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Protection for Intelligence Agency Whistleblowers

Whistleblowers in the intelligence agency locations could require additional protections after the supervisors or management have been exposed for illegal or fraudulent activity. It is important that these persons are safeguarded from retaliation, negative consequences and possible problems form others in the same field.

Terminated for Medical Disability: Is It Wrongful Termination or Discrimination?

Being terminated due to a disability may be unlawful and could lead to a civil suit against the employer. The circumstances of the termination, the disability and the employee are crucial in understanding if there is a case to pursue against the company when being fired.

Can I Put a Trust in My Will?

Many people choose to have either a trust or a will. However, others may actually include a trust within a will. This is often referred to as a testamentary trust. This type of trust does not go into effect until the testator’s death. Other trusts are set up during the lifetime of the person making it. There are important things to understand about a trust of this nature.

What Is Business Succession Planning?

When someone has a company, small business or an organization that accrues revenue, he or she may be able to transfer the ownership of the entity to a family member when he or she reaches retirement or upon his or her death. This act is business succession planning, and it is important for those with a company that is still thriving rather than sell the business.

How to Start a Business on Sound and Steady Footing

In order for a business to become successful, it generally must start on sound and steady footing before it has a chance to catch up in the markets of the electronic age. This means understanding all matters, researching and advertising to the right audience and consumer appropriately.

What to Expect from a Commercial Real Estate Loan Sale

Commercial real estate loan sales could be complicated, full of difficulty and problems may be encountered, but there are many of these situations where everything flows smoothly. In order to progress without many issues, the parties involved must understand what to expect and plan accordingly for these events.

Small Businesses and the Use of the Federal Acquisition Regulation

Small companies are in the same boat as larger corporations when it applies to the Federal Acquisition Regulation System. This process governs the obtaining of goods and services through a contract where there is a need, in acquisition planning and when contracts in administration are possible, and the business owner must understand these processes to follow them accordingly.

What Can I Do If I Contest the Amount of My Workers’ Compensation Award?

Workers’ compensation awards usually end a claim and the injured is able to recover and become whole after the incident. However, sometimes, the initial award is not enough cover all expenses and medical bills, and the victim needs to contest the amount to seek a greater award.

Estate Planning When You’re Committed Without Marriage

Planning for an estate when the owner and his or her significant other are not married is often complicated. Keeping a will, testament or other document valid and legal without the marriage having been completed could lead to problems, and a solid estate plan is necessary for these events.

Can a Social Worker End Protective Service Against a Doctor’s Recommendation?

Ending protective service for a person or child requires knowing the situation fully and if it is in the best interests of the individual. Doing this against the recommendation of a doctor is not advisable, but it may be possible with the right circumstances.

Strict Liability, Negligence, Negligence Per Se, Scienter and Intentional Tort Claims Based on Dog Bites

Dog bites are common, and the bigger the location where the victim has been bitten, the greater the chances are that an animal will bite a person at some point. However, when these cases proceed to the courtroom, there are numerous types of defenses and strategies to use for both plaintiff and defendant, and knowing the differences and similarities is important.

Potential Defenses to a Minnesota Dog Bite Case

Dog bite cases are frequently an issue when the owner does not contain the animal, the pet has broken free of confinement or the owner is not able to contain the creature within the home. To mitigate the damage, the owner must defend himself or herself from these cases when none of these factors exist and the individual taunted the dog.

Matters Affecting Small Estate Administration

Small estates usually only deal with a few dependents or surviving family members. This means that there are only so many issue that may rise, and the administration should be simplified when there are fewer persons and complications that may be involved.

Can a Private Lender Initiate a Voluntary Foreclosure?

Foreclosure of a property is often devastating to the person that is leasing or that owns the house. There are several processes involved in this event, and the lending agency holds the most power over the entire situation with the ability to initiate a voluntary foreclosure in usual circumstances.

