid in the future. If the grantor fails to complete this necessary step, there may be lasting consequences.

Spouse in Long-Term Care and the Need to Update Estate Plan

There are certain times when individuals need to update their estate planning documents like their will, trust or power of attorney designations. Many individuals are familiar with common times, like when they get married or have children. However, another important time to update an estate plan is if a person’s spouse has started to receive long-term care.

Importance of Naming Contingent Beneficiaries in Estate Planning Documents

Beneficiaries may be named in a number of estate planning documents. A named beneficiary often helps assets to transfer outside the probate process, saving time and money in the process. Failing to name a beneficiary or contingent beneficiary can cause significant issues in an estate plan.

Why Is Texas an Attractive State to Set Up a Business?

The attraction to Texas is often due to the size of the state, the variation of businesses and the possibility of numerous venues. There are tourists in Texas year round, groups that hold conventions and various other sizable meetings with thousands that spend millions each year, and this attracts the business owner to the state.

Small Business Financial Assistance Following Disasters

When a disaster like a hurricane, earthquake, forest fire or tornado strikes, small businesses are often hit hard. They may not have a disaster plan in place or the resources to quickly recuperate after an emergency. The Federal Emergency Management Agency estimates that approximately 40 percent of small businesses never reopen after a disaster because the cost of recovery is so high.

Factors Considered When Determining Liability in a Slip and Fall Minnesota Case

When slip and fall incidents occur within Minnesota, it is important for the victim to know what factors are considered for liability. Through these elements in the case, it may be possible to acquire compensation after injuries are the result of these accidents.

No Fault Insurance and Bodily Injury Claims in Minnesota Bike Accident Cases

When a case occurs with no fault conditions, this means that no single person or company is responsible for the injuries incurred. However, there are still situations where compensation may be received even with no fault incidents when bodily injury claims arise for bike accidents in Minnesota.

Ins and Outs of Buy Sell Agreements

Buy-sell agreements establish important rules regarding when co-owners are able to buy each other out, when an owner can sell an interest, when an owner can buy another owner’s interest and what price is ultimately required to be paid. Carefully preparing a buy sell agreement can protect business owners’ interests for years to come. The agreement guides the buyout process.

Failure to Disclose Rare and Serious Side Effects of a Prescribed Medication

Every year individuals are injured by prescription medications that they use to treat another condition. Injured victims may consider seeking monetary compensation for the damages that they sustained because of these drugs. However, it is important that they understand the steps leading up to a lawsuit and whether they have a viable claim.

Earned Commissions: Getting Paid after Termination

Many employees expect to be paid their final wages on their last day of work or at their regular pay period. However, commission payments are often made on a different schedule. There may also be conflict about whether a commission was fully earned or not. When commissions must be paid depends on a number of factors, including the work that the employee performed before termination, the commission agreement and state wage laws.

Buying or Selling a Business: The Importance of Using a Lawyer and an Accountant

When buying or selling a company, it is important to have experts to back up the owner during these transactions. A lawyer is needed for interactions, contracts, documentation and various transactions, but an accountant is necessary for the financial data, numbers and funds either being obtained or when buying a new business.

Arbitration of Business Disputes: Ins and Outs

Arbitration is often a better alternative to litigation for those that lack the funding or time necessary for a long drawn out lawsuit. This process is also most beneficial to keep the situations peaceful and ensure relationships are able to survive without the conflict, argumentation and battling over various subjects.

Ethical Violations by School Counselors: Loss of Custody, Defamation, and other Penalties

Some parents may find themselves on the receiving end of false allegations of child abuse or neglect. Sometimes these reports originate from school or therapists. If a parent discovers that there may have been collusion to make a false report or that the reporter had a conflict that puts his or her credibility in question, the parent may wonder what recourse may be available.

Alternative Penalties Considered in the Colombian Special Jurisdiction for Peace

Peace agreements were initiated in Colombian between combatants and the domestic government. While the final agreement has been explained, this is only the beginning and there may be alternate penalties when the peace accord has been violated.