What are my Options to Repay Unpaid Sales Tax Debt?

Unpaid taxes are potentially dangerous to the individual or company. It is imperative that one of several options is taken to ensure this tax debt has been paid, or the person or business could face severe consequences from the Internal Revenue Service.

Three Types of Trusts: Differences and Similarities

Trusts are created usually to assist heirs with managing or acquiring assets that may bypass probate or other legal concerns such as dependents that attempt to challenge a will. Other benefits of trusts may include evading certain taxes, lawyer expenses and keeping the income within the family or with a beneficiary that has been chosen by the estate owner.

Information for International Investors Doing Business in the United States: Consumer Protection

Investments, business and foreign involvement has been cooperative in the past so that every party included is able to maximize profits. The absence of most restrictions that may be placed by other countries shows this to be the case, and any needed information is usually provided for these investment matters.

What Rights Do I Have as a Shareholder Against the Directors and Officers of a Corporation?

Shareholders in a corporation have rights just as any other member of the company does. It is important to understand what rights are afforded, how they may be used when needed against directors and officers and what is necessary to ensure these rights are protected.

Understanding Key Terms in a Commercial Lease

A commercial lease is often used when a business rents a space out to operate its business, whether this is a retail store, restaurant or warehouse. Commercial leases are often much more complex than a typical residential lease. Many landlords use standard forms that they provide to anyone who wants to lease the space with little negotiation.

Does Minnesota Provide Workers’ Comp for a Repetitive Stress Injury

Workers’ compensation generally provides for the injuries, disability and medical conditions that occur due to or while working for a company. Many issues that affect an employee’s health or body are caused by repetitive motions, job duties that require the same motion one particular region of the body and similar concerns.

Amendments to the Foreign Investment Regulations in China

Amendments to regulations are constantly occurring, but in China this affects the foreign investments for the country and those associated with investors. The amendment changed each investment from a case-by-case basis to a more open policy where only certain issues are placed on a list for refusal.

Prevent Employees from Revealing Trade Secrets

When trade secrets are a part of what provides a competitive edge to a company, it is essential they remain a secret from the public and other competing companies. In order to keep employees from revealing these ingredients, processes or methods, many techniques could be used to include nondisclosure agreements.

Professional Sports Leagues and Trademarks

Trademarks are intellectual property that protect the symbol, name, phrase or graphical depiction of a company. Professional sports teams have these brands created, and then they become trademarked for protection and profit with physical products and merchandise and online intangible items.

Overview of Various Business Structures

The type of business structure chosen may depend on various factors the owner has taken into consideration. Of these elements for the company, the owner or partners needs to keep in mind that some of these structures may expand and change while others are set in stone unless the original is dissolved with a new one taking its place.

The Doctrine of Stare Decisis in Administrative Law

Stare decisis relies upon precedent in cases, and this applies to administrative law where one matter for an individual or agency with the matter having been handled previously. This means that the appeal, original decision or other situation that goes to court or through the board has occurred before and may provide assistance in any current investigation or claim.

Supreme Court Decision Reduces Post-Sale Intellectual Property Rights

Intellectual property rights are important to the owner, but this could change due to a sale of the IP based on changes implemented by the Supreme Court. Once a copyright, trademark or similar intellectual property has been sold, it no longer has the same rights it did prior to the sale, and this is important to understand for the owners.

What New Parents Need to Know about Wills

Every parent should have an understanding of how will work and why one is necessary. Unfortunately, over half of all United States citizens have no will or any preparation for the next generation of heirs, and this could leave state processes passing on assets.

Choice of Law Provisions in Other Countries

Contracts between countries for business is complicated with different law provisions and contractual obligations that may differ based on the location around the world. When dealing with another nation, it is crucial that laws are obeyed and each country’s government regulations are followed closely.

Can an HOA Prevent the Lawful Exercise of Gun Rights?