The Project to Free Innocent Convicts

When a person has been convicted of a crime, the courts are saying he or she is guilty of the criminal act that ended him or her in the proceedings. However, this is not always true, and innocent persons are convicted of unlawful activity constantly which could take years to overturn or discover evidence that exonerates them.

The Innocence Project and Wrongful Convictions

When a convicted individual is innocent of the charges, the wrongful conviction could truly affect his or her life in negative ways. Because of this, there are various projects and programs throughout the country to assist these innocent persons from unfair trials and unreasonable judgments.

European Community Law: Free Movement of Labour

The free movement of labour affects the fundamental principles of workers to find and retain labor within the European communities as explained by law. This exists through the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union through a secondary legislation and runs through Case law with the Court of Justice for EU citizens.

How to Select the Right Patent Lawyer

A patent lawyer can help handle patent applications in order to try to get the patent approved and intellectual property protected. However, it is critical to the success of this process to choose the right patent lawyer. Some steps that can lead to this eventual success include:

How Do I Perform a Novelty Invention Search?

A novelty search tries to determine if an invention or idea is new before the inventor takes the time and makes the investment of submitting a patent application. By conducting this process in a thorough manner, inventors can avoid putting too much time into an idea or concept that is not patentable.

What Are the Uses for a Miller Trust?

A Miller Trust is a special type of trust that adjusts a person’s income downward, usually in an attempt for the individual to retain eligibility for certain types of governmental benefit programs. Most often, these trusts are used for the purpose of establishing eligibility for the Medicaid program.

Non-Disclosure Agreements as a Prevention - or Settlement - to the Release of Private Information

In many situations, individuals may be asked to sign a nondisclosure agreement that prevents them from revealing confidential information. Sometimes they are asked to sign such a document before they come into possession of confidential information. In other instances, they are asked to sign this document when they are agreeing to a settlement. These legal document affects important legal rights and should be thoroughly understood before someone agrees to sign it.

Using the Criminal Justice System to Break Free from a Cult

When a cult is created, the leader has the ability to inspire faith and others to follow him or her through his or her words and actions. Others that have a fragile mind in the way of belief and faith are drawn to such charismatic leaders and wish for something to believe in, and this then leads to a large following that turns into a typical cult.

Proving Intent to Sell Drugs versus Possession

When charged with the intent to sell, the accused often has more drugs in possession or in easy reach than is usual for personal use. This usually leads to thinking or suspicion that there is an intention that the drugs will be sold to others by him or her or through his or her direction, and these charges may be added to possession.

Employer Claims I Am an Independent Contractor but I Never Signed Paperwork

Employers often hire independent contractors to perform work that is similar to the work employees perform. However, there are several advantages to employers hiring independent contractors, including not having to collect and pay payroll taxes for independent contractors. Employers withhold income tax, Social Security and Medicare tax from employee wages.

Temporary Agency Workers Directive in European Community Law

Through various directives in the European Community Laws, it is possible for various projects, programs and work schedules to be created such as the Temporary Agency Workers Directive. This provides those that are seeking temporary work only the ability to acquire it and still ensure that the company productivity and efficiency is not harmed by these workers.

What Benefits Is My Same-Sex Spouse or Domestic Partner Entitled to?

Due to a number of important Supreme Court decisions in the 21st century, married same-sex spouses are entitled to a number of benefits that were previously outside their reach. While domestic partners may be entitled to some benefits, married spouses are typically eligible for more benefits. Marriage is a factor in many federal benefits.

Return on Investment Did Not Materialize. Can I Sue?

When someone has invested in a high-end property such as a luxury hotel, there are many factors to consider before progressing to litigation. Some return on investment may not be monetary. The income earned from these investment properties could be of a material manner instead of a financial payment.

What Is the Threat of Money Laundering Associated with Bitcoin?

Bitcoin has become increasingly popular as an alternative form of currency over the last several years. The digital currency offers interesting new options for secure and private transactions, for earning money through “Bitcoin mining,” and, unfortunately, for money laundering. What is the threat of Bitcoin and money laundering and what is being done to stop it?