Homeowners’ Associations are able to create and enforce many different rules and guidelines for those within the community. However, in usual circumstances, they are not permitted to take away the basic freedoms granted to United States citizens, but these HOAs could affect how rights are utilized within the area.

How Can I Legally Pass My Business to My Heirs?

Passing a business to family members or dependents is possible depending on how it is accomplished. This means there are legal means to ensure the possession of the company is moved from the current owner to someone that has been designated as an heir in a will, business succession plan or similar document.

Effect of Cross Border Trade Caused by Reforms to Japan’s Civil Code

The changing of Japan’s investment atmosphere is causing the private sector in trade to alter from past regulations and codes. With transition in the political arena for both the United States and Japan, economic reform is changing how civil codes, laws and stipulations are affecting trade across borders.

How to Convert an LLC into a Corporation

When the owner or partners in a limited liability company feel the need to convert the LLC into a corporation, there are various factors that must be considered. The most important is the nature and purpose behind the company, and what is needed to move forward may rely upon a change in current and future business needs.

Uncertainties Associated with Series LLCs

Some states permit businesses to have numerous company organizations built and managed under one entity called a series LLC. This limited liability company may alter how business interactions and transactions work, and it may permit a wider range of liability coverage for the owners without the need to create corporations or expand the LLC into something larger.

Terminating Probationary Employees in Beijing

New employment laws have affected the way China is permitted to terminate employees through the Responses to Several Issues Regarding Application of Law in Trial of Labor Disputes which include probationary employees. The key factor that affects employees within the Responses is to ensure fairer and more effective labor disputes for unfair practices in firing and terminating workers.

Potential Defenses to a Minnesota Dog Bite Case

Dog bite cases are frequently an issue when the owner does not contain the animal, the pet has broken free of confinement or the owner is not able to contain the creature within the home. To mitigate the damage, the owner must defend himself or herself from these cases when none of these factors exist and the individual taunted the dog.

Increase in Penalties for Employment Eligibility Form I-9 Violations

Increases in enforcement for the Immigration Reform and Control Act violations affect employees that work as non-home office workers. Many of these employees may or may not have signed an I-9, but when the federal government checks, these issues could lead to fines and other penalties when the worker has not filed the proper paperwork with the company.

What Are the Different Types of Veteran Disability Benefits?

Veteran disability benefits are compensation methods used to provide monetary assistance to persons that have been in war. These are to recognize the disabilities, acquired diseases, injuries and health conditions that soldiers have experienced through active service while on duty.

Role of the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB)

The National Labor Relations Board was created as an independent federal agency through the United States Congress with assisted with the National Labor Relations Act to help employees in three ways. These include determining if there are enough workers for possible collective bargaining, to see if a labor union should represent them and to fix or avoid possible unfair practices by companies.

Legal Provisions to Consider in Restaurant Leases

When leasing a restaurant or commercial property, it is important to consider what legal provisions may be in place or are required for the arrangement to go through. Because of these potential issues, it is crucial to know what to look for, how to research for these matters and who to contact when concerns may arise.

Problem with Using Fill in the Blank Legal Forms

Legal forms that are only filled with standard clauses and terms are often the least beneficial for anyone seeking specific conditions or that have a need for certain items to be satisfied. This means when using fill in the blank contracts and other forms, the owner and employees may be at a disadvantage without the help of a lawyer.

Startup Mistakes that Can Tank Your Business

When creating a new business, there are many different mistakes that could be completed before the company doors ever open. In order to avoid these disasters, it is important to research and hire experts that have built businesses in the past as well as seek an experienced lawyer to keep matters valid and legal.

International Criminal Court: Handling Cases Involving Immunity

There are many cases where one party has immunity, and there are certain factors that must exist to seek action against these persons, companies or dignitaries. For the International Criminal Court, it is important to ensure that all requirements are satisfied to ensure decisions and judgments are upheld.

What Do I Need to Know before Buying an Existing Business?

Buying a company requires various processes before the documentation has been finalized and the ownership papers exchange hands. This means due diligence, going over provisions, understanding the financial data, asking and receiving answers to questions and knowing what is being purchased.

Effect of Failing to Account for Unborn Children in an Estate Plan

When building an estate plan, it is crucial to account for unborn children when their conception is known. Without planning for these children, the owner of the estate may have challenges to his or her will, last testament or other legal documents to pass down his or her assets to dependents.

Dispersing the Assets of a Small Estate

Smaller estates usually have less administration complications than their larger counterparts. However, administration considerations should be researched and understood by the owner so that he or she is able to leave enough to beneficiaries or heirs with probate processes known or similar situations mapped out.

Types of Insurance Products that Can Protect Your Business

There are many types of insurance needed to protect the company that has been built, but many individuals are unaware they are even needed. To ensure the business is safeguarded from various incidents, problems and complications, it is important to purchase insurance and similar items that could assist in preventing possible issues from arising.

International Crimes and Extradition

When someone has been accused of a crime, he or she is usually provided the right of a fair trial. However, some of these situations involve extradition to his or her country of origin, and this could lead to complications in ensuring he or she has been punished in accordance with the international courts.

Common Legal Fee Structures for Establishing a Business Entity

When establishing a new business entity, it is important for the owner to understand how the legal fee structures work and why this is important to the company. In most instances where the legal aspects must be utilized and known, a lawyer should be hired to assist with the matter as well as bring information to his or her client.

What Topics Should an Employee Handbook Cover?

An employee handbook should include various topics to ensure the person hired is aware of numerous concerns at the jobsite as well as employee-related matters. This may include details of the hire, the job itself and similar items so the person understands what he or she is dealing with, and there is often a section to sign the handbook which may constitute the document as a contract.

Tips for Dealing with Digital Assets

Digital assets are still a relatively new item for many business owners and individuals with monetary and property assets. However, it is important to understand how these work, what to do with them and especially what is needed to protect the family in the event of the death of the owner of the assets so that they are able to retain them after he or she dies.

New Ruling on Where Patent Infringement Cases Can Be Litigated

Intellectual property infringement is a serious problem throughout the world, but patents have been an important topic with the United States Supreme Court since the early 2000s. New rulings have been issued about how and where litigation is permitted based on the owner of the patent and how it affects others.

China Trademark Infringement Issues

Intellectual property issues are constantly occurring around the world, and China is no exception to this rule. Because of these problems with trademark and other concerns with protections on these items, it is important to know what this means, how to safeguard the trademarked brands and what is necessary to avoid the complications in the future.

What You Need to Know about Tax Savings in the British Virgin Islands

The tax savings in the British Virgin Islands has been reported as a promotion for the financial sector and with this location as a tax haven. This means it is important to know what this means, how these stipulations apply and who is affected so that citizens and others are aware of what is necessary in the British Virgin Islands for tax savings.

Resolving Disputes between Business Partners

When business partners are unable to resolve an argument, a dispute may fester and lead to various complications. This means finding a resolution to the issue is imperative to keep the business transactions going and to ensure the company may endure through the problems these persons face.

Drawing Blood Without a Warrant

The process of drawing blood without a warrant has been determined by the Supreme Court to be protected through the Fourth Amendment. There may be some stipulations to this, but unless there are specific circumstances, this protection holds.

Your Special Needs Child and Estate Planning

When there are children with special needs that may inherit or are dependent on the estate owner, certain provisions are necessary in the estate plan. This could include healthcare, long-term care, planning for the unexpected and hiring an agent to ensure business matters are taken care of while the child adjusts to his or her new role.

Primer on Protecting Americans from Tax Hikes Act

The Protecting Americans from Tax Hikes Act or PATH was implemented to assist individuals and exempt organizations from Internal Revenue Service taxation issues. When each tax change occurs, it is crucial to understand what this means, how it could affect individuals and entities and how to keep within the boundaries set forth by the IRS.