Insanity Pleas for the Criminally Insane

When someone has committed a crime, it is difficult to prove that he or she was insane in the moment, but when the person does have a true issue within his or her mind, this may be proven by an expert. Insanity pleas are often not successful without an abundance of evidence, but a psychologist or psychiatrist could become part of the proceedings to help establish a basis.

When Temporary Insanity Pleas Are Made

Pleading temporary insanity in a courtroom is one possible defense that a criminal defendant may raise. It requires evidence showing that the prosecution is incorrect or unable to prove that the defending client was not insane in the moment. Through providing details or a lack of memories in the situation, it may be possible to prove temporary insanity was in effect.

Logging Company Destroyed Land While Exceeding Scope of Contract. Can It Be Prosecuted or Just Sued?

When a person or entity has been wronged, the victim may consider criminal as well as civil remedies. In many cases, there may be criminal grounds and civil grounds against a person that can both be pursued. However, in other cases, the victim must select one form of remedy or the other.

Discrimination by Commercial Landlord Based on Disclosed Religious Use of Property

Religious discrimination may exist when a person seeking a commercial lease or hoping to buy a commercial site is denied the ability to complete this transaction solely because of his or her religion. There are often different rules for commercial properties than there are for residential properties, but legal protections may exist to prohibit such conduct.

Workers' Compensation for Non-Military Government Contractors Injured Overseas

Government contractors may be hired to rebuild countries after a war or natural disaster. They may build bridges, transport supplies to villages and soldiers or participate in other activities they have been hired to do through a government contract or subcontract. U.S. government contractors and subcontractors are required to purchase workers’ compensation insurance under federal law. Understanding the laws that may apply can help individuals protect their rights.

Detention of Individuals Seeking Asylum in the UK

Persons that have fled their country or habitual residence are seeking asylum in the United Kingdom. Many of these individuals have been detained and stigmatized as possible criminals based on the behavior of fleeing and surrounding circumstances.

Time Limitations Imposed by the East African Court of Justice

Private litigation has time restrictions imposed by the East African Court of Justice that limits how the African regional community in economic matters may proceed with lawsuits. With these changes, it is important to know what this means and how to work within the confines of these boundaries imposed on private citizens.

Employer Claims I Am an Independent Contractor but I Never Signed Paperwork

Employers often hire independent contractors to perform work that is similar to the work employees perform. However, there are several advantages to employers hiring independent contractors, including not having to collect and pay payroll taxes for independent contractors. Employers withhold income tax, Social Security and Medicare tax from employee wages.

Importance of Funding Your Trust and What Can Happen if You Fail to Do So

Funding a revocable trust is an important aspect of creating the trust and it being valid in the future. If the grantor fails to complete this necessary step, there may be lasting consequences.

Guidelines for Drug Conviction Sentences

When criminal charges for drugs are issued, the sentencing guidelines depend on various factors present in the arrest, the case and the events that led to the incident. These matters permit the prosecuting and defending lawyers know what sentence could exist based on these elements within the case, and negotiations may commence from there.

Legal Consequences of Personal Drug Use

Personal drug use is often not discovered unless the person is showing the drugs in public where a law enforcement officer may be stationed or is riding or walking by. The legal consequences to even personal use could extend possessions charges, jail or prison time and fines that cripple the individual once exacted.

Do I Need an Accident Report to File a Slip and Fall Claim in Minnesota?

Slip and fall accidents in Minnesota require certain processes, but one of the most important is the statute of limitations for the incident. If the time limit has been surpassed, then no matter what the victim does, he or she cannot bring the case before a courtroom to a success outcome.

What Are the Benefits of Franchising a Business?

Purchasing a franchise over launching a new business has many benefits, but there are some drawbacks as well. For the person considering this option, he or she should research these matters fully before initiates the purchase with the franchisor and know what the entire situation will entail.

What is Discovery in a Civil Case?