No-Pets Policy and Emotional Support Animals

The right to have an emotional support animal often depends on if the individual has a disability or if the emotional support animal is to assist with those that have severe emotional or psychological issues. When the individual has a disability, he or she usually has the right to bring this creature with him or her in most circumstances.

What Types of Veterans’ Benefits Can I Receive if Injured while in Service?

Soldiers are injured while in service constantly, and these injuries frequently place them in a disability status or may lead to their removal from deployment. When these veterans are harmed while in the line of duty, it is important to know what types of benefits are possible.

Paying Employees Fairly and OnTime

When employees are not paid properly, it is possible they will leave the company, file a lawsuit against the employer or even ban together and cause complications for the business. By law, if a worker has not been given adequate monetary compensation for his or her time laboring away within the company, the owner could be liable for litigation and severe penalties.

What Does a Commercial Lawyer Do?

Commercial lawyers are those that deal with commercial and business legal matters. They assist heavily with transactions, documentation and paperwork, but they may also help in other company issues that require motions, actions and issues with the courts.

Condo Owners and Requirements for Maintenance, Repair, and Replacement

When there is a need for maintenance, repairs and replacement of items within a condo, the owners need to know who is responsible for what matters. This means knowing what obligations the owner has for the unit based on the agreement signed when purchasing the space.

The Dangerous Truth About ATV Accidents

While many people enjoy the exhilaration and thrill that riding an all-terrain vehicle, or ATV, brings, others are suffering from severe injuries and graves consequences. Before starting up your ATV, learn more about the truth in riding these powerful machines.

Voter Registration: A Trap for Green Card Holders

It happens more often than you might think and something to watch out for during this election year – a permanent resident’s name somehow appears on a voter registration list, and then he is denied citizenship and sometimes even deported.

US Illegal Immigrants Wise to Look to Canada for Immigration Solutions

US immigration laws, regulations and policies are complex and contradictory. The impact is profound. Many find themselves struggling for years or even decades to normalize their status and obtain permanent residence in the United States. Unfortunately for millions, the struggle ends with nothing more than a deportation order. This causes tremendous stress on families to see their loved ones deported and removed from the United States.

California Labor Law: Checklist for Determining an Independent Contractor vs. an Employee

According to California labor law, the IRS has developed a checklist to distinguish between an independent contractor vs. full time. Understand this list to avoid any conflict between employee or contractor distinctions.

Best Product - When is it False Advertising or Just Puffing?

We have all seen commercials making claims that our common sense told us simply cannot be true. For example, miracle weight loss supplements or exercise equipment. And yet, somehow these commercials make it to television and are not immediately removed as part of a lawsuit. How is that? What is the difference between false advertising and simply inflating the truth about your product (a practice called “puffing”)?

Patent Infringement Cases against the United States Government

Patent infringement is possible with almost any person or entity including the United States government, agencies and agents. When these issues arise, the owner of the patent needs to know what to do, how to proceed, who to contact and why time is of the essence.

Adding a Member to Your LLC

When the current owner or co-owners in a limited liability company have considered adding a new person, there are various factors to consider. Adding a new member is often more complicated than it first appears, and it is important that all the necessary paperwork, contracts and information are cleared before he or she becomes a member of the LLC.

Ride-Sharing App Assigned Me a Passenger with a Fare Exceeding the Cap. Now I Can't Get Paid

Employment and labor laws apply to companies within the United States. This means that every state within the country is required to ensure that the proper and predetermined payment is provided to these persons based on the laws of the land, so if these regulations are violated, the worker may be entitled to compensation.

Summary of Materialman’s Liens

A materialsman’s lien may arise when construction companies or subcontractors take part in building, renovating or making repairs to a home. These are places on the building when certain payment has not been received by the individual or company, and the homeowner may not even be aware of these until he or she attempt to sell the property.

How Lawyers Help in Administrative Appeals

Administrative actions and decisions made in various companies, businesses, organizations and through groups that affect individuals and others may be appealed when appropriate action is taken. For this process to be completed properly with less complication, a lawyer is usually a necessity.

What You Need to Know about Labor and Employment Laws in the US

Labor and employment laws in the United States are important, and they often manage what is permitted for management, workers, the owner of a company and others. These regulations affect what is permitted, what is prohibited and minimums on pay, so this means knowing these laws is essential for businesses and employees alike.

Top Things a Commercial Landlord Needs to Be Aware Of

When leasing or renting commercial property, the landlord needs to ensure certain elements exist in the paperwork as well as other items to ensure he or she is protected with the leaseholder or renter. To accomplish this, it is often necessary to hire a commercial real estate lawyer to assist with the processes.

Common Legal Mistakes to Avoid in Your Business

When attempting to keep a business on track, it is essential to avoid various legal mistakes that could bring the entire company down. This means knowing what issues to avoid, how these matters should be handled and hiring a lawyer to increase the possibility of success in the legal world as well as the business realm.

Can HOA Covenants Prohibit Energy–Efficient Improvements Like Solar Panels?

The installation of solar panels on a home is important to reduce energy costs, become part of the green movement and ensure there is always at least backup power when a battery is connected to solar powered panels. However, some Homeowners Associations may attempt to stop energy-efficient improvements due to various provisions in the HOA agreement.

When Making a Movie Is Not Considered an Exercise of Free Speech

Movies are a form of intellectual property because they embody the ideas of someone or a group of persons in video format. However, making movies is usually an exercise in free speech, but there are some issues with the creator being paid, various changes to the concept and when the altered final product is completely different, it may not be considered an act of free speech.

The Malta Declaration and the Italy-Libya Memo

The Malta Declaration has been issued in response to the massive migration of third-country citizens. With the assistance of Libya and other EU countries, the migration issue with foreign nationals may be met so that management of the increased flow of persons may be accomplished appropriately.

Bidding Process on a Federal Government Contract

When a company has a product or service to sell, the owner may consider contracting with the United States government or a federal agency. When this process is possible, there are various steps the owner of the business should understand and research before bidding starts.

Why It’s Important to Factor Long-Term Care into Your Estate Plan

When creating an estate plan, it is important to include and consider long-term care as part of this. This is vital when later in life the estate owner falls ill or cannot take care of himself or herself, and the factor of long-term care into the estate plan may extend his or her life as well as enrich the estate overall.

Are Wages to Independent Contractors Subject to Garnishment?

Persons that work for themselves are considered independent contractors even if they are employed within the building of a company. These individuals are not considered employees and may not be subject to various regulations or stipulations, and this means that numerous aspects do not apply to these persons as they would a standard employee.

When Irrevocable Trusts can be Modified

Based on the circumstances, it may be possible to modify irrevocable trusts even though they are generally unchangeable. There are five different times when these trusts may be altered to fit the needs of the creator that owns an estate.

What Are the Benefits and Drawbacks of Franchising a Business?

When considering buying or building a business, many individuals may feel the better option is through a franchise. However, while there are certain benefits of following through this this action, there are also drawbacks that the potential business owner needs to understand before committing to franchise business.

What Does Administrative Law Encompass?

The facets of administrative law are broad and wide, as this type of law covers various different practices. Administrative legal systems encompass government procedures, regulations, processes and other items that are complex and generally difficult to define.

Former Independent Contractors Breach of Non-Solicitation Clause

When a business owner or manager has independent contractors, he or she often has them sign certain contracts that bind them to terms and conditions. If these individuals break the contract or breach the terms, they could be taken to court and the clauses may be enforced when necessary.

Human Resource Areas Strengthened by Having a Commercial Lawyer

Commercial lawyers are needed to assist all manner of business transactions to include human resource issues that arise. With the assistance of a commercial legal representative, it is possible to strengthen human resource areas that are not possible without this person.