Discovery is the pre-trial phase in a lawsuit in which each party investigates the facts of a case, through the rules of civil procedure, by obtaining evidence from the opposing party and others by means of discovery devices including requests for answers to interrogatories, requests for production of documents and things, requests for admissions, and depositions.

My Father Was Arrested for Money Laundering and I Don’t Know What to Do

Question: My father was arrested for a money laundering case. I learned this through his colleagues. It has been about 21 days and we do not know where he is. What can we do?

Criminal Charges of Cult Crimes against Families

Cult actions often lead to abuse, injury, death and harm to families and other members within the organization. Because of these actions, families are forever torn apart or scarred and wounded by various activity and behavior of both those attacking the cult and from members within which often lead to criminal charges.

Do Cults Have Legal Protection?

When a cult is created by a single individual, there is little cause for concern because this person usually starts small with only a few followers. However, if the cult starts developing into hundreds of individuals and guns and other armaments are secured, local and federal law enforcement agencies become involved in taking these organizations down.

Children Affected by Cult Actions

Cults are led by fanatical leaders that charm and direct followers to various actions that may include violence against others. However, the actions of the cult may harm the children of parent members to the point of injury and abuse both physically and sexually, and this may eventually lead to criminal charges and the children taken away to foster care.

Why Do People Join Cults?

Cults are organizations that perpetuate throughout time based on one single leader or a group that share power over members. The core of the cult is the belief in something or someone that drives these persons to take action based on what the leader or leaders say or do, and this often has violent ends or a conclusion paved in death.

Cults Tearing Apart Lives

The activities of cults often lead members to perform aggressive actions after their belief and faith have been won by those in charge. Through incorporating younger persons, those with fragile minds and similar individuals, the leader is able to tear apart lives through pushing them into behavior and events they are not prepared for or would usually engage in.

Drug Possession Legal Consequences

Being arrested and convicted of drug possessions is a most severe act within the United States, and it could lead to several years or decades in a state or federal prison. Knowing what consequences exist for possessing drugs in the country is vital so educating the masses in avoiding these penalties is possible.

Reducing Litigation by Providing Client Satisfaction

For professionals that owe their clients a duty of service, it is best to ensure client satisfaction is achieved. By providing this, these individuals are able to usually reduce possible litigation and prevent lawsuits from arising constantly with persons that hire them.

How to Protect Business Websites from Liability

Business websites could be the target of a user that has been harmed by the site or through the use while another has hacked or when a glitch shows personal identifiable information. Many websites are able to protect the owners from liability through terms of service, conditions and users agreeing to statements freeing the business from litigation.

How Is the Amount of My Minnesota Workers’ Compensation Award Determined?

Workers’ compensation awards are often determined based on the types of injury or disability incurred while working for are at the company. To determine how much may be possible, it is best to consult with a workers’ compensation lawyer so the details are better understood, but some information may be available depending on the circumstances.

Do Family Businesses Need an Operating Agreement?

The need for an operations agreement in business arrangements is crucial to ensure transactions are able to continue even when disagreements and conflict arise. A family business is run with loved ones, and this may cloud judgment, so an operations agreement should be included in the necessary documentation to avoid future problems.

The Differences between Felony and Misdemeanor Drug Charges

Drug charges are often severe even if the ones issued are misdemeanor, however, knowing the difference could assist the person arrested in knowing how to prepare. The most severe of all drug charges issued are felony, and these could lead to the person’s conviction and sentence to prison for several years or decades.

What Is Drug Possession and Why Is It Criminal?

Drug possession is a constant problem throughout the world, but it has been going on for hundreds if not thousands of years. While it is illegal to have drugs that are considered unlawful, criminal charges may be pressed when someone is found possessing these illegal substances and materials, and this may cause the possessor to end up in prison.

Non-violent Drug Offenders and Charges

Drug charges often lead to the most severe and strict penalties for any person that is found to possess, consume, distribute and sell the products. However, even if the person is a non-violent drug offender, he or she may find himself or herself in the same circumstances as a large drug dealer because of the way the laws have these penalties.