How to Register, Protect and Enforce Trademarks

Registering a trademark is important based on the location of where business is to be held, but protecting and enforcing the safety of the trademark itself is imperative to ensure a thriving revenue stream. This means hiring an intellectual property lawyer versed in trademarks so that he or she may pursue action against violators.

Utilizing the Federal Acquisition Regulation when Contracting with the Federal Government

Federal government contracts require several provisions with small and larger companies that have an arrangement for business transactions. There is also a need to utilize the Federal Acquisition Regulation which has numerous clauses that explain these deals and what is necessary for business with the federal government.

Explanations of Irrevocable Trusts

An irrevocable trust is one that may not be modified once it has been created, so it cannot be revoked, amended, changed or altered in any way. Money, property and holdings placed into irrevocable trusts cannot be removed at a later date, so it is important the owner is aware that this is a permanent action.

When Landlords Can Be Held Liable for Violent Attacks

When certain situations arise, it is possible to hold a landlord liable for damages, medical compensation and similar monetary payouts. This means that the landlord should fully understand these circumstances and how best to avoid them in current and future events.

Reasons Intellectual Property Is Imperative for Your Business

Whether the owner of a business has created or own intellectual property, the use of it may be crucial to revenue and imperative to utilize as trademarks, copyrights, patents and trade secrets become more important to the commerce realm. This means a lawyer should be hired to protect these items and keep the owner from committing violations.

What is the International Entrepreneur Parole?

In order to increase the amount of United States companies that are grown and progressing in the country, an international rule has been implemented. The International Entrepreneur Parole concept helps to improve American commerce by enticing foreign business owners in moving to the country and developing their organization to increase spending, jobs and innovative matters.

Expatriation Tax when Returning to Your Home Country

When returning home from living or residing in another country, there are additional taxes that may apply to the person called the expatriation tax. This means that someone moving back to a country he or she lived in before moving away could be taxed for capital gains earned while not within the nation and then becomes a taxed resident once again.

I Won My EEOC Claim. Can I Negotiate the Amount Awarded?

When someone faces an employment matter where harassment or discrimination occurs, it is important to seek legal assistance to determine if a settlement is worth the trouble or if the employee should seek further compensation. This could lead to litigation.

What Are Transfer on Death Deeds?

In order to bypass the process of probate when someone dies, the owner of a property may name a beneficiary through a transfer on death deed. This person is able to inherit the real estate easier without the lengthy time it takes for probate to ensure everything is perfect.

Can I Sue an Employer Instead of Pursue Workers’ Compensation?

Suing the employer when harmed in an incident while at the jobsite or working for the company is often not possible when a workers’ compensation package exists. However, it is possible to sue the owner, manager or supervisor when certain factors exist after an employee has been injured.

Safe Harbor Provisions for Copyright Infringement

Copyright infringement is easy to accomplish in the age of the computer and electronics. However, finding a safe haven through various provisions and stipulations is necessary for many that are wading through the various copyright protections so that they are able to remain safe from violations, infringements and breaking Internet Service Provider contracts.

Issuing Equity to Employees in Exchange for Compensation in a Startup

Equity may be issued to employees as a form of compensation when a startup company is initially opening for business. The shares, stock or interest may be passed to these workers, but to do so, the owner should understand fully how this could affect him or her and the business both in the startup phase and later when the equity means more.

Registering a Trademark in Romania

Registering a trademark is slightly different in various countries. This is no exception to Romania where it is vital to search through the current trademarks for intellectual property and ensure that no words, phrases, symbols or brands have already been used by another company.

Key Considerations in International Business Dealings

International business dealings require ore consideration than when only handling matters with one country. This means that the culture, legal and regulatory barriers, foreign government and other business case matters must be understood and factored in when achieving company and interactions through business deals.

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