Fighting Drug Charges of Possession and Distribution

When charges of drug possession and intent to distribute are issued, it is crucial the individual accused seek legal assistance immediately. Sometimes, these persons are innocent of any wrongdoing, and the lawyer is needed to ensure this is explained to the judge or jury if there is a trial.

Talk to a Real Estate Lawyer before Renting Out a Private Residence

Private residences may be riddled with issues that require certain ordinances and regulations’ satisfaction before it may be rented to the public. When initiating a home business through real estate owned by a private citizen, it is crucial that a real estate lawyer is hired to ensure the project is valid, legal and free of various complications.

Creative Contract Provisions to Consider in Real Estate Purchase

When purchasing real estate, there are often provisions attached that require the buyer or seller to perform certain actions. When these items are more creative, they could lead to beneficial conditions or negative impacts to either party when the arrangement has finalized.

Fence Disputes with Neighbors

When neighbors have disputes with each other over fences, the matter may lead to the courtroom with a dispute over the land and perimeter boundaries. It is important to resolve these matters quickly and with a calm demeanor so that costly litigation is not the end result.

Are Veteran Disability Benefits Available If I Was Injured During My Service?

Veterans that have been on active or inactive duty may receive disability benefits depending on certain circumstances. Knowing which situations apply and what benefits are available is important to these persons, and when some conditions exist, it is crucial to hire a lawyer to assist with these matters.

Potential Liabilities When Purchasing a Business

Purchasing a business poses several risks to the person buying. There are various liabilities that could affect the new owner based on certain actions, but the purchase itself could have negative consequences such as equity over asset buyouts and if there debts that must be satisfied by the previous owner.

How Can I Legally Protect My Business’ Catchphrase?

Protecting the catchphrase of a business is usually handled through a trademark protection that is registered based on the state, national or global application. It is possible to safeguard the brand of a company with a phrase registered by the owner in cooperation with trademark policies.

Remembering to Factor in Attorney’s Fees for Service Contract

Lawyer services must be considered when creating and utilizing a service contract. When a company has need of a legal representative, there is usually a contract for service with a client, another company or a project with services attached.

How Does 3D Printing Affect Intellectual Property?

Three dimensional printing has become has become commonplace in the age of electronics and computing, and it is revolutionizing many different industries with the ability to print nearly anything in three dimensions. However, without buying the license to print something through these machines, intellectual property could be at risk of violation.

Cyber Court in China

Cybercrimes are on the rise in the age of computer and networking capabilities, and even in China, these issues are a problem for law enforcement and violations to intellectual property. However, there are new legal systems in place through cyber courts that proceed to implement new regulations in Chinese law for potential justice.

How to Form a Municipality

Creating a new town is complicated, takes time and involves numerous persons. Paperwork, documentation and various online sources are used to either form a municipality or to change the name of a city from one to another, and this should not be accomplished without assistance.

Who Is at Fault for My Falling on Ice in Minnesota?

Falling from icy surfaces is commonplace in such locations as Minnesota in the winter weather months, but when the injuries are severe and medical treatment is expensive, the victim may be wondering who is liable for damages. Most of these types of accidents transpire near or outside of businesses and in parking lots attached to company property, and this could lead to a claim.

Necessary Steps for Terminating an Employee

Before an employee is fired, it is essential for the employer to consider various factors such as discrimination, harassment and if there is a cause that he or she could sue. For the employer, he or she must ensure the words used and actions taken are able to stand in court against the words and claim of the employee if it comes to litigation.

What Types of Environmental Checks Do I Need to Perform when Purchasing a Business?

Purchasing a business takes more than just buying the assets, equity or interest. There are many checks to perform including environmental issues that need to be determined such as contaminants on the property, hazardous materials and waste on the land and complications within structures such as mold or insect infestation.

What Is a Minnesota Qualified Rehabilitation Consultant?

When an employee has been injured to the point that he or she is no longer able to continue working within the same industry or job type, he or she needs rehabilitation services in certain situations. Through these services, he or she may become skilled or knowledgeable enough to seek gainful employment with another industry or type of work.

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